The Best Bass Earbuds That Would Blow Your Mind

Music is a language that speaks to our inner beings. There’s really a hard-to-explain connection between the music we listen to that has a great potential to alter our mood. Some upbeat music while working out would make you feel livelier, especially with the best ass earbuds. Remember when you jumped endlessly with that awesome hip party music?

Yeah? It’s just amazing that music can evoke feelings that cannot be easily described by words! Now, when you are always on the go, a pair of reliable and bass-heavy earbuds would give you endless hours of entertainment. Yep, the bass has to be awesome. The low frequencies kind of envelopes everything in and makes sure that nothing spills. You know that feeling, huh? I’m sure you do!

I know you know what’s a good earbud when you hear one. However, when you don’t have the energy to go to the mall and kind of test and listen to each pair to check on it, it can be a little difficult to select the best one for you!

So, here I am to come to your aid. The technical specifications would tell you how the earbuds would sound. Of course, coupled with some reviews and feedbacks from confirmed users, you will be able to decide which one is the best for you.


The Top-rated Bass Earbuds 2021

Device Name



Frequency Response

10mm Dynamic

32 ohms

20hz -

9mm Dynamic

16 ohms

20Hz - 20kHz

16mm Dynamic

16 ohms

16Hz - 40kHz

10mm Dynamic

16 ohms

5Hz -

16mm Dynamic

16 ohms

4Hz - 27kHz

16mm Dynamic

32 ohms

3Hz - 30kHz

6 Balanced Armature

25 ohms

20Hz - 20kHz

12mm Dynamic

16 ohms

4Hz - 24kHz

Quad HD Microdrivers

9 ohms

15Hz - 20kHz


Let me explain further the tables.

The details may be a bit overwhelming at first but, as soon as you are done reading through, you will know what it means, and which one is the right model for you that fits your allocated budget.

1. Powerbeats3 

Beats is an outstanding manufacturer of audio electronics that was founded by Dr. Dre and Jimmy Lovine. The founders have been dissatisfied with every headphones and earbud they got their hands into and decided to put up their own manufacturing company in 2006. They wanted the world to have a taste of what great music experience is and created excellent earpieces that bring your music to another dimension.

Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones

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Product Details

Since Apple had acquired Beats in 2014, they have readily incorporated this product into Apple devices. This wireless headset allows you to move freely while listening to music. It’s a perfect device to listen to while working out.

The cable connecting the earpieces are designed to get out of your way while working out. It’s fashioned with a cable manager to give you the perfect fit. This headset comes with four different sizes of earbuds that perfectly fits your middle ear. You can quickly adjust the volume and take calls with this device.

A single charge cycle gives up to 12 hours of listening pleasure.  You can thank their Fast Fuel technology that lets you get 1 hour of playback with five minutes charging. These earbuds are sweat and water resistant which makes them perfect for workouts and other water activities. Beats designed the ear hooks to perfectly hold the earpiece in place no matter what activity you do.

It projects rich highs and astounding lows. It lets you experience music just like the way the artist intended it to be heard!


Driver unit :    10mm Dynamic Driver

Impedance :    32ohms

Frequency response :    20Hz

Cord Length :    5inches

Weight :    29grams

Sensitivity :    96dB

Wired :    Bluetooth


  • Beats is a now owned by Apple, and this company is known for excellent customer support.
  • This wireless device lets you freely move around without tangling yourself.
  • Powerbeats 3 is sweat and water resistant.
  • The quality of the sound it projects is amazing.


  • This device comes with a high price tag.

2. Panasonic RP-HJE120-PPK    

The Great Low Budget Earphones

Panasonic is one of the biggest brands of electronics company from Japan. The company was founded in Osaka in 1918 which makes them a century-old now. Compared with what they achieved today, the company started out with lightbulbs, sockets, and other simple electronics for everyday use during their early days. With their dedication, they perfected and invented advancements in electronics.

 Panasonic ErgoFit In-Ear Earbud

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Product Details

Panasonic has a huge selection of earbuds you could from. This model comes in 10 different colors. You also have the option to get an earbud without a built-in microphone for answering calls. The jacks are angled at 90 degrees which protects it from damage especially when you have your music player on your pocket.

The earbuds are soft and light. They can be worn for extended hours without feeling uncomfortable. The earbuds come in three different sizes to make sure that you get the best fit. The total length of the cable is 3.6feet.

At a glance, these earbuds are not as enticing or as flashy as most earbuds look today. It comes with a generic packaging. They are pretty simple and straightforward. It may not have the deepest bass, but, for a pair of earbuds below ten bucks, you get more than the value you pay for the quality Panasonic put into this item.


Driver unit : 9mm Dynamic Driver
Impedance : 16ohms
Frequency response : 20Hz – 20kHz
Cord Length : 3.6ft
Weight : 8g
Sensitivity : 96dB
Wired : Yes


  • This product is manufactured by one of the largest brands in the world.
  • For the price, this set of earbud outperforms many in its price range.
  • It comes with three different earbud sizes.
  • You get to choose from 10 different colors.


  • The design is too simple and old-fashioned.
  • These are not water and sweat resistant.

3. RHA T10i High Fidelity

RHA is a European brand that is based in Glasgow, UK. Over the years, they have provided audio solutions that transform their client’s musical perception. They work beyond the available tech and aim to upgrade and give everyone the best musical experience. Every product they make is carefully designed and prototyped until it is perfected for the market. Their products are covered with a 3-year limited warranty to make sure that everyone who gets  the value for their money.

RHA T10i High Fidelity

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Product Details

This design of this pair of earbud is very well thought off. It’s made with stylish anodized aluminum which is sturdy, and at the same time, lightweight. They are lighter and more durable than plastic. A tremendous amount of craftsmanship is evidenced by the finish of this design.

It comes with three filters, their patented tuning filters, that lets you screw and replace to give more emphasis on a certain range of frequency. Switching filters can give a bass, mids, or high-frequency boost for your listening pleasures. This set of earbuds comes with a three-button control that has microphone integration. It helps you navigate through your playlist, adjust your volume, or fast forward and rewind.

It comes with moldable ear hooks that help you get that precise fit on your ears. The silicon buds it comes with have dual layer density for a better fit in your middle ear.  It comes with 6 pairs of buds, 3 pairs of filters, 2 pairs of double flanged tips, and 2 pairs of memory foam tips. To store your earbuds and accessories, RHA included a cloth storage bag for your convenience.


  • Driver unit : Handcrafted by RHA (model 770.1)
  • Impedance : 16ohms
  • Frequency response : 16Hz – 40kHz
  • Cord Length : 4.4ft
  • Weight : 41grams
  • Sensitivity : 100dB
  • Wired : Yes


  • The design of this product is well thought of.
  • It comes with tuning filters to make sure you are listening to your music just the way you want it.
  • It comes in different sizes and different earbud materials for your comfort.
  • The ear hooks are flexible and let you customize a perfect fit.
  • It comes with storage bags to keep everything neat and tidy.


  • This pair of earbud has a steep price tag.
  • This pair of earbuds is not splash and sweat resistant.

4. JVC XtremeXpolosives

JVC stands for The Japan Victor Company. It’s a company that has been manufacturing consumer electronics for 90 years now. The years in operation is a simple testimony that this company knows what it is doing and has become one of the most trusted international brands. They have invented the video home system (VHS) tapes that has become a fad in the 70s.

Product Details

This earbud come in striking red color to match its explosive name. JVC is bold in giving it a name and a striking design. It has 2 X on the outer part of the earpiece unit that makes it distinct. The 2 X design means XtremeXplosives.

This unit may seem a little bulky for its design as it has a larger port for a well-defined bass. They still managed to keep it light despite the somewhat bulky appearance. The wires are robust and durable. Holding the wire in your hand would already suggest that it is made of high-quality materials.

Each unit comes with 3 pairs of earbuds in different sizes to match your size. JVC included a hard plastic case to protect your earbuds when not in use.

JVC has enabled to pack powerful bass with this tiny device which actually matches the sound quality of the higher end units. However, you may need to tweak your equalizer a little as the bass can overpower the mids and the highs.


  • Driver unit : 10mm Dynamic Driver
  • Impedance : 16ohms
  • Frequency response : 5Hz –
  • Cord Length : 3.9ft
  • Weight : 5g
  • Sensitivity : 104dB
  • Wired : Yes


  • This product is made by a 90-year-old company that you can trust.
  • It comes with a  hard plastic case to protect your earbuds when not in use.
  • This earbud is designed with larger bass ports for precise louder bass.
  • The wires are made with high quality and robust material.
  • The sound quality is comparable to high-end models with bass boost.
  • This product is water and sweat resistant.


  • The barrels of this earbuds may give a little bulky feel.

5. Sony MDR-XB90EX

Bass Earbuds That Won’t Require You To Rob A Bank

Another great thing about Sony is that they managed to become one of the leading electronics company and make a name for themselves even when the competition was really tough when they entered the market. This made them push and reinvent what already exists to make a difference and get noticed. They managed to go all through that, and today, they are one of the most sought-after electronics brand in the planet. The Playstation® is one of their most remarkable electronics they have made.

 Sony MDR-XB90EX In-Ear Extra Bass

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Product Details

These earphones are quite hard to find in the US in recent years. Caution must be taken since this is a prized Sony product that is often counterfeited. Firstly, since it is not manufactured for the US yet, you will often see this with Japanese labels. Oh, and yes, they are quite expensive.

It has a 16mm driver unit, which is actually quite insane compared with the standard 10-12mm units. The tips of the earbuds are very comfortable and very effective in isolating ambient sound. You can wear it for hours without straining your ears. The noise isolation earbuds comes in three sizes while the hybrid silicone buds come in four different sizes.

The patented Direct Vibe Structure forms a tight seal around the ears that helps deliver fantastic bass power. Sony chose flat wires to avoid tangle and fitted with a 90 degrees angled 3.5mm gold plated jack.  It comes with a hard case to enclose all the accessories it comes with and protect your earbuds.

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  • Driver unit : 16mm Dynamic Driver
  • Impedance : 16ohms
  • Frequency response : 4Hz– 27kHz
  • Cord Length : 3.9ft
  • Weight : 9grams (without the cable)
  • Sensitivity : 106dB
  • Wired : Yes


  • The sound quality is astounding.
  • The bass response is surreal.
  • The flat cord design will prevent your cable from tangling.
  • This product comes with lots of relevant accessories and hard case.
  • Sony is one trusted big brand.


  • This product has an insane price tag.
  • It can get water damaged when soaked or exposed to water.

6. Sony MDR-EX1000

Sony, being one of the largest brands that manufacture consumer electronics in the world is already a testimony about the quality of their outputs. They have been in the industry for more than 70 years and have brought the Playstation® to the world. They are also known for the Walkman® which revolutionized mobile music. Their dedication had helped shape the evolution of the modern technology.

SONY Stereo Headphones MDR-EX1000

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Product Details

This model is packed in a well-designed stylish box that suggests how much time and effort the manufacturer have put into these earbuds. The earbuds are well protected by the box while in transit and to make sure it will not get damaged.

The box contains the earbuds and an assortment of 10 pairs of silicon tips. Three of them are primarily designed to isolate and reduce ambient sound which helps deliver better sound quality. Straight from the box, the design is remarkable. The earphones have a little weight on it.

The earphones are detachable. So, in case you break the cord, you don’t have to repurchase the whole unit. It also comes with molded leather case. It protects your earbuds, cord, and accessories when you store it inside your bag. 


  • Driver unit : 16mm Dynamic Driver
  • Impedance : 32ohms
  • Frequency response : 3Hz– 30kHz
  • Cord Length : 3.9ft
  • Weight : 8grams (without the cable)
  • Sensitivity : 108dB
  • Wired : Yes


  • This product is fitted with a 16mm driver that spews outstanding sound quality.
  • The bass response can go as low as 3Hz.
  • The manufacturer is one of the largest and most trusted brands across the globe.
  • Sony designed the cables to be detachable so that you won’t need to buy the whole thing when you break the cord.
  • It comes with a selection of 10 pairs of different silicon tips.


  • This product is expensive.
  • You may want to consider wearing them when working out.

7. Westone W60

Westone is one of the leading companies that customize in-ear monitors. With many decades of experience and catering high profile clients, they have learned how to make the earbuds that would deliver pristine music directly to your soul. They are well-known for their customized monitors that molds and follows the grove of the ears.

 Westone W60 Six-Driver True-Fit Earphones

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Product Details

Westone is prized for their customized and ergonomic fit the seals and delivers excellent sound straight to your ears. This flagship model has 6 balanced armature driver that goes thru a 3-way crossover to isolate frequencies. This enables the device to have superb output that simulates live audio performances.

The sound quality is outstanding, and many musicians sought after this product. However, I have to mention that this piece of technology comes with a high premium. Westone placed all their experience and put it inside this piece of gadget to deliver the best listening experience.

The earpieces are detachable, and the wires are upgradeable. It comes with a three-button cable with mic integration that can be used with your mobile devices. It also comes with a twisted 3.5mm wire. This device comes with a hard to store the cables, earphones, and 10 pairs of silicon ear tips.

Westone offers 2.5mm balanced cable upgrade for the great experience with your music player with a balanced output. Also, they have a Bluetooth wire available for those who would like to have tangle free experience while listening to music.


  • Driver unit : 6 Balanced Armature drivers with 3-way crossover
  • Impedance : 25ohms
  • Frequency response : 20Hz– 20kHz
  • Cord Length : 4.3ft
  • Weight : 14g
  • Sensitivity : 117dB
  • Wired : Yes


  • Outstanding professional quality.
  • This product is fitted with 6 balanced armature drivers.
  • To give the excellent sound experience, Westone integrated a 3-way crossover to give you crisp highs, precise mids, and creeping bass.
  • It comes with 10 pairs of silicon ear tips and a hard case.
  • This product is stylish.


  • This in-ear monitor is insanely expensive.
  • This is not designed to be worn in extreme conditions such as water activities.

8. Sony MDR-XB50AP

Soon after the second world war, Masaru Ibuka started out this company. Sony started out on a difficult era. Who would have thought that Sony would be a global hit? Well, they may not have thought about it during their time, but today, we can see that Sony still has a bright future ahead of them. With their cameras, gadgets, speakers, and other consumer and professional electronics, Sony’s existence would not be threatened in the next century.


 Sony MDR-XB50AP/R

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Product Details

Sony’s keen attention to detail led them to discover the needs of users. Aside from their high-end audio devices, they manufacture other high-quality products that won’t need you to rob a bank. This pair of earbud has a 12mm driver unit that delivers clear music straight to your ears.

It has an integrated microphone for easy use with your mobile device. They utilized flat wires to make sure that it won't easily tangle. The hybrid silicon ear tips are designed to block external noise and give you excellent music. Each set comes with 4 different sizes for the most comfortable fit.

The bass duct system gives the bass a considerable boost. With a more powerful bass, you will be thoroughly immersed in the music you are listening to. This product comes with a soft case to tidy up your earbuds when not in use.


  • Driver unit : 12mm Dynamic Driver
  • Impedance : 16ohms
  • Frequency response : 4Hz– 24kHz
  • Cord Length : 3.9ft
  • Weight : 8g
  • Sensitivity : 110dB
  • Wired : Yes


  • You can trust Sony that it makes excellent quality products.
  • This product is not the cheapest, but you get more value for the money you spend on it.
  • It has a mic integrated to it, so you can use it on your mobile device to answer calls.
  • The bass duct design gives a boost to the bass.
  • It comes with 4 pairs of different sizes of silicon ear tips and a soft carrying case.


  • This product is not water resistant.

9. Shure SE846-CL (Overall Best Sound Quality Earbuds)

Shure is an American manufacturer of in-ear monitors and other professional audio equipment. They manufacture microphones, mixers, digital signal processors, and more professional grade studio equipment. They are known for their excellent high-end earphones that delivers crisp and precise musical experience.

Product Details

This model is an excellent in-ear monitors that delivers outstanding music. It is equipped with quad high definition microdrivers that delivers pristine bass and crisp highs. Shure has secured a patent for their low-pass filter design that lets you listen to extremely low frequency without distorting the signal.

It is presented in an outstanding fashion starting from the box. It comes with a clear pelican-type hard case that protects your monitors. Aside from the clear pelican-type case with secure clasps, it also has a hard case for easier access when you are on the go. You also get a ¾ inch jack converter if you will be using it in the studio.

Shure included an attachment with a rotating volume control for more precise adjustments. It comes with a tool to remove the nozzle inserts and change the filters. It comes with three different filters that you can cycle with. Changing the nozzle filters will have an impact on the frequency response of the earbuds.

The earphones are, and the cables can be upgraded. Also, included in the box is an extra set of cable, in case you break the attached cable on the earphones.


  • Driver unit : Quad High Definition Microdrivers
  • Impedance : 9ohms
  • Frequency response : 15Hz– 20kHz
  • Cord Length : 3.9ft and 4.9ft
  • Weight : 36g
  • Sensitivity : 114dB
  • Wired : Yes


  • Unparalleled sound quality with the latest technology.
  • Complete selection of accessories.
  • It comes with nozzle filters that gives different characters to music according to how you want to listen to it.
  • The cables are removable and can be upgraded.
  • It comes with high-quality hard case.
  • Excellent true subwoofer quality sound.


  • This product is not water resistant, and extreme caution must be practiced while using it.
  • The price is insanely high.

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How to Select The Bass Earbuds

If you don’t have the energy to visit a physical store to try out an earphone, buying online is the next best thing. However, since sound perception is subjective, selecting the best one that suits your style can be challenging. This is where I come in. Here are some of the features you want to understand to end up with the right type of earbuds for you.

Driver Unit

The driver is responsible for interpreting the electric signals from your music player. There used to be only one type of driver that is popularly used for earphones. However, over the years of technological evolution, a lot of large machines are miniaturized and have been made portable. So, mostly, today, there are different types of driver units affixed on earphones by manufacturers.

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•    Dynamic Driver

Dynamic drivers translate the electric signal from your music player through a magnet and coil that vibrates the diaphragm inside the earphones. This precise pattern of vibration that moves the air and produces music. It comes in different sizes, and it defines the quality of sound your earphones provide. Larger sizes cover more frequency range better. As the driver becomes larger, essentially, the earphones also become bigger.

•    Balanced Armature Driver

These drivers were first used in hearing aids. But recently, they have been found out to be a great driver for in-ear monitors. They are very accurate and produces crisp sound. Instead of dome-shaped drivers, this driver is designed with a coil wrapped armature that is centered on two opposing magnets. When the electrical signal passes through them, the armature pivots and transfers the vibration to the diaphragm.

This produces music without too much air movement. This has eliminated the need to build air ducts to avoid too much pressure on the ears while listening. This makes them a better driver. However, it costs a lot more than the dynamic driver.


This term is defined as the electrical resistance in an alternating current circuit. They are measured in ohms, and they are often indicated on the packaging of earphones and other audio devices. Earphones usually have low impedance.

Lower impedance determines how much power you need to power it up. Higher impedance rating means your device needs more power to produce sound.

This will determine if your music player is compatible with the earbuds. Usually, 8-32 ohms works for most players. However, if you plan on using your earphones with more demanding devices such as laptops, or gaming consoles, you may need a higher impedance rating.

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Frequency Response

The frequency response defines how low and how high the earphones can interpret. The lower value represents the bass, and the higher figure tells the highest frequency your speakers can spew. Manufacturers claim to have enabled earphones up to 4hz and as high as 33kHz.

The effective listening range is between 20hz – 20kHz. Lower numbers mean more bass response. However, to hear the lower bass notes, you may need to crank the volume which, substantially, raises the volume for all other frequencies.


The sensitivity defines how loud your earbuds can project sound. A highly sensitive specification will require little power to produce loud sound. Inversely, a low sensitivity specification will require more power to produce sound.

Earbuds usually come between 80-125dB sensitivity. Mobile devices don’t have problem powering this units. This is actually the sweet spot. Lower than this value would require you an external amplifier to get it to work properly. Higher sensitivity poses a danger in playing music that may be too loud and damage your hearing.


The weight of the earphones, length of the cable, and wireless connectivity really depends on your preference. When working on multiple mixers at a studio, longer cables would prove to be worthy. Shorter cable would be less likely to tangle. Wireless connectivity is mostly preferred by active people as it lets them workout without dangling wires.

The weight can be a little trivial for some. However, if you will be using your earphones for extended periods, every point that would make it more comfortable when worn is a plus point.

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Overall, we cannot argue with professional experience Shure SE846-CL can provide. However, it comes with a steep price tag. If budget is not a constraint for you, then there’s no stopping you from getting this model! Although, you may still want a different headset for working out or engaging in water activities.

If you just want something that you won’t mind losing, or buying again, Panasonic RP-HJE120-PPK will give you the highest value for under $10! In case you misplace this pair of earbud, you won’t be sulking for its loss! And you can buy a few reserve sets in case you lose it!

Now, lastly, if you have a decent budget, Sony MDR-XB90EX, although it doesn’t employ balanced armature, it has 16mm dynamic driver that is gives excellent projection of a huge range of frequency with pristine quality.

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