Imax Enhanced TV (Explained In Detail)

Ready to elevate your cinema viewing and streaming parties to a new level? To be fair, as cutting-edge cinematic technologies span out to more homes, the experience that mere TVs used to give us even a decade ago has multiplied into something so futuristic that most of us are still lagging.

Luckily, this informative article will enlighten all at-home viewers who need that little ‘kick’ in life and want to up their TV game. The best part is it’s all possible with the new and improved Imax Enhanced TV. But how and why?

Read on to know all those details! Whether you’re an avid streamer or love to Netflix and chill on weekends, here’s how the Imax Enhanced TV can quite literally become the only gear you’ll need for a unique experience right at home!


What is IMAX enhanced TV?

All thanks to Disney+, now there’s a new method that we can opt to watch the Marvels; the Imax Enhanced method. Imax Enhanced is developed via DTS and Imax Corporation, which is a certification program.

It’s aimed at consumers who want top-notch sound and picture quality by combining the expertise of content creators and device makers. The viewing perspective portrays larger pictures with sound and better quality than the standard options. Imax Enhanced actually possesses complex sets of audio and video standards.

And this renders the studios to bring us crystal clear picture definition at home. The Imax part within the Imax Enhanced is what sets it apart. Movies or videos shot via this technology use unique high-grade cameras and different frame shapes and aspect ratios.

One of the best-highlighted works of Imax Enhanced TV is the movie Zack Snyder’s Justice League, and it’s safe to say the viewing experience for that movie is unlike most others in the industry.

Is IMAX enhanced better than 4K?

The significant difference between Imax and 4k lies in the widescreen format, where the aspect ratio sets them apart. With Imax, you don’t get to see the black bars at the bottom and top of the TVs; thus, the widescreens appear to be even larger than the standard ones.

On the other hand, compared to 4K, Imax Enhanced has lower audio and bitrate quality while watching a movie. And the most noticeable quality feature that sets them apart is the sound difference. Generally, streaming blend well with on-the-go devices and laptops. Thus, the audio quality might be poorer.

However, even the slight deterioration in the sound quality is negligible and unnoticeable by most. But hey, if you’re an audiophile who spent rigorous hours working with such devices, you’ll be able to tell them apart.

Furthermore, video quality is also better in 4K editions as the bitrates are higher than the Imax Enhanced TV. So, it all boils down to your preference and give and take between audio-visual quality and screen size. Which one is your absolute must-have feature preference? Go with that.

Can you watch IMAX enhanced on any TV?

At this point, it’s evident for users to wonder, ‘do I need a new TV for IMAX enhanced?’ Well, it’s a no-brainer that Imax Enhanced welcomes some upgrades for you to enjoy its full-blown experience. Luckily, you don’t necessarily require any Imax-certified device to watch such high-quality content on TV.

You can enjoy its main features such as crystal clear picture and comprehensive aspect ratio on TV.

But, you would probably miss out on some other features and optimization technologies such as the Imax Signature Sound and Imax Mode selections if you don’t purchase a TV that complements these options.

So, the good news is that if you’re looking for the entire Imax Enhanced ecosystem experience, a few devices can deliver top-tier and accurate performance, such as the Onkyo, Marantz, Denon, TCL, Hisense, and Sony TVs.

Moreover, Imax Enhanced has a few selections that nobody should miss out on, especially their speakers, AVRs, projectors, and certified TVs.

Imax Enhanced Compatible TVs:

As we keep moving along this article of understanding everything about Imax enhanced TVs and how they work, you will realize that the selection for these compatible TVs isn’t necessarily extensive.

However, even with this smaller selection, you can achieve the cinematic experience you’ve been craving for so long without spending an arm and a leg on movie theaters. So, without further ado, let’s look at a few renowned options of compatible TV for Imax Enhanced.

Imax Enhanced TV LG

The good news is that the upgraded LG has unveiled its soundbar line-up with Dolby Atmos, DTS, and Imax Enhanced.

According to the company and loyal users, LG has implemented fine up-firing center channels along with new dimensions in the speakers. Not only that, but the improved features can also assist Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and a comprehensive selection of wireless connections. It’s no wonder that LG is an excellent high-end TV.

Still, along with the addition of Imax Enhanced now, users can live with real-time OLED displays, seamless picture quality, vivid colors and contrasts on screen, and other VRR and HDMI options for personal preferences.

TCL Imax Enhanced TV

The TCL X915 Series has been a fan favorite for its line extension dedicated towards the Imax Enhanced technology. Along with displaying top-tier Imax Enhanced visuals, you will enjoy Onkyo sound bars, 8K UHD, quantum dot, Atmos, and Dolby vision.

The 3D model comes with a stunning state-of-the-art 8K picture quality, which can showcase 33 million pixels of the viewed contents and produce distinct clarity that no other can mimic. But it doesn’t end there.

The Imax Enhanced option in this TV allows top-notch performance that matches all the benchmarks and lets users see every detail with impressive and real-time DTS sound, powerful, immersive, and rich color and contrast. Safe to say, this TCL model, which complements Imax Enhanced, will not disappoint you or undermine what actual Imax Enhanced performance can deliver.

Sony Imax Enhanced TV

Don’t hold back if you want further options to look into with Sony. Some Sony TVs have a selective allowance that lets you experience the Imax magic, especially if it’s from the Bravia edition.

The cameras and features in these TVs are targeted explicitly for the Imax ecosystem in a living room setting with 4K HDR rich and bright picture quality and DTS sound quality that’s so distinctive it can make your heart race in any climax scene.

So, yes, these TVs, along with the benefits of the Imax Enhanced advanced technology, are more than just a tad accurate, to say the least.

Imax Enhanced TV Samsung

Don’t worry about when it comes to Samsung smart TVs, as they’re not far behind either. With Imax Enhanced reaching out to most users and renowned smart TVs, why would Samsung lag behind? With this addition, new viewing modes enable and cater to individual viewing needs.

Moreover, since the aspect ratio is Imax’s most pivotal feature, it can make every single casual and viewing party a fun fest and a memorable experience. The more prominent aspect claims most of the Samsung TV screen’s real estate and enables viewers to watch every single shot and snippet of the cameras that most other versions and technology would miss out on.

The Imax Enhanced TV is a banger on most devices and removes your no.1 concern of display cuts and underwhelming screen sizing.

Imax Enhanced Services:

So far, we’ve seen which appliances and devices complement Imax Enhanced and its outstanding features. But what is it like to watch our regular series and movies on Imax Enhanced?

The experience remains true to its name and really is ‘enhanced’ more than the standard ways and takes you to a newfound world of cinematic value. Keep reading to learn more about how it can change your everyday viewing game for the best.

Imax Enhanced Netflix

Here’s the best news for movie and series fanatics. One of the world’s best innovations is now finally available on the most potential streaming service online, Netflix.

To our greatest joy, the Imax Enhanced mode on Netflix does exactly what it’s supposed to: it brings home the best 4K streaming enjoyment along with audio and visual quality that looks as real as the filmmakers intended it to.

Moreover, the full immersive playbacks also allow top-class optimized performance giving its audience a feel that everything they’re seeing is real-time when it might not be. Amazing, isn’t it?

Imax Enhanced Apple TV

It would be quite unfair if the greatly appreciated Imax Enhanced streaming services didn’t join forces with a brand that has made its way through every home; Apple. Apple TV works on iPhones and other TVs, which is a huge plus for fans of high-definition picture quality.

Not only does Apple TV use innovative color balances, industry-standard specifications, and light sensors to impress cinematographers and viewers globally, but with the addition of Imax Enhanced, it has also made a big boom in the market.

A side-by-side comparison of generic 4K and Imax Enhanced streaming on Apple TV can tell any amateur or expert what they’re missing out.

Imax Enhanced Movies

To date, Disney+ has released over a dozen movies produced and available in the Imax Enhanced streaming format. Moreover, in these movies, the generic aspect ratio has been increased even further to a 1.90:1 ratio which is 26% broader than its predecessor features.

This isn’t only the cherry on top for filmmakers but viewers as well, as it bodes well with all Disney+ users and Imax fanatics. Disney+ subscriptions have multiplied by a mile ever since due to its Imax Enhanced TV implications.

So, here’s the list of a few widely popular movies that have conjoined forces to bring the best quality picture to us.

  • Black Widow
  • Iron Man
  • Avengers: Endgame
  • Captain Marvel
  • Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
  • Eternals
  • Ant-Man and the Wasp
  • Black Panther
  • Thor: Ragnarok
  • Doctor Strange

At this point, viewers are eagerly waiting for Disney+’s subsequent releases, as even in the future, there seems to be high eligibility between Imax Enhanced formats and the company. But will Disney+ limit its potential with Imax Enhanced to Marvel movies? We’ll have to find out.


  1. Is Imax Enhanced worth it?
    Imax Enhanced TVs will not only improve the picture quality for viewers, but it will also leverage a newer version of DTS:X, which brings about real-time sounds and format, unlike any other device or technology. The Imax Signature Sound brings a cinematic sound system alive in living rooms with a dynamic audio range and more profound, richer bass.
  2. How to activate Imax Enhanced?
    To watch and get the Imax Enhanced experience, you can begin by playing a movie of your choice. Simply switch on the movie, and the format will automatically play it in its renowned expanded aspect ratio resolution and mode.
    However, if you’d like to watch it in other standard modes, select it from the Versions tab. You can also choose Imax Enhanced or other widescreen options from the Versions tab.
  3. Which devices support Imax Enhanced?
    Imax Enhanced is mainly available in Asian, Latin American, European, Canadian, and US countries. Most users opt for the Sony Bravia Core editions, but it’s also widely available in Tsutaya TVs in Japan, iQiya and Tencent in China, and Rakuten in Europe. These TVs set high standards for Imax Enhanced 4K HDR options for streaming.


So, when are you getting yourself the Imax Enhanced TV experience? Can you imagine enjoying an actual theater-like HD-definition screening right within the warmth of your home?

Thanks to today’s advanced technology, fast-paced research, and development who put their heart and soul into catering to their consumers, you can! Imax Enhanced TV‘s creators and device makers believed that people don’t necessarily have to leave their favorite couches to live and relive their best movie moments.

Thus, they enabled us with top-tier sound and picture quality through Imax Enhanced content and devices. Moreover, the market is filled with Imax Enhanced AVRs, speakers, TVs, and more, so you can have your personal setup or even the whole ecosystem. Yay!

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