Alto Trouper Review, A Bluetooth Enabled Full Range PA System

Perform like a pro anywhere with the best PA system. When it comes to quality and compact PA systems, only a few brands stand out and one of them is Trouper. The Alto Trouper is a professional high-performance loudspeaker system preferred by artists, performers, and business owners. Let’s find out why the Alto out-performs other PA systems when it comes to features, ease of use, and true value for the money in this review.


Pros & Cons


  • Has a compact design, easy to carry anywhere
  • With a built-in mixer
  • With advanced audio technologies
  • Improved shape, clearer output
  • Connects wirelessly using Bluetooth, connects to additional speakers
  • With 3-channel audio inputs


  • Complaints about Bluetooth connectivity
  • Poor bass performance

Review Methodology

Any kind of indoor venue deserves a reliable, high-quality PA system. With the Trouper Alto, you’ll get great power from such a compact PA system. The very first thing you will notice about  the Alto is its size. It is compact, easy to carry, easy to move anywhere and it’s less than 25 pounds so moving it around a venue is not a problem.

The Alto shapes differently than other top PA system models too. The trapezoidal shape is not just to impress, but also helps reduce internal resonance and can improve the overall audio output, vocal and bass-wise. Turn this loudspeaker and you’ll find a rear handle which makes it very easy to handle. You’ll also notice the different channels, mixers, and connectors at the back; proof that this PA system can accommodate different input sources.

What is Alto Trouper?

The Alto Trouper is a convenient and compact PA system. It’s a single-piece loudspeaker developed for different kinds of inputs for all types of indoor or outdoor venues. This is a professional system with a built-in, convenient mixer and is capable of Bluetooth connectivity. From your device, you can stream tracks, music, and tunes using Bluetooth. Also, this is one of the best Trouper PA system models and boasts of the brand’s top audio technologies like Truesonic plus the Black Series audio reinforcement systems. If you’re looking for a small-venue system at the best price, then the Alto could be the best PA system for you.

Alto Professional Trouper



The Alto is a PA system that’s ready for any indoor or outdoor event, but will only produce the best results in a smaller venue. It has a good shape for better sound production, with a built-in mixer to accommodate different inputs from different sources, and is very easy to transport. It is also equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology; therefore, you can guarantee great wireless performance. The Alto has impressive features and good looks. This is why it’s one of the favorites of performers and professionals.

Key Features of Alto Trouper

Great design and shape

The trapezoidal shape is unique and striking. But this shape helps reduce internal resonance which results in clearer, better, and cleaner outputs. The upper bass ranges and vocals are easily captured, but some say that the lower bass end may not be as good. This is why many use the Alto with other loudspeakers like a subwoofer for better bass reproduction.

With a built-in mixer

No need to connect to a mixer as you got one built-in inside an Alto. This PA system comes with a 3-channel mixer with a 2-band EQ for every channel. The built-in mixer also comes with an RCA and XLR plus ¼ and 1/8 – inch connectors that will let you connect any kind of audio input source. Connect your TV, Blu-Ray, DVD, home theater system receiver, or your PC to this loudspeaker and capture everybody’s attention.

Compact, easy to take anywhere

Turn this speaker backward and you’ll find a convenient handle. This rear handle helps you hold this almost 25 pounds speaker and transport it anywhere. You can also mount it permanently in an indoor or outdoor venue as it comes with a mounting socket and a pole socket.

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Connect wirelessly using Bluetooth

This loudspeaker comes with convenient Bluetooth and thus, any Bluetooth-compatible device can connect to the Alto. You can easily pair up to two linked units to this loudspeaker and still enjoy clear, clean audio.

There are some complaints about how Bluetooth keeps on cutting in and out for this device. Some also found it hard to pair with this Bluetooth speaker and are not so happy about wireless connectivity despite being impressed with the speaker’s other features.

Will connect with other speakers

Although this loudspeaker comes with a two-way 200-watt bi-amp system, large woofers, and driver, you can enhance this speaker’s performance by connecting it to any loudspeaker or subwoofer. Enjoy clear and reverberating bass when you connect this to a powerful subwoofer. Of course, proper speaker room placement is also very important.

Easy to mount and dismount

This loudspeaker may be mounted from its stand mounting socket permanently or temporarily for an event or venue. You can also use its pole socket to attach it to a ¼-inch pole so it can stand on the floor or mounted on a wall. Dismount is also easy as you simply detach it from the wall or a floor mount and keep it when not in use.

Good sound quality

Sound quality varies depending on different factors. The Alto produces loud and clear results. The frequency ranges from 65 to 20,000 Hz, with a maximum peak performance of 120 dB-SPL @ 1M. Because of these, we recommend this speaker to small venue users, home theater users, and so on.


The Alto Trouper has a lot of great features and has an impressive design. It may have some flaws, especially regarding its Bluetooth connectivity issues, but overall, it is a good PA system to check out especially for small indoor or outdoor venues. We recommend the Alto Trouper for professional use as well.

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