JBL Flip 4 Not Charging, How To Fix It

Nothing feels better than getting to experience blasting concert-quality music right at home with your portable speakers. But, often, all hell might break loose when your JBL Flip 4 is not charging even though you’re doing everything right!

The truth is, your JBL Flip 4 might refrain from charging for several reasons. However, the defect often lies within a faulty battery or when the device is left in abnormal or unfavorable temperatures. Moreover, reviewing the device’s charging cables and port is necessary to understand what went wrong and why.

But hey, you don’t have to be a tech-geek to fix these issues! Luckily, we’re here to guide you through some of the most common JBL Flip 4 issues, causes and troubleshooting so that you can enjoy top-notch music anywhere and anytime!

It’s a given that multiple mechanical components within the JBL speakers could malfunction, combined or as an individual. However, when your JBL Flip 4 not charging, how should you understand?

Well, read on to know all the signs, symptoms, and solutions to each problem. You can rectify these issues in a blink with a few trials and errors!


Battery Issues

You could often encounter JBL clip charging problems like any other electronic device. However, you can try a different charging port or unit before concluding that the battery is a complete goner.

Often due to rectifiable adapter issues, the battery’s charge could drop. On the other hand, if you confirm that the batteries are damaged, you can opt for a replacement via any authorized dealer. Fortunately, JBL Flip 4 comes with replaceable battery slots; thus, the replacement shouldn’t strain the device.

Configuration Problems

JBL Flip 4 comes with a pre-configured setting. However, there remains a chance that the configuration settings could affect its battery lifespan. And the issue within the configuration could occur as they’re prone to external bugs in the software.

Thus, you’ll need to restore the JBL’s default settings to remove the bug when you notice charging issues due to configuration issues. All you need to do is press the multi-functional button and hold it down for a few seconds for the reset.

As the LED turns on, you can release the button. You can also reset the Bluetooth pairing on the device to be safe and charge the device.

Faulty Charging Cable

Now, some of the first places to inspect when your JBL Flip 4 battery is not charging are the charger or its cable. When there’s a hardware issue within the micro-USB charging cable, your JBL will face inconsistency during charging.

You can switch to another cable if you confirm that the cable is faulty. Sometimes, a wobbly end or corners of the cable could also lead to the such battery and charging issues. In either scenario, replacement is critical in solving the problem.

These cables often go through generic wear and tear; therefore, replacing or finding the issue shouldn’t be a huge hassle.

Charging Port Problems

The charging port in your JBL Flip 4 speaker also goes through most of the wear and tear. It accumulates dirt from the surrounding, which can prevent the device from charging altogether.

So, if you notice a layer of debris in the charging port, gently clean it with a safety pin without exerting unnecessary force. However, if there’s water damage to the port, you can dry up the area by blowing air via a hairdryer.

Faulty Circuit

Hardware and circuit damage are also standard in JBL Flip 4. Since the device acquires its primary power from the circuit, the battery will not charge properly when there’s a power cut within this chain. You can review the circuit to be certain when your JBL clip is not charging for such reasons.

If the circuit seems faulty, you need to acquire professional help to fix the JBL Flip 4  speaker and the circuit power.

Outdated Software

Sometimes when all the external charging components seem fine, you need to review the software. When asking yourself, “why isn’t my JBL speaker working?”,  never rule out that outdated software could also lead to charging issues.

Ensure the device has the latest software without the bugs and reset it to regain its charging lifespan.


It’s a no-brainer that nobody can beat JBL Flip 4 speakers in the market. From its highly stylish exterior to the convenience of listening to music whenever JBL hits all the bullseye with seamless performance. This is why some of us easily break into a sweat when we notice our JBL Flip 4 not charging.

But, now you know about all the possible reasons for it and the best part – how to fix them! The trick is first to understand the root cause of the issue and then implement a solution dedicated to the faulty component.

Otherwise, the troubleshooting steps might not work altogether. Now, get on with it, and don’t delay humming to your next favorite melody.

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