How to wear Skullcandy earbuds? ( All You Need to Know! )

I just got a new pair of Skullcandy earbuds? Well, congratulations then. Among many different things with this earbud, a troublesome thing to come across is wearing the earbuds properly.

Keeping up with that, I will take you through how to wear Skullcandy earbuds. So, if you are going through some trouble with wearing the earbuds, stick to this article till the end.


I am wearing Skullcandy earbuds properly.

What do I mean when I say wearing earbuds properly? Well, it just means getting the perfect fit in your ears. As you would already know, earbuds are so tiny that they can easily fall off your ears. Without a proper fit, you will surely struggle to keep the earbuds on your ears.

To get the proper fit, you will have to follow the exact procedure of wearing the earbuds. So, let’s get going with the steps –

  • Step – 1: Finding the right side

If you are running on stereo audio mode, then you must use the right side of the earbuds. Usually, earbuds will have two sides labeled on them. One is correct, and one is left. You have to make sure you use the right earbuds on the correct ears.

This means you will need to use the right earbuds on your right ear and the left one on your left ear.

  • Step – 2: Using the proper foam tip

With your Skullcandy earbuds, you probably get multiple foam tips of different sizes. To get the perfect fit in your ears, you will need to choose the correct size for the foam tip. Which foam tip you use depends on what feels more comfortable in your ears and fits perfectly.

The good thing is to start with the medium foam tip and see how that feels. If it’s too tight, you can go with the smaller ones, and if it’s too loose, you can go with the larger one.

  • Step – 3: Check the fit

After going through all that, you can simply insert the earbuds in your ears and check the fit. You can try moving around or maybe even jump a little to see whether the earbuds come off right away or not. Ideally, they shouldn’t come off.

Now, typically, these are the basic steps you need to go through for wearing your earbuds properly with the perfect fit. But still, if you find it difficult to fit in your ears, then you may have to go for different earbuds.

Having said that, there is something you can try out as a secondary method to wear earbuds. You will need to find a medium for fastening the earbuds into your ears. While this won’t be the most convenient of options for wearing the earbuds, they can do the job for sure.

It’s to use a headband or a hat and attach the earbuds onto them. Then, all you do is wear the headband or the hat, and there you will have your earbuds as well. This way, you don’t have to worry about your earbuds falling off your ears.

Frequently asked questions

Often you will come across some common questions regarding Skullcandy earbuds. Here I will answer some of them for you –

  • How to stop earphones from falling out of your ears?
    The reason earphones don’t stay in your ears is simply because of the wrong fit. If they don’t fit your ears, they will also fall off of your ears. You just need to find the proper earbud tip to stop that from happening.
    Usually, the earbud tips are replaceable and come in different sizes. Choosing the right size and fit solves the problem.
  • How do you wear Skullcandysesh earbuds?
    Well, it’s very simple. You just pull up your ears a little insert the earbuds. Make sure the tips are pointing downwards, and you are using the correct side on the correct ear. Usually, pressing the earbuds gently should give you a proper fit without any issue at all.


In short, knowing how to wear Skullcandy earbuds isn’t rocket science, yet it can be tricky at times. You may even get frustrated with the fact that why it keeps falling out of your ears. That’s why knowing the proper method is essential so you can avoid that frustrating issue altogether.

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