Element TV remote not working. (The Tips That Works!)

It’s a nail-biter when your TV remote won’t function as it should. Before you bang the remote against a rigid surface out of frustration, wait and ask yourself – Why is my Element TV remote not working?

So, here’s the deal. When this issue starts, the first step is to review the existing batteries. You can opt for replacing the batteries once this faulty performance starts. However, sometimes, merely changing the batteries doesn’t do much. So, what then? Well, there may be some service interruption, disconnection, pairing issues, or perhaps wear and tear of a few buttons.

But hey! Don’t break into a sweat just yet. Even though the list of Element TV problems and their causes are hefty, we have solutions for all of them! So, hold onto your Element remote and skim through this article to identify what went wrong.

When your Element TV remote malfunctions, lags or acts up in general, the underlying issues could be in the devices or their components.

Worry not. In the following sections, we will target and provide solutions to that one question that’s been playing with your head – ‘why won’t my element tv turn on?’ So, read on!


1. Issues In Receiver Or Remote

Generally, when your Element Roku TV remote’s not working, the first place to check is the remote itself or the receiver. With the remote, the issue may lie within the batteries. Replacing the batteries should do the job. Next, you’ll need to ensure that the remote is connected to the receiver. Here’s how you can do that.

First, you can run the power cycle by turning off the TV and the reviewer. Unplug all of its associated devices from the power source and let them be for a few minutes. Next, reconnect all the devices, restart your Roku TV, and inspect if the Element remote functions seamlessly.

2. Review The Infrared Light

The IR is the vital connection between your TV and the remote. One of the crucial reasons for the Element TV not turning on is when the IR malfunctions.

To check if that’s the case, utilize a digital camera or phone’s camera. Point the Element remote towards the camera, aim the IR end and select any button. If you notice the diodes blinking, the IR is operating, and if not, you might need to replace the remote.

3. Disconnect The Remote

Generally, when the remote disconnects, it leads to a service interruption or cable disruption issue. You can fix these by reconnecting any loose cables or trying to operate the remote within its given range. Ensure that there’s no blockage between the TV and the remote too.

However, more often than not, the most effective is resetting the device. So, ‘how do I reset my element TV remote?’ – You ask?Here’s how!

  • Step 1: Remove the batteries.
  • Step 2: Unplug and turn off the receiver for ten seconds.
  • Step 3: Re-plug the devices to restart them and replace the batteries once the remote has restarted successfully.

And that’s as simple as it gets! Trust us, knowing how to reset the Element TV remote is handy as you can apply it after each troubleshooting.

4. Check The Setup Mode

Sometimes, the remote’s modes could change or malfunction for various reasons. At this point, there would be no option left for you but to know how to program the Element TV remote.

Don’t worry; we’ve got you on this too! Check the steps below for reprogramming.

  • Enter the Setup Mode by pressing and holding down the Setup button until the IR comes on.
  • Select the device button on your Element remote that you’d like to operate. The IR should flicker once and remain switched on.
  • Utilize the numerical buttons on the remote to enter the needed codes. The IR should turn off at this point.
  • Point the remote at the TV and test the buttons to see if they operate seamlessly.

5. Check The Buttons

If the volume, channel, or home button on the Element TV remote’s not working, you’ll need to reset the remote. Simply remove the batteries from the remote’s rear and wait for approximately ten seconds before restarting the receiver and device.

Once the receiver restarts and the home screen display comes in, insert back the batteries and check for smooth operation.

6. Clean The Roku Element TV Remote

Your remote picks up every sort of dust and debris from its surroundings. Some of this debris will accumulate under the keypad over time.

Thus, making the buttons inoperable. At this point, no amount of element tv troubleshooting will work. So, to clean the remote, take out the batteries, then hard press all the buttons sequentially. Finally, utilize hot air blowers to eradicate the dirt.

7. Issues With Changing The Channels

Occasionally, the remote and receiver might look fine, but the channels won’t change as commanded. First off, you can try to change them via the +/- button and try to flip through the channels manually. Ensure that all the channels are available.

Next, click the Menu button and select TV Guide Main Menu. Locate and choose the Setup option and look for the No Auto-Tune option. Turn off this setting and exit the menu. Review all the channels along with the element tv power button. If the remote still doesn’t operate, run a Power Cycle.


Now, we know all of this sounds a bit challenging. But hear us out. All of these issues will not bombard you altogether suddenly. We’ve tried to cover every possible reason and solution for the Element TV remote not working.

But in hindsight, it will also require the user to analyze what went wrong and implement the correct troubleshooting method perfectly. Luckily, the indicators for any of the mentioned issues are, most of the time, quite clear. Phew!

However, even after applying all of the troubleshooting steps we’ve discussed, if your element remote’s still not functioning, perhaps you’ll need to replace it with a new remote or reach out for professional help.

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