How To Get Audiophile Sound From Computer

Yes, your computer is great for storing sound files such as movies and music and discovering new content online. Moreover, do you know? Your computer can be a versatile audio component if you put in the effort. It can give you an audiophile sound so that you enjoy whatever you are listening to. Here are tips on how you can get audiophile sound from your computer:

Buy an external digital-to-analog converter (DAC)

Computers use digital-to-analog converters (DACs) to convert sound files into analog signals for the speakers. External DACs are superior as compared to your computer speakers and therefore play more accurate and detailed sound from the computer when plugged in. It bypasses the internal DAC. You can get small DACs that are easily portable for your laptops. You can use them with your speakers or headphones.

Adjust the DACs latency

You will notice a very big difference in your sound quality. Latency settings are usually in values of milliseconds or indicated as Minimal, Normal and Safe on the DACs control panel. Always reset it to Minimal or 1 milliseconds. You will notice that the sound is smoother, more detailed and dynamic. Unfortunately, not all DAC drivers provide room for latency adjustment. If yours does, go for it and enjoy your audiophile sound.

Get quality headphones

Using headphones on your computer is the easiest way to get audiophile sound from your computer, as long as the headphones are of great quality. High-performance headphones are very responsive and offer more sound detail. You can even use headphone amplifiers to boost the headphone’s powers for better audiophile sound. Numerous reputable reviews, among them PC Mag and Wired, indicate that some of the best headphones you can get are the Sony WH-1000XM3, Jabra Elite, Beyerdynamic Amiron, Plantronics Backbeat, and Bose headphones.

Using headphones on computer

When combined with an external DAC, headphones could give you audiophile sound that could blow your mind.

Upgrade your computer’s speakers

While some computers have great internal sound systems, you do not have to settle for the speakers that came with your computer if you want to get audiophile sound. You might want to consider getting a sound system that comes with a subwoofer. The only thing you will have to worry about is maybe the speakers taking up a little bit more space and maybe tripping over speaker cables. But that's a small price to pay for excellent audiophile sound. Besides, you can get wireless speakers that you can connect to the computer through Bluetooth or WiFi.

computer speaker

Get high-quality audio system cables

This is often taken for granted by most people, but it is impossible to get quality sound on digital sound players with generic cables. It is not about using whatever you find, ensure that you get high-quality cables for your audio systems.

Integrate your computer into your home sound system

There are two ways in which you could Integrate your computer into your home sound system. You could opt for wired integration or a wireless one. For wired integration, you will have to use a cable to connect the auxiliary port input on your home sound system to the computer's headphone jack. For improved audiophile sound, it is recommended that you use plugin a DAC into the computer's USB port.

For wireless integration, you will have to have a sound system and a computer that can connect to a WiFi network. This will enable you to stream sound files from your computer to the home sound system through the WiFi network without having to need a multi-room system. There are also wireless DACs that you can plug into your computer’s USB and it will use a wireless transmitter to transmit sound to a signal receiver on the home sound system.

Get a multi-room audio system

Alternatively, you could get a multi-room audio system. There are plenty of wireless multi-room audio systems in the market that you could purchase. Some of the best multi-room audio systems include Sonos and Denon HEOS. These systems use the home network to access the sound files on your computer. You can even stream high-resolution audio files. The best part about multi-room audio systems is that you can easily control them from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet through an app.

multi-room audio system

Download your audio files in high resolution

Even with great sound systems, you can’t get audiophile sounds on your computer if your audio files are of poor quality. Optimize the sound quality of your downloads, and your sound system will complement it. Always check the sound formats and ensure they are high-resolution before downloading. When ripping CDs, always ensure that the sound settings of the program are changed from default to high resolution. On iTunes, you can change the settings on the Preferences tab. Since high-resolution files are usually large in size, you might consider getting an external hard drive so that they don’t take up much space on your computer.

When streaming, use sites that offer high-resolution sounds. It is crucial to ensure that your home network can handle high-resolution streaming without slowing down. Preferably, use ethernet or upgrade your router.

Get rid of the vibrations

You would probably think that vibrations do not affect your sound quality. You will never be more wrong! Ensure that your computer and sound systems are mounted on an anti-vibration platform and place isolation footers under the hard drives and notice the difference in your sound quality. You have to get rid of those vibrations at all costs if you want an audiophile sound

Fine-tune the settings of your audio player software

Finally, always ensure that you fine-tune the settings of your audio player software. Various output methods in the audio software, no matter which one you are using, produce different sound qualities. The choice of output methods, to a large extent, alters the sound quality you get from your computer or audio systems.

You might also want to limit the number of software that are running when you are playing audio files on your computer. No matter how high-speed your CPU is, running so many software at the same time slows down the computer and impacts your sound quality.

(Last Updated On: November 8, 2019)
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