Why your JBL flip 5 won’t turn off? How can you turn it off?

When it comes to Bluetooth speakers, JBL flip 5 is a common pick for a lot of people out there. The sound quality you experience from the Flip 5 is impressive. Now, things get tricky at times when you see that your JBL Flip 5 won’t turn off. I mean, it just stays on and drains all the battery. You wouldn’t want that to happen.

There are two reasons that cause the JBL flip 5 won’t turn off. One is that the JBL flip 5 speaker goes into service mode. Another reason is that there might be a software bug on the JBL flip 5 speakers. Sometimes the speakers can come across this issue out of nowhere.

Just knowing about the problem isn’t going to do anything. That’s why I have this in-detail guide where you get to know about the different solutions to try out.


Causes for the JBL Flip 5 to not turn off.

There are two reasons that your JBL 5 isn’t turning off, one is the service mode, and the other one is bug issues. Let’s know about them a little bit.

The service mode usually takes your speakers into a mode that doesn’t respond to any button on the speaker. Because of this, you can’t turn off your speaker even when you try to. So, if your speaker has accidentally gone into the service mode, you will see that your JBL speakers aren’t turning off. The solution is simple. You get it out of the service model that I will discuss later.

In the bug-related issue, it’s just the speaker facing software bugs. The software bug won’t let the JBL Flip 5 speaker turn off. The easiest solution for this problem is to restart the speaker or reset it.

Typically, you will face these two issues that cause the speakers not to turn off. There might be some other issues, but they aren’t that specific and can happen suddenly.

Fixes to try out when the JBL Flip 5 isn’t turning off

There are several different methods and fixes you can resort to when you find that JBL Flip 5 isn’t turning off. Let’s get through the solutions one by one –

Solution -1: Turning off the service mode

As I said, the first and most common reason for the speaker not to turn off is going into service mode. All you have to do here is get your speaker out of the service mode. Here’s how to do it –

  1. First, you have to connect your speaker to any power source with the USB cable. It can be a power outlet or any other power source.
  2. Then, you have to press the Play and Bluetooth buttons and hold them down for about 10 seconds.
  3. This will get your JBL Flip 5 speaker out of the service mode and operate normally.

That’s pretty much it for the service mode problem on your speaker.

Solution -2: Pressing the power button five times

Another solution you can try out for your JBL Flip 5 when it doesn’t turn off is to keep trying to press the power button.

Try pressing the power button on your speakers four times rapidly. Then, on the 5th time, hold down the button for 10 seconds. Hold the button for 10 seconds. It should turn off the speakers.

Solution -3: Holding down the play and power button together

Another fix you can try out for fixing the issue is holding down the buttons on your speaker together. Make sure you have exited the service mode before trying this fix.

All you have to do is hold down your speaker’s play and power button. You have to hold the buttons down for about 15 seconds. This will turn off the speakers. Then turn on the speakers again and check whether the speaker is working properly.

Solution -4: Go for a factory reset

Now, if you are dealing with software bug issues, the best solution is to do a factory reset. To factory reset the settings on your speaker, you have to follow the steps below –

  1. Pressing the volume down button and power button together on your speaker is how you can factory reset the speaker.
  2. Hold down both buttons together. When the speaker turns off, and you hear the beep sound from the speaker, release the buttons.
  3. Then, wait for a few seconds and turn on the speaker.


Wrapping it all up, whenever you find your JBL Flip 5 won’t turn off normally, you can try out the fixes that I have discussed.

You must first ensure that the speaker isn’t in the service mode. None of the other fixes will work if it’s in service mode. So, make sure to exit the service mode before everything else.

If none of the methods works, you might want to refer to the support for JBL. They can provide you with solutions and fixes.

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