Vizio TV Won’t Turn Off: How to Fix It?

Probably, you’re watching an excellent movie, and the power goes out. You turn the TV off, but it turns right back on when you try to change the channel. Or you would like to turn off your TV, but it won’t. So what should you do if your VizioTv won’t turn off?

Firstly, you can check your connection, and if you find any loose issues with coaxial connections, ensure to tighten it. If your internal memory has been damaged, change your TV’s internal memory. If none of those issues, you must equip your power cycle of the Vizio TV.

In this article, I’ll also share how you can fix this issue and stuff like that regarding it. Read on!


Why has My Vizio TV Won’t Turn Off?

It’s not uncommon for your TV’s power button to stop working or stop responding. Still, it’s strange that the power button stops working while trying to turn off your TV.

You should know about the causes – why does my Vizio TV keep turning off? Your Vizio TV might grey out or freeze due to installing an update, or there could be something wrong with some of the settings within your television settings.

If you are trying to turn it off and it won’t, something might be wrong with your power button. It may cause by a software update, and it could be something wrong with your power button.

Sometimes you may have your Vizio TV keeps turning off automatically. Some may face their Vizio TV shuts off randomly.

Others may have their Vizio TV turned on and off immediately and more issues. Let’s fix it.

How Can You Fix When Vizio TV doesn’t Turn Off?

Here are some of the solutions you can fix when your TV does not turn off:

Check Connections

When you’re having trouble with your Vizio TV, the connections leading to and from your Vizio TV may be to blame. Then it would help if you tightened the coaxial connections. Then you should firmly press any HDMI, component, or composite video cables connecting to your TV. If the issue does not resolve, check the signal on your TV to see if the blue screen goes away.

Release Internal Memory

Your Vizio TV can malfunction if your internal memory becomes corrupted. To operate your TV again, you must discharge it and unplug it for 30 seconds. After that, plug your TV back into the electrical outlet for 30 seconds to check for the issue.

Change Input Of Your TV

Your TV’s HDMI input may be malfunctioning, causing your TV to shut down unexpectedly. Press the “Input” option on your remote to evaluate the HDMI ports, and select one that restarts your TV. Try alternate HDMI ports until you get one that displays the display screen and power the Vizio TV off.

Power-Cycle Vizio TV Equipment

To reduce severe errors specifically, make sure you unplug your TV and its devices from the electrical socket and its power supply. Unplug your TV and then plug it back in.

Then turn it on to see if it won’t turn on. Pay attention to what your TV shows you and if a blue screen or error messages pop up.

Vizio TV Turns On and Off Repeatedly – How to Fix It?

If Viziotv shuts off randomly and turns on, you can follow the steps to solve the issue:

Reset Your Vizio TV

Firstly, you should turn off your Vizio TV. Then, unplug your TV, tap the power button on the back of it, and press it for at least 30 seconds. Please leave it unplugged for a minimum of 10 to 15 minutes. Then plug it in again and turn it on.

Change The Factory Settings

If you have tried the above fixes and they don’t seem to work, then the best thing you can do is reset your Vizio TV back to factory settings. Before doing this, you must save your settings from restoring them once the process is complete.

To begin with, only do this step if you are sure there are no problems with your HDMI connection or other cables. Otherwise, it could be a problem with those and not a software issue.

Go Through a Firmware Update

If none of the above steps work on your Vizio TV, you need to update its firmware. You can do it only if your TV can connect over Wi-Fi.

Plug Vizio TV Directly Into The Wall

If your Vizio TV doesn’t turn on directly, then there could be something wrong with the cable that you’re using. If that’s the case, try plugging it into a different port. If it still doesn’t work, try plugging it into the wall directly instead of using an adapter.

Avoid Excessive Heat

This is a common problem, primarily if you use it in a small room. To prevent this from happening, ensure enough ventilation or use cooling fans when necessary.

You can also reduce the power of the processor, and you can avoid more heating and get bright, sharp, good color contrast output from the TV.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q):

1. How Do I Manually Turn Off My Vizio TV?

You should find your TV’s power button to turn it off manually. If you do not know where the Vizio TV power button is, sit facing your Vizio TV with your hand at its bottom-right corner. Move your hand behind the TV, on the component line right below it.

Just above the HDMI ports for HDMI cable cords. The power switch for your Vizio TV is someplace near this spot.

2. Why Does My Vizio TV Turn On After I Shut It Off?

CEC is a feature that makes VIZIO TVs responsive to commands sent from other devices through HDMI. If this is the case, you will most likely resolve it by navigating the menu on your remote and choosing System, then CEC. Make sure the CEC characteristic turns off.

Final Words!

If your Vizio TV doesn’t turn off, you can do a few things to fix the issue. I have already explained how you can solve it. Or you can turn off the TV by unplugging it from the wall and then turning off the power.

You can also check other options. If you try all those steps but still face this issue, you must contact customer support immediately.

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