How to make headphones louder when using different devices and apps

Headphones are cool, but if these don’t produce good sound, these are close to being useless. But don’t just throw your old, quiet headphone away. We can show you how to make headphones louder, especially when using different kinds of devices and apps. We will give you some tips to increase headphone volume so you can easily listen to music even when you’re outdoors.

If you have the low volume on your headphones, then it’s likely because of the following reasons:

Low volume setting on your headphone device

Sometimes making headphones louder is just simply using controls to increase headphone volume. Some headphones come with independent volume switches and you only need to press or slide to lower or increase the volume. Bluetooth headphones have more advanced controls that you only need to press very softly to adjust the volume.  

Low volume setting on your device or equipment

Different audio equipment has independent volume or tone controls. Devices such as laptops, personal computers, media players, TVs, DVD or Blu-Ray players, and gaming consoles have buttons or remote controls that you can use to adjust the volume. Placing the volume in a low setting will also reduce the volume coming from a connected headphone.

Malfunctioning audio card/components/jacks

PCs and laptops have sound cards that can age or can malfunction. This can lead to problems when it comes to headphone audio and speaker audio as well. To resolve the issue, you need to upgrade or change your computer's audio or sound components. The audio jacks like the headphone out jack can also malfunction.

Usually, you’ll notice that the jack is acting up when you have to turn or press the headphone tip inside the jack for it to work. This makes the condition worse as pressing the headphone tip inside the jack will loosen the component and damage it in the long run.

Dirty headphones

Headphones can also accumulate all sorts of dirt and dust when used every day. Dirt can lodge inside the headphone which can affect the volume output. Also, dirt can seep through the inner parts of the headphone and may corrode delicate components. Therefore, make headphones louder by cleaning your device regularly.

Broken headphones

Headphones are very delicate devices that can break because of general use. The wires near each headphone and the one that terminates to the tip of the jack are very prone to breaks and cuts. Headphones with basic wire materials and designs are very flimsy and oftentimes, just a few uses can lead to low volume, no audio from one ear, or no audio at all. If you have broken headphones, there's no way on how to make my headphones louder other than replacing them.

Your device needs an update

Sometimes low or no volume coming from the headphones could be due to a device update. Devices like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, PCs, gaming consoles, and video players require regular updates. Missed updates can lead to malfunctioning audio and other features. Make the headset louder by making sure that your device OS is regularly updated.

Problems with your hearing

If all else fails, you should plug your headphones into another device to check if it's working properly. If the low volume problem persists, consider having your hearing examined by a doctor to rule out any problems.

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How to make headphones louder?

Here are some techniques on how to make your headphone louder according to the device you are using.

How to make headphones louder Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest OS for PCs and is one of the easiest to learn offhand. How to increase headphone volume in a PC that uses Windows 10?  Make sure that your wired headphone is plugged in the correct headphone jack/output. PCs usually have input and output panels at the front and back, but the headphone jack is usually located at the front for easy access.

Plug the headphone jack securely. If you're using a USB headphone device, plug the USB end into the USB input of your PC. Plugging for the first time will trigger a driver installation for the headphone. Wait for this to finish before using your headphone. But if your headphone does not require a driver, just plug the device and use it.

In some PCs, plugging an audio device like a headphone will open a window that asks you to click the type of device you want to use. Click the box that says “headphone” and you’ll continue to a window that will allow you to test the audio. Make sure that the audio works in both headphones and adjust the volume from here.

Finally, make your headphones louder by clicking the volume controls on the control panel. The volume control is a speaker icon that lets you move the level up or down. You will hear an audible ringing sound to help you adjust the volume according to your preference.

How to make headphones louder PS4

Connect the headphone tip to your DualShock game controller. This PS4 game controller has a 3.5mm headphone jack or port at the back. Make your headphones louder by holding the PS4 Home button from your DualShock controller. Choose the Adjust Sound and Devices from the home menu and select Volume Control. Set it according to your desired volume level.

If the volume is still low or there is no audio from the headset, you must go to the audio settings of the PS4 and make sure that the LVL 6+ headphones are checked. You can find this by going to the PS4 home menu and proceed to Settings, Devices, and Audio Devices. You don't need an adapter to plug your headphone into your game controller.

How to make headphones louder PC

How to make headphones louder on PC? Just like the steps on how to make your headphones louder in a Windows 10 computer, adjusting the volume control in a PC is very simple. If you can’t get a louder volume, then access the volume control settings from the control panel and adjust it according to your preference.

You must also update your system to make sure that your headphone works. Check for the latest updates by clicking Start found at the lower-left part of the screen. Type Update and choose Windows Update. You will get a list of updates from the result; you may choose to update now or schedule these at a later time. Updates usually need you to restart your PC. 

How to make headphones louder on iPhone

Press the volume up or down buttons found on the side part of your iPhone. Press up to increase the volume. You may also adjust the volume using Siri. Another way is to go to the iPhone Settings and select Music. From Music, select Playback and then, go to Volume Limit. Choose this and you'll be on another page where you can see a volume slider control. Place the control to the maximum to make the volume louder.

How to make headphones louder on Android

How to make my headset louder in an Android smartphone? Press the up button on the side of the Android phone to increase headset volume. You may also go to Settings, Sounds and Vibration, and Volume. From this page, you may adjust Ringtone volume, Media volume, Notifications volume, and System volume.

Another way to access the Volume controls in an Android is to press the up or down volume button and collapse the page to get the volume settings for Ringtone, Media, Notifications, and System.

If your headphone is still quiet, try adjusting the volume of the media you are listening to like the volume control found near the play button on a YouTube video and the volume control located at the bottom right of the screen for a Facebook video. You may also download an Earbud volume booster app available from Google Play to enhance the headphone audio.

How to make headphones louder than max

Headphones with separate controls may be adjusted from their built-in volume controls. Those with no independent controls should be adjusted from the device. If the headphone is still malfunctioning, connect it to another device and see if the problem persists.

How to make headphones louder on Chromebook

Chrome headphone volume issues are usually related to hardware or software problems. Update your Chromebook by going to Google Chrome OS and check Updates. If an update is detected, the Chromebook will automatically download it and update accordingly.

If your device has been recently updated, increase the volume by going to the Settings menu and volume control. Use an earphone volume booster like the Volume Booster GOODEV app from Google Play. This is useful for playing audio for movies, music, and audiobooks.

How to make headphones louder Spotify

Spotify is a music streaming app and thus, you can control the volume directly from the app. But if this does not work, adjust the volume of your device. If you’re using a smartphone, adjust the volume from the volume buttons. Press up to increase the volume.

Bottom Line

Now that you know how to make headphones louder using our simple tips, you can troubleshoot your device and test it before buying a new one. With these tips, you can save money, time, and effort in the long run.

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