What can you do when JBL Headphones Not Charging properly?

Picture this, you are out on a walk in the morning and listening to music on your JBL headphones. But in the middle of the road, it stops playing music and runs out of battery. Later you find out that it’s not even charging correctly. So, what can you do when JBL headphones not charging properly?

Well, first, you have to figure out why isn’t JBL headphone charging properly. There are several reasons for this problem to happen. It can be dirt stuck on the charging pins or damaged charging pins. The charger contacts and cables can also be an issue. The fix you opt for depends mainly on the cause of the problem.

Now, this little information is undoubtedly not enough to give you the proper solution to this. That’s why I recommend going through the complete article to find your answers. Let’s jump right into the fixes you should try without wasting any more time.

Fixes for JBL headphones not charging properly

Here’s the thing: finding out why your headphones do not charge properly can be troublesome. The best thing to do is you can try out the fixes one by one. Just go about them one at a time, and one of the fixes should indeed work.


Check on the charging pin or charging port.

First, you have to check whether the charging pin or charging port for your headphone is working properly or not. It would be best to look for any physical damage to the charging hardware.

If you are using a headphone, then you should check up on the port. Look out for dirt or debris stuck on the port as well. And if you are using earbuds, you will need to check on the charging case. The pins sometimes get damaged, or dirt gets stuck there.

Now, if you see any dirt or debris on the port or the pins, you can start cleaning it up. Use a cotton bud or anything small to clean up the pins and ports.

And if there is any damage to the pins or ports, you can go for two fixes. You can either try to fix them by yourself or opt for an expert to get them replaced.

Check up on the charger.

A lot of the time, your charger can be the main issue for this problem. If the charger is causing this issue, then you will need to change the charger or repair it.

Here, you will have to deal with two things. One is the charger adapter, and the other is the charging cable. Ensure you use the proper adapter and cable you usually get with the headphone packaging. You will also need to determine if the adapter is the issue or the cable.

If the adapter is causing the problem, you can get a replacement adapter with the same voltage and current. As for a damaged cable, you can get a similar cable that you already have. Just make sure that the jack is the same as your charger port.

Usually, the JBL headphones use a micro-USB cable for charging. So, you can easily get a replacement cable as micro-USB cables are readily available out there.

Resetting the headphones

Sometimes the headphones or earbuds not charging properly can result in a software bug. You may need to reset your headphones and get them working again to fix that issue.

Now, resetting your JBL headphones should be pretty simple. Even though different models will use different methods, most have a basic process you can follow. Here’s what you can do to reset your headphones –

  • First, turn off your headphones or earbuds.
  • Then, you may need to hold down multiple buttons simultaneously for about 10 to 20 seconds. Usually, it’s a combination of the power button and volume buttons. This will vary depending on the model, so I suggest checking out the manual for this option.
  • When you press down on the buttons for a while, they should make a sound, and then you have to release them. This should reset your headphones to their original state, fixing any bugs.

Once again, I suggest checking out the manual for resetting your headphones or earbuds.

If you get to know the specific reason right away, you can easily fix the problem. So, try finding out why the JBL headphones fail in charging. If you can’t find the reason, you should try the solutions individually.


To conclude these whole JBL headphones not charging topic, I can say the fixes are pretty straightforward. And there aren’t too many issues that can cause the problem, so you won’t have to spend hours troubleshooting it.

The only worry is if any of the charging hardware gets damaged somehow. Because then you might need to get them repaired by professionals or replace them with a new one.

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