COWIN E7 Review – The Best Budget Noise Cancelling Headphone

I have always loved listening to music or podcast while working or doing something else on my computer. Unfortunately, I live in a place where sound everywhere seems to penetrate my room. Children crying, cars passing by, barking dogs - we know how annoying they can be. The moment I discovered the beauty of noise-canceling headphones, I had hope. However, as attractive as they are, their features come with a price.

The good news, though, is that there options on budget models. One model that I have recently discovered is the COWIN E7 noise-canceling headphone. Is this headphone the perfect match for your needs and preferences? Check out this review, and make a wise purchasing decision in the end.


Pros & Cons


  • Low sound leakage features
  • Amazing wireless range
  • Dependable battery life
  • Strong passive noise isolation
  • Strong and punchy bass


  • Slightly bulky in design
  • Sub-par overall quality
  • Dark highs 

Unboxing the COWIN E7

When the box arrived, I had the impression that the content is also big, given the size of the box. True enough, the headphone is big. The set includes the headphone, a 3.5mm AUX Cable, a USB charging cable, along with a beautiful solid shell case that features mesh pockets inside, allowing for easy carrying of the headphone together with its accessories.

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What is a COWIN E7

The COWIN E7 is a budget headphone under the COWIN brand. Its main feature is the use of Active Noise Canceling (ANC) which focuses on canceling lower frequency sounds out such as aviation environment, engines, traffic noise, trains. These headphones are designed to ensure that users can focus on their favorite music, books, and movies without being unnecessarily disturbed by noises from the outside.



Short Version

The COWIN E7 headphones are a budget, noise-canceling model that uses professional Active Noise Canceling Technology. This translates the capacity to perform a good amount of noise cancellation for work, travel, and more, allowing you to focus on the sound that you want to enjoy.

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Key Features of the COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones


Sound quality is average. From low to average volume, the sound appears to be perfect, BUT increasing the volume makes it obvious that you are merely making the speakers louder. And when it comes to volume, it's not as loud as you want it to be. Outdoors, you may barely hear music when you're on a busy beach or playground. 

To improve sound quality, users pair their JBL Extreme 2 with other portable JBL speakers using the JBL Connect +. By using this feature, you can connect more speakers to fill a large outdoor area with your sounds.

Active Noise Cancelling Features

The use of Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) Technology in COWIN E7 works in canceling most noises within the immediate environment. It can be accessed by using a simple switch. Even when the Active Noise Cancelling Feature is not turned on, his headphone offers a good amount of sound isolation. This means that the sound from the surroundings is subdued strongly, regardless of the volume set on the device.

On the other hand, when the ANC feature is turned on, the reduction of noises, including those produced inside airplane cabins may get suppressed substantially with a passive noise isolation level. In terms of producing amazing sounds, it offers clear vocals, precise guitars, crisp percussion, and clean bass qualities. Note, however, that ANC does not completely remove noises such as talking, snoring, high-frequency sounds, and similar sound sources. 

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Wired and Wireless (Bluetooth) Connectivity

This headphone can be used either wired or wireless. It comes with a 3.5 mm cable for easy use. It can also be used wireless, through Bluetooth. Even though its wired system for connection utilizes a different approach than that used in other headsets, it is pretty simple to use.

For wireless use, the device needs to be turned on using the switch that is located at the lower part of the right earcup. Hassle-free wireless is easier than ever. Both NFC and Bluetooth connections are easy and quick. This means that you can get off the bonds and wires, without jeopardizing sound quality – only you in your world, with your favorite music. 

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Sound Quality

This headphone produces a dark sound. It seems to emphasize more on low-mid and high-bass, thus bringing in a certain amount of muddiness. The stark dip in its low-treble and high-mid is noticeable, making the leads and vocals sound less detailed and farther away.

The noise isolation capacity of the COWIN E7 is fair, though they may not be as quality-concentrated as with other similar headsets. Its active noise cancellation system reaches around 8dB reduction within the bass range, which is considered as below the average.

Under the mid to treble bass range, these headphones passively isolate speech through the ear cups, getting 13dB with 33dB reduction in the mid and treble ranges. These are considered as decent limits. The COVIN E7 is obviously on the noisy side, below the average in terms of noise isolation. Still, if you are searching for a good choice given that it is in the budget category, it gives the value that you are looking for.

The use of Near Field Communication (NFC) allows for the immediate pairing process, adding to the convenience of use. The COWIN E7 offers warm mids and strong mid-bass, boxy sound, and laid-back low vocals. The higher mids are not very crisp and somewhat rolled off, though this could also prove to be an advantage, given that it could also translate to 100% free of harsh peaks.

The bass features of this headphone are very rich. It also offers a punchy mid-bass with enough sub-bass. Note that the mid-bass capacity of this model could be overwhelming. When using an EQ, the sub-bass and mid-bass could be overpowered, making them produce an impact and rumble which will entice your ears. 

Playtime and Battery Life

The COWIN E7 headphones are designed to offer more than 30 hours of playtime for a full charge (in both ANC and Bluetooth mode). It comes with a 750mAh battery which will not allow your headphones to power off, allowing you to enjoy good music without the hassle of noise for more than 30 hours of entertainment and playtime.

iOS and Android Compatibility

The COWIN E7 can be used with any device (Microsoft Surface, iPad, MacBook, Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note 8, and the iPhone X, as well as other recently introduced devices).


Both the earpads and earcups feature size and depth that ensures amazing comfort and fit as it embraces the inside of the ears well without generating pain or pressure. It features a secure clamping force, which is also flexible enough to adapt to a variety of head sizes without hassle and issues.

On top of that, the COWIN E7 also comes with pivoting earcups which makes a perfect positioning of the headphones possible. Another interesting feature of this headphone is a 90-degree rotating system which allows the earcups to lay flat while carrying them on or around the neck, or while inside its carrying pouch. 

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The COWIN E7 headphone can be considered as an average model for mixed-use. When it comes to its noise-canceling features, it can block a good amount of ambient noise and does fairly well in not allowing sound to leak in quieter environments, such as in an office. Even though they may not be the most comfortable headphones for all types of listeners, but they are quite stable and offers enough fit to make sure that they will not fall off immediately from the ears when running with them. The overall versatility of the headphones’ advanced features, combined with its long-lasting battery life, makes them an ideal companion for traveling, for daily use, or when critical listening is not required.


  • Can both the wires and the Bluetooth be used for this headphone?
    Yes, both of these connectivity features can be used. If you want to use the cable for the headphone, it needs to have power. You can also adjust the switch either to NC or Bluetooth. 
  • Can the COWIN E7 headphone be used in pairing with a TV?
    It depends on the TV features. If the TV has the capacity to receive Bluetooth signals, it may be connected. However, if the TV does not have these features, a connection can be done through a Bluetooth adapter.
  • How does it take to charge these headphones?
    The COWIN E7 headphones take about 3 hours to complete charging. Even when charging, these headphones still operate in both Bluetooth and wired modes. A full charge of 3 hours will last for about 30 hours.
  • Does COWIN E7 come with a microphone?
    The ANC features of these headphones offer a powerful, crisp, and quiet sound that allows for a better listening experience. It also comes with a quality built-in microphone which allows for hands-free calling.
  • Does this headphone work with PS4?
    The COWIN E7 headphones can connect to most devices. Unfortunately, the limitations come with the PS4 device, since it cannot connect to anything besides Sony products, including their headsets and controller. Read About ps4 slim audio output.

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