Dent in Head from Headset and How to Fix

You may have observed it once, if not twice or more. After using your headset for a bit longer and taking it off, you feel a dent in your head. Now the paranoia kicks in. Along with this dent is usually a feeling of light headache caused by the pressure. Is that really a dent in head from headset that you are feeling?

Wearing headphone cannot produce dents in the skull, or change its shape. It is unlikely for the headphone band to dent your head and cause some problems. The pressure from using headphones may cause a temporary dent on your hair, but not on your skull.

It could also be just your hair pressed while wearing headphones, creating that illusion of the dent. Read through this article to learn more about the possibilities.


Can Headphones Dent Your Skull?

Now, an interesting question may pop in your head: Can headphones indent your skull? The short answer to that question is NO. Wearing headphones does not have anything to do with changing the skull shape. To be sure, as soon as you notice an observable dent, it may be best to check out with a doctor, as there may be an underlying condition involved.

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Note, however, that headphones with metal rims, ones which are too tight, may give a slight impression on the skin of your head, but they can quickly go back to normal. After all, the human skull is hard. Regardless of the pressure coming from the headphones they cannot result in a dent in head from headphones.

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The idea is similar to that of people who see marks on the side of their faces the moment they remove their glasses. If the headphones are really tight, the same dent, or mark, will appear. This could take some time to happen, and you even need to wear that right on the same spot each time. Similar to wearing glasses, your skill will eventually adapt, and those dents will eventually disappear.

You may have also encountered similar issues while wearing uncomfortable headphones. The best solution to this problem is adjusting them to the right fit. If it is possible, you may adjust the length of the band, pushing its top off your head, thus reducing head pressure. If you notice that it does not work, and you still feel the tightness, you may want to replace your phones, and get one that is more adjustable and comfortable.

Note that heavy headphones are more prone to creating a dent in your hair. While this is definitely not good, it will not have an impact on your skull, so no worry. A negative effect, however, of this extended pressure, is a headache. If this becomes constant, the best option may be to change your headphones.

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How to Fix Dent on Hair from Using a Headphone?

Rather than a headset dent in your head, what you could be experiencing is headphone hair dent. This usually happens if you wear headphones for an extended period of time. You have two general options in dealing with this. One, you can prevent this from happening, or just remove it right on.

Other effective ways to fix it includes the following:

  • You can opt to loosen the band of your headphones or wear a hat below the headset so that the band will not directly get in touch with your skin.
  • Others also find wearing their headphones at the back of their head rather than on top, thus avoiding pressure on the hair.
  • You may also want to thread your hair and place it right on top of the rest portion of the head. Having your hair beneath the earmuff or headrest portion will make those dents clearly visible.
  • Another option is to wet your hair using a water spray bottle. Once the hair is wet, the dent will also be removed.
  • You may also use hair styling products every time you use and remove your headphones. This will allow you to just style it back just the way you like it.


  1. Will the dent go away?
    As long as the dent in head is not caused by an underlying medical condition, headphone dent will simply go away. After all, it is actually not the skull that has the dent, but just the hair, and the marks that are visible due to the contact of the band with the skin. 

  2. Is it bad to have a headphone dent?
    If you are worrying that it will result in something bad on your skull, there is good news. Our skull is designed to be very hard. Regardless of the tightness of your headphone band, they cannot really dent your skull. However, what could possibly happen is that the pressure and contact will leave an impression on the skin, making it appear like the skull is dented. 

  3. Can headphones affect the shape of your ears?
    In the same way that you notice some marks on your head, you may also notice some impact on your ears when you take your headphones off. However, this is just temporary. It will just return to a stable shape. Once you are an adult, the shape of your ear is permanent. It is just that you may have been wearing your headphones so much that you feel the difference.

Last Words

There is no need to worry about seeing a dent in head from headset. They cannot indent your skull, or change its shape, at all. However, if you notice that there is, indeed a dent somewhere in your head, you may need to see a doctor to check and see that nothing is serious. However, before doing this, you need to make sure that the dent is not just caused by the pressure coming from a tight band of headphones. It could take some time, but trying out various headphones may help you in finding the best one for your needs – one that is very comfortable.

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