Good Karaoke Songs for You ( Complete List )

With Karaoke, everybody can sing! You just need to pick the song that’s registered in your heart. Then, render it with the pitch you’re most comfortable with. Although you get on a stage to show your singing prowess, it is not a competition. It is a fun activity and what’s essential is that you have fun. However, you might run out of the idea of what songs to sing.

And frankly, what’s Karaoke without an exciting list of songs to be rendered? Here are some good karaoke songs that you can use to save karaoke night. With our list by your side, never run out of what to sing. Without further ado, let’s get this show on the road.


How did we pick the best karaoke songs for you?

Karaoke isn’t always about who’s got the best vocals. It’s more about who sings a song that is relatable to the audience and, in turn, brings the roof down. To give you a list of the best relatable, fun, and interesting songs, we pick the most popular Karaoke songs for you based on people’s suggestions in the forums. All you need to do is memorize the lyrics, practice, and render the song.

Good karaoke songs duets

Thinking of doing a karaoke duet with a friend? Boyfriend? Or an absolute stranger you just met? That’s a fantastic idea. You see, doing a karaoke duet gives you quite the fun and best belly laugh you’ve ever had. P.S you can actually feel like actual rising stars on the stage of the voice. Here are some of the good karaoke duet songs that you can try out.

  1. Shallow by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga
    The first song on our list is this epic song from the 2018 “A star is born” movie remake. From the melodious tune of the song to its lyrics, the song is strong enough to make you shed a tear or two. It’s the perfect romantic song to duet with your boyfriend or a crush or somebody you have feelings for. It’s so powerful and allows you to pour all your soul into it. However, because Lady Gaga’s vocals are so hard to mimic, you should do the song within your pitch. That’s a great way to unleash all the magic embedded in the song.

  2. Despacito - Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee
    This masterpiece that has snagged the “record of the year” and “song of the year” Grammy award is one of the best Latin music that exists in the world today. Written and performed by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, it was first released in January 2017. Then a remix featuring Justin Beiber in April 2017 filled the musical waves. This Latin Pop song is a great pick for karaoke, especially if you or your duet partner can rap. It is surely strong enough to get people off their feet, dancing to the playful and upbeat rhythm of the music. Although the lyrics address a romantic sexual relationship, many have desired this song as it topped the billboard in close to 50 countries. It also reached 3 billion views on YouTube after about 6 months of its release. So, if you and your duet partner would love to get into some Spanish groove, this song would be a perfect pick.

  3. Empire State of Mind - Jay-Z and feat Alicia Keys
    Written and Performed by Alicia Keys and Jay Z, this unofficial hip-hop NYC anthem stole the one spot on the billboard hot 100 for five weeks. According to Alicia Keys, the song doesn’t just talk about the essence of New York, but the hope and possibilities that anybody can live their dreams in NYC regardless of obstacles. The song, which was released in 2009, has Alicia Keys voicing the chorus and Jay Z rapping for most of the song. Performing this song as a karaoke duet with a friend would create an uplifting atmosphere.

  4. A Whole New World- Lea Salonga & Brad Kane
    Next on our list is this Grammy award-winning song from Disney’s Aladdin movie. Although this animated movie was produced in 1992, this song is one of the greatest ballads. Lyrically, it is an adventurous song that was sung by Aladdin to the confined princess who is his love interest, proclaiming how he’d show the princess a world of freedom on a magical mat. Fun Fact: this song was the first song from Disney ever to bag a Grammy award. Aside from the fact that this song won a Grammy award, it is a powerful love song that would make for an electrifying karaoke performance between you and your boyfriend or any other person you choose to duet with. When performed beautifully, it would leave your audience with magical feelings of love.

  5. Don’t Go Breaking My Heart by Elton John and Kiki Dee
    This 1976 pop song was written and performed by Elton John to top UK’s chart for six weeks. Initially, Elton didn’t have the lyrics for the song. Although he came up with the tune of the music, Bernie Taupin gave lyrics to the song. The lyrics required the two singers who dueled the song to play the role of lovers. The song tells the story of a man who is worried about being heartbroken by his love interest. In this case, Elton John is the man while Kiki Dee is the woman. In response, Kiki Dee, in the song, reassures the scared boyfriend that she’s too smitten by him to ever think of breaking his heart. There are no complicating vocal ranges and pitches in the song. Although it follows a simple progression, it has the ability to steal hearts.

  6. Endless Love by Diana Ross and Lionel Richie
    If you’re looking to perform a more soulful love song, then this is our pick for you. It is the perfect song for an absolutely hopeless romantic. Lionel Richie wrote the song as a duet by Diana Ross and Lionel Riche for the 1981 movie titled Endless love. But it has never been performed by the both of them. Nevertheless, the song got a Golden Globe and Oscar nomination. But it won a Marquee award. Although both Icons have not performed the song on a stage, it doesn’t stop you from taking on this song in karaoke with a friend, especially if you’re a hopeless romantic. The lyrics follow a solo message in a couple proclaiming their endless love for each other. If you like to get into character while singing, you might want to be careful as performing this song can fill the air with intense feelings of love.

  7. Dilemma by Nelly FT Kelly Rowland
    Our next song pick is the R&B ballad by Nelly and Kelly Rowland. You should know about this song because it topped the Billboard Hot 100 for ten non-consecutive weeks after its release in 2002. It also topped the charts in other countries like Australia, the UK and other parts of Europe. The simple message in this ballad dwells on two lovers who are in successful relationships with their significant other. But that didn’t stop them from wanting each other, regardless of their existing relationships. Fun fact: the song was a massive hit as it sold 7.6 million copies. It also bagged a Grammy award a year after its release. You’ll love this song if you naturally love complex love stories.

  8. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell
    This is another love song from the 60s. Released in 1967, the song follows a smooth and simple progression. This soul music is a blast from the past with the ability to send someone into the depths of love. Although performed by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell, it was written by Nickolas Ashford and Valerie Simpson. No doubts both Marvin And Tammi gave the song a lot of souls, making it desirable. The inspiration for the song came to Nickolas Ashford while he was taking a walk through Central Park in New York. Apparently, the Sky Scrappers inspired the title for the song. The story in the song has the two performers proclaiming how nothing in the world can keep them away from each other.

  9. What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction
    This song allows you to reminisce over the Irish boy band, One Direction over artistic perfection. Although the band split in 2015, they sure released many masterpieces, starting with this song that launched them into stardom. Released in 2011, this power-pop song would send electrifying chills down your spine. Everything from the instrumentals to the vocals is artistically woven to give the audience the musical perfection it craves. Now, you can take the song lying on your list to perform it in karaoke with a friend. The story follows the tale of the singers declaring how much they want their love interest. They describe how beautiful she is and can’t understand why she is shy and is oblivious to the fact that she is beautiful. The song was a massive success, and with the right duet partner, you’ll absolutely have fun with it.

  10. Feeling myself by Nicki Minaj and Beyonce.
    This song by two icons in the music industry is another song that’s worth a shot at karaoke. The 2015 hip-hop song was written by Nicki Minaj, SZA, Beyonce, and Hit-boy. It’s a song that has a blend of rap by Nicki and vocal by Beyonce. The lyrics of the rap and vocals are pumped with the singers bragging and basically “feeling themselves.” Although it didn’t exactly top any charts, it is worth giving it a shot at karaoke, especially if you love rap/ hip hop music.

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Good karaoke songs for groups 

Doing Karaoke as a group is so much fun. A lot of voices together can produce the best musical harmony. However, a group karaoke performance can easily be messed up if your best karaoke song list is horrible. Here are some of the best songs for group karaoke. P.S: you should grab a pen and take notes.

  1. Wannabe by Spice Girls
    If the goal is to make a fun and playful song, you should absolutely go for this song. It has no vocal complications and is very easy to sing. Heck, if the entire group were drunk, you all would still pull a fantastic performance. In fact, some or all of the group might be under the influence of alcohol while performing this song would be added comic relief. It is a dance-pop song that was released in 1996. The lyrics emphasize the essence and value of female friendships. As an upbeat song, it would require a lot of energy when performing. A group of five is all it takes to sing this song.

  2. I want it that way by Backstreet boys
    Released in 1999 by musical sensation group Backstreet Boys, this song is an absolute jam. However, not every group can pull it off, especially if you’re aiming for perfection. The reason? Somewhere down the line of the song is a key change that can easily be flopped if attempted without practice. But, if the goal is to have fun, who cares about the key change? The best part about the song is the harmonies. If your group can nail the key change and the harmonies, you’ll surely deliver a fire performance. Although the lyrics have been considered confusing by some song critics, it is still a masterpiece from the 90s.

  3. Bang Bang by Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj
    We’ll be honest with you for a sec. While this song follows a melodious rhythm, it is a hard song to pull off. In fact, the easiest part might be Nicki Minaj’s rap verse in the song. And that’s because you don’t need high pitch and vocal range to pull it off. But here comes the hard verses. Jessie J and Ariana Grande didn’t fail to hit high pitches in the song while rendering their lyrics. Frankly, if your group wants to try the song out without the high and low pitches change, it probably won’t come out as good as it’s supposed to. The song was released in 2014 and was a success in most countries, including Canada and South Korea.

  4. Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey
    Here is another fantastic song your group should try with Karaoke. Don’t stop Believin’ was released in 1981. It’s a song from the album titled “Escape” by the Journey (an American rock band). It was number 9 on the billboard hot 100. The song chronicles the human experience of how human beings are always seeking to feel alive regardless of the uncertainty of their future etc. Performed in E major, your group can pull this off. It is simple and straightforward with no key changes. Just allow yourself to feel the song, and you’ll deliver an amazing karaoke performance.

  5. Bootylicious by Destiny’s Child
    What better way to funk it up at a karaoke performance than by performing Destiny’s Child bootylicious? Released in 2001, this dance-pop/funk song topped the US charts. It was also part of the top five songs on the music charts in Canada, the UK, and Australia. Destiny’s Child surely complemented this upbeat song with an awe striking dance performance. So, you and your group can’t afford to water down the energy in the song by just standing still while presenting this song at a karaoke. Blending cool vocals with powerful dance moves is enough to bring down the roof of a building and send the audience screaming for joy. It is perfect for a group of three.

  6. Wings by Little Mix
    Although a song with lots of musical technicalities, your group can give this song a shot at Karaoke. But it would most likely be perfect if your group is made up of people with great vocals. Wings is a bubblegum pop/ R&B that was released in 2012. It was one of the songs on the debut album by the British girl group titled DNA. This song went on to top the charts in Ireland and the UK. In other countries like Japan and Australia, it was in the top 10. It made the top 20 list in New Zealand. It follows a bit of a complex progression where the singers deploy harmony, high pitches, and the various vocal ranges they could produce. It is a great song to try at Karaoke.

  7. Everybody by Backstreet Boys
    If you ever choose this simple song, get ready to dance. It starts with instrumentals and beat that, in the music video, is complemented by dance. Although released in the summer of 1997, the song has become associated with Halloween. Perhaps this is because of the Halloween costume and eerie house in the music video. Aside from the costume, the song is quite easy to sing. But you should endeavor to create a choreography.

  8. Kiss from a Rose by Seal
    This song by British singer-songwriter Seal is an amazing pick for a Karaoke group song. Released in 1994 and later in 1995, it featured in the movie the Never-ending Story III and Batman Forever film soundtrack. The Song then went on to top the charts in Australia and the US. The song is easy to sing as there isn’t too much riff and run on the song. It can also be easily split to accommodate a group as a karaoke presentation.

  9. Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars
    This song is no doubt perfect for group Karaoke. If you need assurance, listen to the pitch-perfect version of this song. Released in 2010, the lyrics praise the naturally flawless appearance of the singer’s love interest. As a guy, you can team up with your guy friends and have them sing this song with you to your love interest. Although Bruno Mars explored few key changes in the song, it is not that much of a difficult song to perform. When rendered well, it has the ability to make hearts melt. Bruno Mars described the song as a straight-to-the-point love song with zero twists and turns.

  10. Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson
    This 2004 hit recorded by Kelly Clarkson is another perfect karaoke song for you and your group. Although Kelly Clarkson performed this chorus with powerhouse vocals, you do not need to be intimidated. You could do a refined version that you can sing on a key that’s convenient for you. Or, you could partner with your friends that can sing in the karaoke performance of this song. Trust me; you’ll be able to get a room full of strangers on their feet, dancing to the rhythm of this song.

Good karaoke songs for girls

While any gender can take on any song regardless of the artist, certain songs are female-centric and preach the girl power/ girl squad message. Thinking of jumping on a song that celebrates or preaches femininity? Here are our top picks for you.

  1. Fireworks by Katy Perry
    It’s not surprising that the first on our list is Fireworks by Katy Perry. It carries a message of hope, reassuring women, men, boys, and girls all over the world of how amazing they are. If your goal is to encourage and cheer somebody up, you can absolutely take on this song. It is a great self-esteem booster. A note of warning: the song is rendered in really bold high pitches. Katy Perry is one singer that can effortlessly hit the high vocal range. So, you might need quite a few rehearsals to perfect this song at a Karaoke performance. It was released in 2010, and Katy was a co-writer of the song.

  2. Man I Feel Like A Woman – Shania Twain
    This powerful song from Shania is considered one of the many girl-power songs. It encourages women to loosen up and catch the fun, however they want to, whenever they can. Shania wrote this song with her now ex-husband Robert John “Mutt” Lange. Although the song sounds like a girl-power anthem, Shania admitted that cross-dressers and their dolling as women were her major sources of inspiration. Nevertheless, it still is a girl power song and is one of the perfect songs for you to karaoke with. Released in 1997, the song moves from B major to F major once it gets to the chorus. Overall, it’s a great song choice for karaoke.

  3. Thank You, Next by Ariana Grande
    If you just got out of heartbreak and you’re about to focus on yourself, this song is the best pick for you. Written by Ariana Grande and released in 2018, the song passes an underlying message to girls who have experienced terrible relationships. The message is quite clear and simple; move on quickly from bad breakups. Then, rediscover and live for yourself. It’s some sort of encouragement to girls who have been through sore relationships to know that rising out of the grief of losing a relationship actually makes you stronger. In this way, it indirectly celebrates girl power. It’s also a fairly easy song to perform.

  4. Someone Like You by Adele
    Adele’s Someone like you, amongst her other songs, is a song you’d most definitely want to try. If you’re gunning for a sober and melancholic song where you can express your vocal capacity to an extent, you should go for this song. Again, it’s a feminine song that expresses the strength of a woman to get over a lover who has moved on with somebody else after breaking up the relationship. The lyrics, piano, and vocals all work together to deliver a masterpiece that’s quick to bring you to tears. Released in 2011, the song went viral, topping the charts in a lot of countries.

  5. Big Girls Don’t Cry by Fergie.
    This song by Fergie explores the subject of growth and personal discovery. Fergie sings about how she has to separate from a potential love interest to be by herself to find “clarity, peace,” and “serenity.” Of course, in the song, she reassures the love interest that it is nothing personal, but she has some straightening to do with herself. With such a beautiful message about women (big girls) focusing on their inner growth to be more in tune with themselves, Fergie indirectly reinforces the need for big girls discover themselves so that they can be the truest versions of themselves. It was released in 2006 as a single, and it went on to top the Billboard hot 100.

  6. Barbie Girl by Aqua
    Although the song sounds cheesy, you can still perform it at karaoke. Trust me; you’ll most likely get chuckles from your audience, which is a good thing if the goal is to evoke laughter. The song was sung by Aqua, a dance-pop group in 1997. Fun fact: Readers of Rolling Stone Magazine voted the song as the worst song of the 90s. Nevertheless, the song is quite catchy and has pretty much been on everyone’s lips for a while. In fact, it still went on to top the music charts in some European countries, the UK inclusive. It makes for a great karaoke song, especially if all you want to do is have fun and enjoy the night.

  7. Royals by Lorde
    Written by 16-year-old Lorde, the song follows a smooth and enjoyable progression. Thankfully, Lorde’s vocals are not that high-pitched, making it somewhat easy for anyone to sing it in a Karaoke. The song addresses the madness attached to people being obsessed with living fancy lifestyles and celebrities. Lorde is a small-town girl who knows her roots and is more than happy with her small-town life with zero drama or pressure to live up to the fancy lifestyle that the media glorifies. Released in 2013, it is an art-pop that topped the US billboard hot 100 for 10 weeks straight. It also broke the record as one of the best-selling singles of all time.

  8. Chandelier by Sia
    The chandelier is another most popular Karaoke song for girls. Well, girls with strong vocals would absolutely pull off this song. While Sia starts with a subtle and supposedly low key in the solo, she steadily switches to a high-pitched key. The song deploys a lot of tonal complexes, which Sia is known for in her music. Although this song tends to sound like a carefree, cheery song, it has a melancholic feel and meaning. For one, she seems to be a party girl who drinks so hard to numb her feelings. Nevertheless, after its release in 2014, the song was among the top 5 songs on the music charts in some countries like France, New Zealand, Australia, Poland, and Norway. Meanwhile, it took the 8th spot on the billboard hot 100 in the US.

  9. Shake it off by Taylor Swift
    Taylor Swift releases this dance-pop song in 2014 as a response to the negative image her haters and other ill-meaning people have and say about her. Surprisingly, her response is indifference. She doesn’t care about anything her haters think about her. Instead, she shakes it off and keeps having a good time. The song follows a simple progression and is fairly easy to perform in karaoke. It was nominated for three Grammys in 2015, but it was regarded as the favorite song at the People’s Choice Award in 2015. Note that if you performed this song at karaoke, it would be nice to pair it with an amazing dance routine.

  10. Hit Me with Your Best Shot by Pat Benatar
    This is another song that girls should attempt at karaoke. Aside from the glorious way it was made to sound in Pitch Perfect, the song is a power-pop that talks about how a woman can conquer and be unmoved by a player. The lyrics sound like a challenge to a player to be on his A-game and try his best tricks on her. It’s the perfect song a woman can attempt at karaoke because of its lyrics showing you off as a tough woman who’s unaffected by a player in his full capacity.

Good karaoke songs for men

While it's okay for men to try out female songs at karaoke, it might not always be the best option. The reason is, the vocal range of men differs greatly from that of women. Hence, having a list of masculine baritone songs to try out at karaoke is not a bad idea. Besides, choosing the right song could be a good way to impress your love interest if she’s in the room. Here’s a list of songs you can try out, either solo or with your other guy friends at karaoke.

  1. Hooked on a Feeling by Blue Swede
    If your love interest is in the room, this song is the perfect pick to get her to like you or like you even more. Aside from having great vocals, the lyrics are raw with a love confession from a hopeless romantic. From the stables of Swedish Rock Band Blue Swede, this 1974 classic song is the perfect song for a man to get down to earth with his emotions for any girl. The best part? It follows a simple progression. There are no obvious key changes that require you to take on high notes. It flows smoothly with the instrumentals enough to keep the audience hooked to your performance.

  2. Start Me Up by Rolling Stones
    This song by Rolling stones is another way to bring fire to the karaoke stage. Although released in 1981, this song remains a classic with the ability to move any audience to dance. As a hard rock genre, the song is perfect as either a solo or a song you’d love to perform with your group. When it was released, it went on to become wildly successful. Above all the charts it was, it stole the number two spot on the billboard hot 100.

  3. Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley
    What better way to switch up the mood at karaoke than with this song that was the best-selling song in 1987? Although the debut single of Rick Astley, the song further went on to top the UK charts for five weeks. It also won Rick a Brit award in 1988. The song went on to go beyond the bothers of the United Kingdom by topping the charts in 25 more countries, the US inclusive. It was indeed a massive hit and is a great way to bring down the roof at karaoke. Rick’s vocals are very masculine and perfect enough to melt a girl’s heart. Any guy can pull this off at karaoke.

  4. Wonderwall by Oasis
    The English rock band, Oasis, released this song as part of their album (What's the Story) Morning Glory? The album was their second studio album, and it was released in 1995. Wonderwall was the third track on the album. It's the most popular song of the band that dwells on the feelings that hit you when you meet somebody that makes you have butterflies in your tummy. It talks about how this feeling engulfs you and generates thoughts within you.

  5. Mr. Brightside by The Killers
    If guitar riffs get you high, then this song is for you. It starts with the greatest guitar hook of the century that’ll make your audience release themselves while letting the rhythm overtake them. Although it has a sad meaning, it became the most popular song of the band, the killers. The song talks about a man who’s in love with a girl that he can’t have. The reason is, she’s in a relationship with somebody else. He then plunges himself in despair as he begins to think for himself what they’ll be doing in bed and behind closed doors.

  6. Born to be Wild by Steppenwolf
    This heavy metal song by Canadian-American band Steppenwolf was initially intended to be a ballad. However, it ended up being a heavy metal song. It was quite popular in the 6os and became the theme song for the 1969 movie ‘easy rider.’ The songs are premised on the idea that human beings are born to be wild and should hence, get out every once in a while, to have a great time. Performing this song at karaoke is sure going to help you release yourself and just live your life.

  7. The Passenger by Iggy Pop
    The song is quite popular and has gotten many features in movies, video games, etc. it is loaded with guitar riffs that contributed to the song’s popularity. Iggy Pop was close friends with David Bowe. It is said that Bowe contributed his vocal in parts of the song. The song describes Iggy’s experience on the train.

  8. When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars
    Sang on C major, Bruno Mars regrets not treating his love interest well because of his ego, pride, and selfish ways. He wishes he had taken his former lover to parties and danced with her because she loved to dance. He wishes he had paid more attention to her and didn’t lose her to another man. Now, while he knows that it’s too late to try to get her back, he wishes her well with her new man.

  9. Creep by Radiohead
    Released by English Alternative rock band “Radiohead,” the song wasn’t initially an instant success. It wasn’t until 1993, when it was reissued that it actually became a success. It even became the band’s most successful single. Although Thom Yorke wrote the song, they didn’t exactly like the lyrics; the song is one of the greatest songs in the 2000s and sure is perfect for karaoke.

  10. Happy by Pharrell Williams
    This 2013 soul song by Pharrell Williams was a hit as soon as it dropped. It follows an upbeat rhythm that encourages people to stay happy because believing in the power of love and happiness means that you can’t be stopped by anything, not by the bad incidence that happens in life.

Good kids’ karaoke songs

Let’s get real for a sec; kids no longer behave like kids. They seem to be cooler than you, who’s a parent. One way to redeem your image to stop them from thinking you’re not a cool parent is to show your expertise at karaoke for kids. Here are some of the cool songs they would love to karaoke with.
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  1. "Old Town Road" by Lil Nas X
    The first on our list is Old time Road by Lil Nas X. It’s a simple song, straight to the point, and the lyrics are easy to memorize. It’s sure will get you vibing to it as your kids sing it.

  2. Dance Monkey by Tones and I
    This song is an exciting song that your kids would love to perform, from the tune to the lyrics. It would require them to tap into their inner dance force as they sing the lyrics. The lyrics are child-friendly and make the perfect karaoke song.

  3. Let It Go by Frozen Cartoon
    Kids enjoy watching cartoons. So, what better song would you add to their karaoke song list, but this song by Elsa? Featured in the Disney cartoon, all love this song. Although the vocal range might be high, your kid can sing it on their comfortable vocal range. Remember, the goal is to have fun.

  4. Price Tag by Jessie J
    Only cool parents would include this song in their kid’s karaoke song list. Although Jessie J has strong vocals, the message of the song is positive and amazing. It seeks to remind human beings to celebrate one another, regardless of our difference.

  5. Boomerang by Jojo Siwa
    This song will make the perfect addition to your kid’s karaoke list because of its message. It is an empowerment song that spreads love and light. It encourages kids to ignore the haters and bullies rather than stoop to their level.

  6. Under the Sea by The Little Mermaid
    If your kid enjoyed the little mermaid, then it’s only wise for us to include this on the list. It’s an easy song upbeat pop calypso song that your kid would enjoy singing.

  7. Tomorrow from Annie
    From the 1977 movie, this song is uplifting. While the version of the initial movie is amazing, you might want to check out the version from the 2014 remake. It is more elaborate and includes an upbeat musical instrument that will cheer you up.

  8. Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys
    Although Alicia’s vocals in this song might be a little bit intimidating, it is a song your kid can still perform. Released in 2012, the message of the song is powerful. It celebrates a woman who is a go-getter, passionate, and cannot be tamed. It is the perfect song for your daughter to show some dance skills and a daredevil attitude.

  9. Can't Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake
    This Disco-pop song by Justin Timberlake was the theme song in the 2016 cartoon, Trolls. It is effortless to perform. Trust me, with the smooth flow of this song; your kid would groove effortlessly to it while he/she performs.

  10. Party in the U.S.A. by Miley Cyrus
    This is one pop song your daughter will thank you for when she gets to karaoke with it. It talks about a girl who gets off at LAX and sees many celebrities, only for her to get nervous. But the minute her favorite songs come up, she feels at ease, and she knows she’ll be okay. The bold instrument and edginess of the song will make your kid fall in love with it.

Last Words

Karaoke is only as fun and interesting as your song lineup. However, not every song might fit your personality. That is why this list of good karaoke songs is broken into different sub-sections to fit the different genders. If you want to do a karaoke performance with your other friends as a group, we’ve got an amazing song lineup for you. Likewise, if you want to go solo, we’ve got you covered. Just be ready to match your energy to the song you choose. Have fun.

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