What to do when the TV has no sound but is not muted either? Let’s find out.

Imagine this, you are watching TV at your home in peace, but suddenly there is no sound. It’s only natural that you would wonder why your tv has no sound but is not muted. When it’s muted, you already know why the TV has no sound. The real issue was when you didn’t mute the TV volume yet, and we’re not getting any sound.

There are several reasons for this to happen. One can be the wrong sound settings on your tv. Or it can be some issues with the speakers of your TV. Something plugged into the headphone jack can also cause this problem. The best part is that you can get fixes for all of these problems.

So, if you are facing this problem with your tv, then I have got the perfect fixes prepped up for you. Let’s get on with it right away.


Solutions for fixing no sound on TV

Here, I have some troubleshooting steps or fixes that you can try in general to solve the issue of no sound on your TV. There isn’t any specific solution that will work every time. So, you may need to try these by one and see which one fixes the problem.

1. Checking the volume of your tv

Well, a very common and obvious thing to try out is checking up on the volume level of your tv. Sometimes the volume can be pretty low, so you end up having no sound on your tv. Just turn up the volume of your tv and see whether it’s this simple issue or not. If not, then you can move on to the other fixes.

2. Check if something is plugged into the headphone jack

Sometimes you might have something plugged into the headphone jack of your tv. In that case, the audio from the tv will go into that device. It can either be speakers or headphones.

So, check whether anything is plugged into the headphone port of your tv or not. If it’s plugged in, remove the jack, which should fix the problem.

3. Problems with cable connections

Another issue that can cause your tv to have no sounds is a problem with the cables. Whether it’s the HDMI cable, Optic cable, or just the RCA connection, any problem with the cable or even the connection will result in no audio.

Especially when you are using external speakers, this is a very real possibility for you to have no sounds on your tv. Things like damaged ports, cables, or loose connections can be responsible for this problem.

To fix the problem, you can replace the damaged parts, whether the cable or the port. Or you can try removing the connection and putting them back in, which should be fine.

4. Changing the audio input

A lot of the time, people ignore the audio input feature of their tv. Some people don’t even know that they somehow changed the audio input of their tv. The audio input usually decides from what device you will get the audio. It can be from the tv speakers or the external speakers.

Now, let’s say you selected the external speakers but didn’t turn them on or plug them in. Then, you will obviously get any audio from your tv whatsoever. So, whenever you are using your tv, you will need to check up on the audio input you are using.

Select the right audio input for your tv that you are using as your primary audio device. Also, remember that the audio input can stay disabled at times. So, you have to ensure that it’s not disabled at any point.

Usually, you will find that in the tv audio settings under the header of audio input. From there, select your desired audio input device.

5. Updating firmware

Here’s the thing, sometimes, with smart TVs, there is an issue with updates. When software bugs are on your TV, the developers will release updates for your tv firmware. The bugs related to the audio settings of your tv can be an issue of no sound on the TV.

In this case, you will need to do the firmware updates on your tv, which should solve the problem of no audio on your tv.

Typically, these are the most common fixes to try out. Other than that, you can always go for a factory reset. Just go to the settings on your tv, and there you should find the factory reset option.


To sum it up, whenever you find that the tv has no sound but is not muted either, you can try out the fixes one by one. I am sure one of them will work in your case, depending on what’s causing the problem. So, find out why the audio is not working and then fix the problem based on that.

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