Audio Technica Ath-MSR7 Review, An Over-Ear High-Resolution Audio Headphones


Audio Technica Ath-Msr7 Review
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ATH-MSR7 Over-Ear professional audio headphones are designed in a way their users hear music the way it is supposed to be. The exclusive 45mm True Motion Divers outfitted on this High-Resolution headphones make use of a custom-mounted printed circuit board, lightweight voice coils, and a specially designed diaphragm to produce detailed audio sounds with less sound distortion.

As an audiophile, they are finding the correct type of earpiece has always been a struggle for me. That ended when a friend recommended Audio Technical Ath-MSR7 to me. I have had a hate/ love relationship with the headphone for the last three months. But to me, they are the perfect earpiece I have ever owned. The price and their aesthetics are just a plus. So if you are like me and considering buying these sets of headphones, read this review.

ATH-MSR7 Over-Ear professional audio headphones are designed in a way their users hear music the way it is supposed to be. The exclusive 45mm True Motion Divers outfitted on these High-Resolution headphones use a custom-mounted printed circuit board, lightweight voice coils, and a specially designed diaphragm to produce detailed audio sounds with less sound distortion.

The above descriptions are what I deduced from reading the manufacturer’s guide. And as a consumer, I can tell the intention of the engineers came to life through my listening experience. These high-resolution over-ear headphones can balance the highs, mid, and lows without any trouble. However, you will not enjoy poorly mixed soundtracks as they sound even more horrible. So what makes this good? This review will include the specifications and the features of Audio Technica Ath-MSR7 headphones.

Audio Technica Ath-MSR7 Spec

Audio Technica Ath-MSR7 Specifications

  • Name: Audio Technical ATH-MSR7
  • Type: Overhead headphones, dynamic
  • Multi-layer Air Damping Technology
  • Exclusive True motion drivers
  • Drivers Diameter: 45mm
  • Frequency Response: 5 – 40,000Hz
  • Mic type: Condenser
  • Connection: Wired, Detachable 3.9′, 9.8′, and 3.9′ with in-line controls and mic for smartphones
  • Connector: 3.5mm L-shape gold-plated stereo mini
  • Ultra-comfortable earpads & headband
  • Weight: 290g.
  • Impedance: 35 ohms
  • Maximum input power: 2000mW
  • Output Sound Pressure: 100dB/mW

This specification may not be of much help for people without technical knowledge. To help you understand the product further, we will briefly overview the MSR7.

Audio Technica Ath-MSR7 Overview:

Who makes the headphones?

Apart from the general specifications, MSR7 was designed and manufactured by Audio Technica to bring more life to Japanese music. This does not mean they sound bad with another type of music. How you set up your headphones will determine your experience.

What are Ath-MSR7 headphones like physically?

Know that you already know the MSR7 manufacturer’s specifications; I will give you an overview of how the headphones look from my view.

Audio Technical uses the latest design to create headphones that are sleek and lightweight. This is lightweight is achieved by mixing Aluminum and magnesium.

MSR7 comes in two brilliant-looking colors: Black and Gunmetal Grey.

The headphones have a high-end minimalist look that would make you feel proud to wear them in public.

What sets this one apart from the competitors?

There are quite many features that make MSR7 way superior to what other headphones manufacturers make.

  • Exclusive 45mm True Motion Drivers for detailed audio reproduction and to minimize sound distortion.
  • Produces Hi-Res Audio enabling you to hear the music the way it is supposed to be.
  • Made using Aluminium/ magnesium mix, creating lightweight, strong, and reducing unwanted resonance.
  • MRS7 features multilayered air damping technology for extended mid-to-low frequency responses.
  • Improved dynamics and controlled airflow by using three precisely placed vents with the layers.
  • Improved high-frequency response and accurate low-frequency response provided by the stainless steel acoustic mesh resistor.
  • Flexible swivel design and soft memory form ear pads abs headbands to improve comfort.

How are the headphones used?

Using MSR7 headphones is that complicated.

  • Plug the detached cables of your choice into the headphones.
  • Connect the jack side of the cable to the source of music. The headphones do not work well with a phone.
  • Choose the music you want to play from your playlist.
  • Put the headband over your head and the earbuds over your ears to listen to the music.

MSR7 is capable of detecting poorly recorded music. So if your audio cannot play on the headsets, there is a possibility the songs are of poor quality.

MSR7 Pros and cons

I will dive into the pros and cons of this set of headphones. These advantages and disadvantages will help you decide if the product will work for you the way you picture it.


  • Exceptional high-quality audio
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Relatively cheap
  • Well-controlled bass with no mids bleed in
  • Three detachable cables options are ideal for portability
  • Sounds good with a matching amplifier


  • A little heavy, especially as a portable device
  • The headband is too tight for people with a huge head
  • Flimsy cable connector
  • Shallow ear pads
  • Picky music quality

The advantages of MSR7 weigh more than their disadvantages. Some of the cons can be overlooked as long as the headphones work perfectly.

ATH-MSR7 Features

Audio Technical ATH-MSR7 Features

If by now you are still not convinced on whether you like Audio Technica ATH-MSR7 headphones, we will look into the specific features that make the headphones spectacular.

Sound quality

I will start by reviewing the sound quality of these MSR7 headphones since it is the main reason I bought them; for starters am not big into these complicated technical terms. My review is, therefore, solely based on my experience as a consumer of the product and a music lover.

  • Highs

The treble produced by the headphone sets is spectacular. You can feel every detail of the soundtrack in a way even bad recording is evident. All these details are presented smoothly and warmly with just enough energy.

Audio Technica Ath-MSR7 resolves any detail with ease without sounding congested. If you experience some aggression or harsh piecing when using the headphones, there is a high chance the problem is in the music.

Since some people are treble sensitive, I would recommend you audition the headphones before committing to buy them. But for me, this is my first time enjoying the treble this much.

  • Mids

A little background on my music type. I love pop, Afro beats, hip hop, soft rock, and R&Bs.

Before I bought MSR7, I read a review that indicated that they work well with Japanese music. So, the first thing I did was add Japanese music to my playlist. Currently, my work playlist consists of soft Japanese music.

I have heard people complain about how the mids sound too elevated and unnatural, especially for female sounds. However, I think Audio Technica Ath-MSR7 was specifically made for me with my playlist.

  • Bass

The headphones might not be ideal for bass heads, but how would I know? I lean more on the mids and treble side. However, the few times I got to try the bass perspective of the headphones, I can say the bass feels neutral and very powerful. It has no distortion whatsoever, but the upper bass tends to disappear, sounding too lean.

  • Soundstage and Imaging

The imaging aspect of the headphones is one big plus. The imaging is very accurate and easily tells which direction the sound is coming from. This makes the headphones good for gaming. The soundstage is also impressive.


The first thing you will notice when you see Audio Technica Ath-MSR7 is how sleek and phenomenal the headphones look. They come in black and gunmetal grey colors.

This headband can be folded and adjusted to fit your head perfectly.

  • Comfort

 When it comes to comfort, Audio Technica Ath-MSR7 has a thick layer of memory foam padding. They may feel stiff at first, but you will never put them down once you get used to them. The only problem comes with the size of the headsets. They might feel too tight at first.

  • Portability

MSR7 headphones have three different cable sizes that are easily detachable for the purpose of portability. The headphones can also be folded to fit in a small bag.

  • Clamping

Despite the MSR7 feeling too tight, they fit so well in a way you can run with them without falling.


Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

  • Is MSR7 worth it?
    MSR7 are great to pair of headphones. They combine clarity, accuracy, and deep bass. You will, therefore a listening experience like never before. The only problem most people experience is the mids sound unrealistic.
  • Between MSR7 and MX50, which are the best?
    The MSR7 corrects most wrongs that were evident on MX50. For example, the highs in MSR7 are more balanced, and you can feel every detail. This is helpful when identifying low-quality music.
    MX50 will forgive the quality, but MSR7 is too loud in identifying these mistakes.MX50 is too sloppy and unpredictable with very punchy bass. Bass in MSR7, on the other hand, is well balanced and warm.
  • What do I need to connect the headphones to my computer?
    MSR7 Headphones come with three sizes of standard headphone jacks that can be connected directly to your computer. You, therefore, don’t need anything else to connect the headphones to the computer.
  • Will MSR7 fit my big head?
    Audio Technica engineers had to consider people have different sizes of heads. The headband is therefore adjustable to perfectly fit your big brain.


Audio Technica ATH-MSR7 are the best headphones designed to fulfill everything an audiophile can be looking for. Depending on the type of music you like, you get to enjoy accurate highs, perfect treble, and spectacular mids.

MSR7 are constructed using a mixture of Aluminum and magnesium, making them lightweight, rigid, and perfect for canceling background noise.

You can walk with Audio Technica Ath-MSR7 in public based on their sleek, beautiful look. MSR7 comes in two different colors: black and gunmetal grey. Apart from looks, the headphones are easily portable. The cable can be disconnected to fit in any bag.

Although the headphones worked for me, you should audition them to see if they fit your purpose. You should also read the customer reviews to find what people with your music taste feel about Audio Technica ATH-MSR7 headphones.

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