Bluetooth Headphones Cutting Out, Causes and How to Fix

Bluetooth headphones are part and parcel of most modern smartphones and gadgets. With Bluetooth headphones, you can enjoy music, movies and making calls without the need to bother with wires. But Bluetooth headphones also come with some disadvantages as some users report. Just one of the most common is when Bluetooth headphones cutting out when in use. If you have experienced problems like Bluetooth cutting in and out or your Bluetooth headphones stuttering then we can help you resolve these issues quickly.


Causes of Bluetooth headphones keep cutting in and out

Bluetooth works through radio waves. A Bluetooth device like a headphone or headset connects to your device like a smartphone, laptop, PC, or portable gaming console with Bluetooth features through wireless short-range technology standards.

Any problems with Bluetooth devices and equipment may stem from different components such as the Bluetooth device (headphones, headset, speakers, etc.) or the audio source such as a laptop, computer, smartphone, etc. Therefore, there are many reasons why your Bluetooth headphones cut out when moved or your Airpods keep cutting out as these also work using Bluetooth.

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Battery problems/failing battery

The most common reason why your Bluetooth audio is cutting out or cuts in and out is battery power. Bluetooth headphones have tiny lithium batteries and just like any battery, will only last for a certain number of uses or hours. Small lithium batteries will only last a few hours of continuous use. Usually, you will hear slight beeping sounds while you use the headphone indicating that your Bluetooth headphone battery is starting to fail. You need to recharge the device soon.

And as headphone batteries fail, the battery of the audio source may also fail, but this won’t cut the audio in or out but will completely terminate the Bluetooth connection instead. This is why you must check your device battery and your Bluetooth headphone battery first before use.

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Incorrect smartphone settings

Bluetooth may automatically power on or turn off due to poor or inaccurate Bluetooth scanning or the absence of permission for apps to make changes to your phone's connectivity settings. We will discuss the steps on how to deal with these issues in great detail later.

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Unsupported Bluetooth device

Bluetooth has evolved over the years and the latest version is Bluetooth 5. This latest version supports low-energy transmissions for better data range for a maximum of 800 feet. This is 4x the range of Bluetooth 4.2. Bluetooth 5 can also serve you longer, up to 10 years from one single-cell battery and it can support unlimited devices in one network.

Some devices that are already using the latest Bluetooth version may or may not work with some older Bluetooth headphones and devices. Sometimes, pairing these devices may be difficult or the audio may cut in and out.

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How to Fix Bluetooth headphones keep cutting in and out

Consider the following when fixing wireless headphones cutting out problems.

Make sure you have full-charged batteries

Recharge your Bluetooth device before use. Make sure that your batteries are full before use. This goes with the audio source device battery as well. Some devices may terminate power to connected devices or it may go to a power-saving mode if the battery charge is about to run out.

How to tell if your Bluetooth device's battery levels? Connect it to your smartphone and check the battery power status from your smartphone's slide down notification pane. You can also check battery status from the Bluetooth settings. If you can't find this information from your phone, plug your wireless headphones into a working charger and check for the charging lights. Some headphones have a red charging light that turn blue when the battery is full.

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Check Android smartphone settings

Android phones have a feature that can automatically turn Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth off when the battery power is very low. Once you connect your phone to a working charger, these features won't turn back on and you need to connect these manually.

Connect Bluetooth to your Android phone by

  • Sliding the notification bar down.
  • Turn on Bluetooth by pressing the Bluetooth icon
  • You can also power on Bluetooth by going to your smartphone’s Settings > Connectivity > Bluetooth. Simply slide the button to power on Bluetooth.
  • Improve Bluetooth accuracy by disabling Bluetooth Scanning. This will stop Bluetooth from turning on and off. Go to Settings > Location > Improve Accuracy > Bluetooth Scanning. Disable Bluetooth Scanning.

Consider Bluetooth versions

If you have an old Bluetooth headphone and you’re trying to connect it to an updated device then you may encounter problems like wireless headphones keep cutting out. Try connecting another headphone, but this time, a device with a more updated Bluetooth version. If you can connect this device, the old headphone may no longer be supported.

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Check device pairing issues

Unpair and pair your Bluetooth headphone with the device. Unpair by first turning on your smartphone Bluetooth and your Bluetooth headphone as well. From the list of connected devices, find the name of your Bluetooth headphone and disconnect and forget this device. When you do this, your smartphone will forget your device and it will be removed from the list. Afterward, power off your phone’s Bluetooth and refresh your phone.

After your phone has switched on, power on your Bluetooth headphone and power on your smartphone’s Bluetooth. Your smartphone Bluetooth will locate your Bluetooth headphone. Just pair the two devices and you’re done.

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Use another Bluetooth device or audio device

Bluetooth headphones are also subject to wear and tear, especially the battery. If you notice that the battery life is getting poorer and poorer or the audio seems to cut out more often then it may be time to replace these.

The next time you shop for Bluetooth headphones, look for the following

  • Bluetooth headphones with good quality Qualcomm chip. We cannot recommend anything less as this chip makes Bluetooth devices more durable, lasting, and perform better than those with regular components.
  • Wireless headphones with improved battery life. This will make sure that your headphones will work longer between battery charges.
  • Wireless headphones with a comfortable design.
  • Bluetooth headphones are made from durable materials.
  • Bluetooth headphones with updated Bluetooth versions.
  • Wireless headphones from a reliable and quality brand.

Aside from using another Bluetooth device, you must also check if the problematic headphone works with other Bluetooth-compatible devices. Try to connect the headphone to another smartphone, laptop, tablet, or PC. If the headphone works, then it's likely that your device has some issues. If it's your smartphone that's acting up, refresh it and reconnect your Bluetooth to your headphone. If you still get the same faulty response, try to connect your headphone to another Bluetooth device and recheck.

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Here are some frequently asked questions about Bluetooth headphones:

  • What to do with only one Bluetooth headphone working?
    If only one of your headphones/headsets is working, then you might have a broken device. This is not a problem with your Bluetooth connectivity since you can still connect to your device via Bluetooth.
  • Can you prevent BlueBorne attacks?
    BlueBorne is a security vulnerability of Bluetooth-capable devices in iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux. This can affect almost all electronic devices including smart cars, smartphones, laptops, and wearable gadgets. You can prevent BlueBorne attacks by disconnecting your device's Bluetooth connections. It is estimated that more than 8.2 billion Bluetooth devices are affected by BlueBorne.
  • How to improve Bluetooth headphone range?
    To improve the Bluetooth range you must turn off other devices that use Bluetooth and clear all possible obstructions between your headphones and your smartphone or device. Update your smartphone and your headphone always to get the latest support for your wireless device.

Last Words

Bluetooth headphones cutting out is a common problem of all Bluetooth users, but is easy to troubleshoot. With just a few adjustments and techniques, your Bluetooth headphones will be up and running in no time.

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