Best Desktop Speakers under $100 – Reviews and Buyer Guide

Are you looking for the desktop speakers under 100 bucks? But hey, maybe spending hundreds of dollars for a desktop speaker is a bit too much for some. For others, paying less than a hundred dollars a reasonable enough for an excellent sonic experience.

We have reviewed the best budget Computer Speakers: $100 or less below. If you are in a hurry you can check out the followings:

For the minimalist, GigaWorks T20 Series II would be a great desktop speaker.

If you are more concerned about the price, Cyber Acoustic’s CA-3602FFP has your back. 

For gamers, Genius SW-G2.1 1250 is a clear choice

Earphones are excellent options for indulging yourself in music. However, using them for long periods can be quite uncomfortable to the ears. Especially in-ear pods, yeah? Sometimes it even gets itchy!

Headphones are an excellent alternative too. However, sometimes, it can be a bit too warm, especially on hot summer days. The drawback is, the smaller headphones sometimes aren’t enough to give you isolated sound experience.

Lastly, it’s difficult to share what you’re listening to with earphones and headphones. If you want to share your music or rest your ears from earphones or headphones, having a desktop speaker is a great choice!

To make things easy for you, here’s a list of 10 of the best desktop speakers under 100 that you can choose from. We have thoroughly reviewed these items to make sure that it fits your preference.


The Top-rated Desktop Speakers under 100 in 2021

best computer speakers

Moving on to the best part! Let’s break these babies down one by one and see if you’re going to like it! Check these out!

1. Logitech Z523

Logitech is a Swiss company that has been established in 1981. Up to this day, they are best known for their mice and other computer accessories that are competitively priced while maintaining high quality. Over the years, they have designed a large selection of peripherals and pride themselves over creating smart devices for home and office use.

Logitech Speaker System Z523


Logitech Z523 Product Specifications

This model is a 2.1 setup with a total of 40watts RMS. This speaker set covers 35Hz, thanks to a 5.25inch subwoofer, up to 20kHz with its 2inch dome speakers. With this range, you can expect to hear the full spectrum of soundwaves with uncompromised quality.

To make this speaker more versatile, they have fitted 3.5mm input and output jacks on the side of the right speaker. If you need to use earphones or plug a different media device, you’ll have easy access.

Unlike the previous versions with the bass dial on the subwoofer, they decided to put it on the dome speakers instead. If you owned a similar model from Logitech, you are probably familiar with the bass control at the back of the subwoofer that is a bit hard to reach, especially if you place your subwoofer on the floor.

The down-firing subwoofer is meant to be positioned on the floor to let the bass waves creep on the floor to feel the music better. Placing the subs just below your desktop will give you a pleasant listening experience with full bass.

The Pros

  • Logitech has been in the market for 2years shy of four decades. That alone is a testimony that speaks of quality and patronage.
  • Input jacks are added on the side of the speakers, which gives you easy access from other devices.
  • The bass dial just below the volume control makes it easier to adjust the low-frequency control equalizer.
  • Downward facing subwoofers allow you to feel while hearing your music.

The Cons

  • Although the dome speakers have wide bases, they still tend to fall when you trip on the computer table.
  • You may need to crank up the bass dial a bit to have a great sound.

2. Creative Labs GigaWorks T20 Series II

Creative started its roots in Singapore in 1981. They had a vision to revolutionize how people use personal computers through their updated and state of the art peripherals. They have designed the Sound Blaster that has been the default IBM PC before Windows 95.

Aside from making PC hardware and other peripherals, they are also well known for producing high-quality speakers. To date, they have expanded their office to their neighboring countries and in the west as well.

 Creative Labs 51MF1610AA002 GigaWorks


Product Specifications

The T20 series is a two-piece speaker set with a reasonable price for its quality. The upright rectangular speaker is made with high-quality plastic, and each is fitted with a mid-range speaker and a tweeter.

Instead of adding the bulk of a subwoofer, Creative chose to go for bigger mid-range speakers to cover the low frequencies. However, the specifications tell us that this set can only go as low as 50Hz up to 20kHz. To compensate for this, they have incorporated the BasXport technology and the glass fiber cone to make the sound fuller to the ear.

Depending on your taste, you can attach or remove the mesh that covers the speakers. If you want the cones exposed, you can easily remove them. For easy access, the company designed it with an input and output jack just below the controls. To make things more interesting, they added a bass and treble equalizer alongside the volume control. This gives you the ability to trim the lows and the highs according to your preferences.

The Pros

  • This company has been in the trade for 38 years.
  • If you have limited space, you don’t have to worry about where to place a subwoofer because the mid-range speakers have it covered.
  • The BasXport technology and glass-fiber cone enhance the listening experience by spewing out fuller mid and bass frequencies.
  • It comes with a dual RCA to a stereo adapter to easily conform to other older devices.

The Cons

  • Without a subwoofer, you may find it lacking the low creeping bass frequencies.
  • Not the best speaker for a big room.

3. Edifier Exclaim Bi-Amped 2.0

“Passion for sound.” That’s Edifier’s guiding principle. The company was founded by music lovers in 1996, and they envisioned to deliver outstanding and exciting music experience through affordable listening devices.

Fast forward to the present, and they distribute to more than 70 countries, including the USA, South America, Europe, the Middle East, and many neighboring countries.

 Edifier Exclaim Bi-Amped 2.0


Product Specifications

Edifier designed this model with a 2.0 system. It has two channels and does not come with a subwoofer. They designed it with a round curvy base fitted with 3-inch mid-range woofers and a rectangular casing attached on top of the base that houses two 1.5inch tweeters.

Both the base and the extended rectangular housing are designed with passive radiators for tight frequency response. This 2.0 speaker system has a total of 38watts RMS, which is more than enough to fill a small office.

The volume and power button can be located on the left side of the right speakers. The speakers stand a bit high on the side of your monitor. Since the speakers are a bit tall, Edifier equipped it with anti-slip rubber footing to make sure they won’t trip easily.

The Pros

  • Edifier thought about the design and made this speaker set with curves and edges.
  • They used two 3inch mid-range speakers to make sure you still get to enjoy creeping bass lines.
  • The anti-slip rubber feet ensure your speakers won’t easily trip when placed on a smooth surface.
  • With a total of four 1.5-inch tweeters, you will surely get that crisp highs.

The Cons

  • It does not have an output jack for easy access with your headphones when you want to isolate the audio to yourself.
  • Instead of a volume dial, Edifier chose buttons to be cohesive with the design. However, dials are easier to control.

4. Genius SW-G2.1

KYE Systems Corp has been in the market since 1983. This company originated in Taiwan and started the Genius brand of computer peripherals in 1985. For more than three decades, Genius has been manufacturing mice, speakers, and other computer peripherals.

Since the brands’ creation, they have been focusing on what users need. They use feedbacks to update and make sure that their inventio is something useful for every user. Today, Genius products can be found all over the world.

Genius SW-G2.1 1250 2.1 Channel Speaker


Product Specifications

SW-G2.1 is designed to fit a gamer’s needs. The speakers are made with rugged design while the cones are highlighted with a metallic red color. This 2.1 system has two dome tweeters and a subwoofer connected to an amplifier with a bass and volume control dial. Unlike most 2.1 speakers with the three-piece unit, this one has a separate control box.

The speakers and amplifier unit are branded with a scorpion and GX, depicting that it is Genius' gaming series speakers. Gamers may require a different setup than most. Since this speaker set is designed for gamers, the trebles are superb. You can easily hook up your headphones or earphones with a microphone just in front of the control box so you won't have to reach behind your CPU.

Genius included a 5.25-inch subwoofer that gives you excellent bass while listening to music or while playing your favorite video game. With the amazing sound clarity, you may hear even the faintest footstep and be ahead of your game.

It has a total of 38 watts RMS and a frequency range response of 58Hz to 20kHz.

The Pros

  • The dedicated control box means that you can reposition your dials near you without bringing the speakers near you.
  • The easy access 3.5mm earphone output allows you to switch from your speakers to earphones on demand easily.
  • The output jacks in front of the control box are easy to access whenever you need to chat with someone while gaming.
  • This company has been in the game for over three decades!

The Cons

  • It would take a huge chunk of space in your table, or shelf, or wherever you plan on putting it.
  • The other room may complain when cranked a bit.

5. GOgroove BassPULSE 2.1

GOgroove understands the current pace of the world. They know that there is a rapid evolution in gadgets and smart devices, and they don't want to be left out! In fact, they want to be evolution! Music is an integral part of the day to day living, and they aim to make people enjoy it to the fullest.

They aim to introduce new different and innovative ways to enhance and enjoy music without breaking the bank. As much as they can, they are trying to integrate the latest technology and keep their prices within reach.

GOgroove BassPULSE 2.1 Computer Speakers


Product Specification

BassPULSE is a 2.1 system that looks like it came from another world. The unique design makes it eye-catching. The speakers are lit with bluish LEDs that pulsates to turn up the mood. If you have dimmable lights at your office or game room, you will get the most out of these speaker lights.

The dome speakers are mounted on a transparent textured acrylic plate. So, basically, you are looking at an acrylic plate with an eye-like image etched on it.

The volume control and bass EQ can be found in front of the subwoofer. Also, you get a pulse button that controls the intensity of the LEDs.

In total, you get a lighted speaker that emits 40watts RMS. This speaker can go as low as 80Hz and as high as 20kHz. If you are into the mood speaker lights, you can always turn it off.

The Pros

  • The blue LEDs kind of sets the mood while gaming.
  • The unique design is eye-catching and brings you to a different world.
  • This product comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Turning off the lights will give you an otherworldly experience in front of your computer.

The Cons

  • If you are not into mood lights or gaming, maybe this is not your jam.
  • The low frequencies are quite a bit short.

6. Creative Inspire T12 2.0

Although Creative has been globally known for decades now, they still haven’t given up on their vision. Creative still strives with its best to deliver affordable peripherals without compromising quality. Aside from their affordable selection, they also make top-tier peripherals for gamers.

Creative Inspire T12 2.0 Multimedia Speaker


Product Specification

Inspire T12 2.0, as the name suggests, is a 2-piece system. It does not come with a subwoofer. This rectangular speaker that measures 7.09 inches tall, 2.8 inches wide, with a depth of 3.86 inches. It’s a neat space-saving speaker that works best if you’re out of real estate on your computer table.

It comes in black with aux input, and headphone out in front, just below the volume dial. The power input and 3.5mm input is located at the back of the right speaker.

To compensate for the lack of a subwoofer, Creative Labs fitted this device with their very own BassFlex technology to add some low-frequency punch. Although, you cannot expect the punch of a subwoofer from this small device. But for its size, it’s amazing how much power and clarity you would get in a decent-sized room.

The Pros

  • For its size, it’s a decent speaker that fills up a moderate-sized room or office.
  • The price range of this speaker is well worth the quality.
  • Inspire T12 won’t take much space on your table.
  • It has a convenient plug for aux input and headphone out for private listening.

The Cons

  • You may need to crank up the volume to at least 12 o’clock position to hear the bass at its fullness.

7. Cyber Acoustics CA-3602FFP 2.1

Passion, integrity, heritage. That’s what Cyber Acoustics is all about. They have been in the audio device making industry since 1996 and still delivers great products with competitive prices and uncompromising quality. It’s unbelievable how they produce quality for an affordable price.

 Cyber Acoustics CA-3602FFP 2.1 Speaker Sound System


Product Specification

This item is a 2.1 system with a 5.25-inch subwoofer. Each channel has two 2-inch tweeters positioned in a raked angle for the optimal listening experience. The tweeters are stacked in a tower position mounted on a base.

This device is quite easy to operate. Cyber Acoustics made wired control pod that extends and can be positioned wherever you want within your reach. The control pod has the volume dial, bass control, aux input, and a 3.5mm headphone out. The control pod has a blue led light indicator so you could easily find it.

In total, it gives you a peak power of 62 watts at maximum and 30watts RMS. This power is enough to fill a room or a small office. The subwoofer gets the job done and gives the whole room a good vibe with the creeping bass.

The Pros

  • This product has a convenient wired control pod that can be positioned and repositioned wherever you want for easy access.
  • The headphone out and auxiliary input is strategically placed on the control pod for easy connection.
  • For a low price, you get that punchy bass that creeps through the floors and walls.
  • The angled tweeter position gives you an audio rendition full to the ears when you are in front of it.

The Cons

  • This item may consume quite a bit of space on your table. You may want to place the subwoofers on the floor for better acoustic feedback.
  • The towering tweeter domes may be a bit prone to tipping.

8. Logitech Multimedia Z213

Logitech is a multimillion company that has been thriving in the industry for almost four decades. They have been making remarkable computer peripherals with high quality since the day they were established. In recent years, Logitech has been bagging large profits from its dramatic sales increase. Thanks to their user-focused development of devices, they have made a huge impact on their client’s lives.

Logitech Multimedia 2.1 Speakers


Product Specification

Z213 is a 2.1 system with a 4-inch down-firing subwoofer. The design aims to let the bass frequencies crawl on the walls and floor for a better listening experience. The bass control is located at the back of the subwoofer. If you are planning on placing the subs on the floor, controlling the bass eq will require you to bend over and reach for it.

The compact satellite speakers won't take much space on your table, which is quite nice if you are low on the tablespace. The trapezoid-shaped speakers are angled towards the listener for that full-range sound experience.

Also, Logitech made this model with a wired control pod that allows you to adjust the volume and adjust the power on and off conveniently. It has a 3.5mm jack headphone input that allows you to isolate what you are listening to through your headphones are earphones. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a secondary aux input for other devices.

In total, you got a compact 2.1 speaker system with 14 watts peak power and 7 watts RMS.

The Pros

  • The compact design won’t take much space on your computer table.
  • For a 2.1 speaker set, the price range of this device is affordable.
  • The control pods allow easy access to the headphone out and volume control.
  • It has a down-firing subwoofer that enhances the bass frequency response.

The Cons

  • This device does not support wireless devices or near field communication.
  • It only has 7watts RMS, meaning, you have to set the volume to high at around 3 o’clock position for a decent sound.
  • The control pod does not have a secondary aux input.

Desktop Speakers Buyer’s Guide

Tips Before Buying

For many, desktop speakers may not be a big deal. But for some, there’s a specific jam or audio need that won’t quite work with just any speakers. There’s just a few types and brands out there that won’t make the cut. However, the top brands and models have an insane price tag, and not many of us are willing to spend that much.

For people who spend most of their time working in front of a computer, buying a high-end desktop speaker may be well worth it. However, for some, earphones might be better, especially when they are on the go.

But most of us have a computer or office table, space, or a room that we want to fill with music. A private gaming room, perhaps? Now, if top-tier speakers are overly expensive, there are options for you! Did I say we found eight models that are below 100?

But before you go crazy, here are some things you may want to consider before placing your order.

Available Space

Available Space for computer speakers

Buying a speaker is easy, especially if it’s just below a hundred bucks. Now, depending on your available table space, you may or may not want a subwoofer. It may be a compromise you need to make when you don’t have enough space.

Multiple Audio Input

By default, you get to connect one source of input, typically a 3.5mm jack input to your speakers. Well, one input is enough to make your speakers work. However, if you have multiple audio devices that you use every day, it would be quite a hassle to remove and reattach your computer output to the speakers. Especially if your speaker input is located behind the subwoofer!

Multiple Audio Input

Having a secondary input is a great way to simplify things a bit. That will eliminate the need to crawl or bend over to reach for your inputs.

Earphone Out

When you plug your earphones on an earphone out, it cancels the output from your speakers. You may find it ironic to have an earphone out that cancels the speakers out. However, this is a simple way to isolate the audio to yourself. If you are playing something that needs to be discreet, a headphone out is a must. 

Earphone Out

Wired Controller Pod

Not all speaker systems have a wired control pod. And maybe, it’s not for everyone. But, if you are an audiophile or a gamer who has their speakers mounted on specified locations, you know how much you need a control pod within your reach.

Some control pods have the volume control and bass eq to them. This allows you to tweak your tracks to your preference. You can easily adjust the volume on the pod or quickly hookup an earphone when you need to.

Wired Controller Pod

Consider Wattage

Speakers are rated with the peak power wattage and RMS. Peak power is how much sound your speakers produce when it is cranked all the way up. Now, who plays at maximum volume? Maybe there are a few people cranking their volume dials past the 3 o'clock position. But not everyone. Right?

So, when looking for speaker power, it is better to consider the RMS rating. RMS means the root mean square. It defines how much power your speakers can use at a sustained period. You can’t play your speakers at maximum volume for long hours without adding up to the wear and tear.

RMS speaker

So, a 30watt RMS speaker means you can use your it for hours without physically compromising your device. And another tiny bit of useful information, as a general rule of thumb, 1 watt will give you 85db at one meter. Essentially, If you crank your speakers to 30watt power, you will still be heard at a distance of 30meters.

This means that your room or your office will have enough music, even with 30watts RMS. So, it’s not necessary to go for high wattage if you don’t intend to use it in large halls or huge rooms.


Lastly, for an office, it may be a little awkward to place glowing speakers. I believe, perhaps, lighted speakers give gaming rooms a cool gamer vibe (or maybe that’s just me?). Another thing to consider is how the speakers look like.


Maybe you want performance over aesthetics. That’s fine. But some people are particular with shapes, sizes, and colors. You may lean heavily on performance overlooks; however, size is one thing you must consider. It just might not fit.

Last Words

Now to sum it up, everyone has a different need. Everyone has a different taste. But one thing is common to many of us. We want the top-rated desktop speakers under 100 bucks! Who wouldn’t? Especially if the quality is more than the value you pay for!

For gamers, a rugged design and some LED accents in red, blue, or green, is a nice touch. A control box would be very nice for easy access to ports, secondary inputs and outputs, and volume and EQ. For these reasons, Genius SW-G2.1 1250 is a clear choice. Although it's not the cheapest among the selection, it's still under a hundred!

For the minimalist, GigaWorks T20 Series II would be a great desktop speaker that would not consume your table. The price is mid-range, but the quality is fantastic. Although you may not have that booming and creeping bass, you still get clear audio signals.

Lastly, if you are more concerned about the price, Cyber Acoustic’s CA-3602FFP has your back. Although it’s a bit bulky, the quality it presents for its price is well worth it.

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