How to use Skullcandy mic on PC (5 Easy Steps)

Are you looking for ways to use your headphone on your PC? If you want to use it as only headphones, you shouldn’t go through much trouble. The difficult part is to use the headphone mic on the PC. Was he wondering how do you do that?

Don’t worry too much now; here, I will tell you how o use Skullcandy mic on pc. I will take you through all the necessary steps to do so. Let’s start things up and solve all your issues with the Skullcandy mic.


Why use Skullcandy headphones on PC?

Well, you may wonder why anyone would want to use Skullcandy headphones on a PC? I mean, there are headphones with microphones that are specifically made to use on PC. So, why these headphones?

There are several reasons for that. One is the fact that you may not have a specific headphone to use on pc. Buying a quality headphone compatible with a PC can be expensive as well. And lastly, sometimes, you don’t want those larger-sized headphones hanging on your ear.

Whereas the Skullcandy headphones are much cheaper and smaller in size. You will be much more comfortable when you have them on. At the same time, you don’t need to bother about having different headphones for your PC and your smartphone. In that aspect, these are the best options that you can go for.

But the only thing that can hold you back is the fact that you can’t use these headphones directly on your PC. You will need to go through some processes. That’s what this discussion is all about.

How to use Skullcandy mic on pc

When you think about Skullcandy headphones, you probably know they come with a single connector jack. I mean, when you use that on your smartphone, one jack is enough for a microphone and headphones. But when you get to a computer, the picture is a lot different.

You have to check whether your computer has an audio port that supports both microphone and speaker or headphone function in a single unit. Usually, laptops tend to have that kind of port. On the other hand, desktop computers will have separate ports for headphones and microphones.

So, if you want to connect your headphones to a laptop, the process is very simple. You just plug in the headphone and adjust the settings on your laptop. Here are the steps to do so –

  1. First, you plug the headphone in the headphone jack of your laptop.
  2. Then, you go into the sound settings of your computer.
  3. There, you will find the available options on the recording tab. The headphone should be enabled there.
  4. Select the headphone name on the tab and set the volume level to your desired settings.
  5. Apply the settings and click ok.

That’s pretty much it for using your Skullcandy headphone mic on your laptop. Once again, this will only work if the laptop comes with a port that is compatible with both headphones and a microphone.

Then, what about a desktop computer that has separate ports for headphones and a microphone? Well, for that, you will need to get a special adapter. These adapters are called headphone splitters. These splitters essentially split that one jack into two parts so you can use them on your PC.

Here’s how it works –

  1. First, you plug your headphone into the splitter.
  2. Then, you can simply plug in both the jacks to use the speakers and microphone on your headphone both at the same time on your PC.
  3. After that, you just go to the sound settings on your computer. There, you will need to adjust the microphone levels and your speaker levels.

That’s pretty much it for using the Skullcandy headphones as a microphone on your PC. You can also use the headphone only as a microphone or as a speaker if you want to use a splitter. For that, you just plug in one jack of whatever you want to use.


Knowing how to use Skullcandy mic on pc just helps a lot when you are in need. It’s much more convenient, and you don’t have to spend extra money on a separate headphone for your PC. And it’s not that difficult to do either. You can quickly solve the issue without going through too much trouble.

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