How to fix the Samsung tv volume stuck issue?

Samsung is undoubtedly a fantastic company to look at when it comes to TV. The performance and quality of the tv are reliable for the users. However, there is one issue with Samsung Tv that’s pretty common to see when you see Samsung Tv volume stuck at one level for a while.

Typically, this issue happens because of a lag or overload of memory on your TV. You will notice the volume level getting stuck on the same level as you kept it earlier before turning off the tv. Once you turn on the tv, you can’t change the volume to your desired level. Usually, resetting the intelligent hub or updating the system solves the issue.

I am sure that this little information isn’t enough for you to fix the problem. Here, I will be going into details about the process, so you get the complete solution to the problem. Let’s get on with it.


Why does the volume get stuck on Samsung Tv?

Before you can go ahead with the solutions to try out, you must know why this problem occurs. Several reasons can cause the problem to happen. First, I will take you through them one by one, and then I will move on to the solutions you can try based on them.

Overload of memory

Often, your tv memory can get overloaded when you use plenty of apps on it for a long time. Also, if you have installed too many apps on your Samsung tv, the memory gets overloaded. In that case, you will need to do something to clear up the memory.

Hardware issues

It can happen to any Samsung tv out there if your tv has physical buttons for controlling volume. The button gets stuck up on one volume level and doesn’t move. Usually, any wiring issue or external damage to the buttons can cause this issue.

The remote is not working correctly.

Your volume can also get stuck when your remote control isn’t working correctly. There are various reasons for the remote not to work. Also, if you are not using the remote control that comes with your tv, you may face this issue of volume getting stuck. It’s something you have to keep in mind for the most part.

Non-updated system

If you have a Samsung smart tv, you already know about the other system updates. You will get a lot of system updates regularly. Whenever you don’t install the updates on your TV, you will face many different issues.

Usually, these updates will resolve any issue, including the volume getting stuck, as it can be due to bugs at times.

So, these are the reasons for the problem you may face with your Samsung tv volume. First, you have to figure out what’s causing the problem so that you can fix the issue based on that. Let’s get on with the solutions for now.

Fixing the Samsung tv volume problem

After finding out the cause, you can move on to the following solutions that I am about to discuss. It’s not like you have to find out the reasons. You can try the solutions one by one and get a fix to your volume issue.

Here are the fixes that you can try out –

Resetting the hub

The most common solution to fix the volume getting stuck is resetting the hub. Resetting the hub doesn’t clear up all the information you have set from the TV. It just resets your account information and clears up any caches that may cause this problem.

You can easily opt for this fix on your tv. You have to go to settings, go to the Support menu, and check up on the self-diagnosis. There you should find the innovative hub options and reset them. When you press reset, it will pop up a window where you have to put in the pin for your tv.

Freeing up memory

When your tv memory gets full, it can cause issues like lag or bugs. The volume being stuck is also a result of those lags. So, the easiest solution to try out is simply freeing up the memory.

Here’s how you can free up memory. You need to delete the applications that you don’t use. You go to settings and find the list of the application installed and downloaded on your device to do that.

From the list, you can select the unused apps and uninstall or remove them. Doing this will free up memory on your tv and fix all the lags. This solution should also fix the stuck volume problem on your Samsung tv.

Power cycling

Going through a power cycle on your Samsung tv can also fix the stuck volume issue. It’s almost like doing a soft reset without losing any information or settings stored on your tv.

To run a power cycle, you have to unplug your tv first. Then, keep it that way for about 30 seconds. While keeping it unplugged, hold down the power button of your tv for 10 seconds. This process should reset the power to where no residual power is left. These fix the stuck volume issue.

Factory reset

If nothing works out, you can easily opt for a factory reset to fix this issue. There is a direct option for resetting your tv to factory settings. For the most part, this thing will fix the problem, but it resets all the settings. So, you lose any settings you may have made on your tv.


In summary, Samsung tv volume stuck is something that you will face with your tv a lot. There is a chance that the memory of your tv gets overloaded for quite a while if you install a lot of apps. So, always make sure to keep track of the memory of your tv to avoid this problem.

Regardless of the reasons, the stuck volume issue has some pretty easy fixes that you can try out. It doesn’t take too much work or process to fix the problem on your Samsung TV.

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