Kicker CS Vs. DS Vs. KS: The Car Audio Speakers Comparison

If you’re big on speakers for automobiles, you should have stumbled on the Kicker brand. They are one of the best in the industry. Their speaker series kicker CS, DS, and KS are some of the best automobile speakers in the industry. While that’s good, you can quickly slip into confusion regarding which one to buy. So, what’s the kicker cs vs. ds vs. ks difference?

All three speakers are unique, with differing features. But the significant difference between the kicker cs vs. ds vs. ks speaker is the problem they were created to solve. For instance, the Kicker KS series are forged to deliver concert-like sound quality in your car, making it the speaker with the best sound quality among the three. The CS series is the most affordable, with high-quality sound performance. The DS bags the easy installation award.

But that’s not all the distinguishing factors between these kicker car audio speakers. Keep reading as we explore the differences.

Kicker CS


Kicker CS VS DS VS KS: Spec Comparison Table

SpecificationsKicker CS seriesKicker DS seriesKicker KS series
Sizes3.5”, 5.25’, 4×6”, 6.75”, 4”, 6.5”, 6×8” and 6×9” (3-way)3.5”, 5.25’, 4×6”, 6.75”, 4”, 6.5”, 6×8” and 6×9” (3-way)3.5”, 5.25’, 4×6”, 6.75”, 4”, 6.5”, 6×8”, 6×9” (3-way), 4×10”, 2.75” and 6×9”
Sound QualityBetterGoodPremium
Peak Power300watts240 watts300 watts and above
Speaker Typetwo- and three-way coaxial speakerstwo- and three-way coaxial speakerstwo- and three-way coaxial speakers
Foam DriversUV-treated foam surroundsUV-treated foam surroundsButyl rubber surrounds
PriceAffordableAffordablePremium/ Expensive

What Is a Kicker CS speaker?

The Kicker CS speaker is an affordable automobile speaker variant by Kicker. Nevertheless, it still delivers excellent sound quality. You’ll appreciate the bass from this speaker as it is ultra-clean.

Thanks to its heavy-duty magnet structure, it is perfect to feel every low tone you can. Infused with Extended Voice Coil (EVC), the Kicker CS speaker series produces deeper tunes flawlessly.

What is the Kicker DS speaker?

The Kicker DS speaker coaxial fits into any car door regardless of the size. Also, there’s no hassle when it comes to installing them. This speaker series delivers good sound quality with excellent volume.

Thanks to the type of tweeters it has, you’ll get crisp sound quality. The ribbed UV-treated foam and the polypropylene cones of the coaxial engulf your car in a realistic sound.

What is the Kicker KS speaker?

The  Kicker, KS automobile speaker series delivers the concert experience in the comfort of your car. They are forged with high-quality woofers to give you crisp and clean audio like you’ve never felt before.

You’ll enjoy the deep bass sound with the dampened polypropylene cones. Of course, the rubber surrounds boost the status of the bass and mid-range sound. Thanks to the ultra-slim mounting depth, you won’t have issues mounting the woofer.

Kicker CS vs. DS vs. KS Comparison (Detailed)

Here, we’ll explore the kicker series differences and similarities, focusing on the Kicker KS, CS, and DS series.

We’ll answer questions like the difference between Kicker CS and DS speakers. Of course, we won’t leave out the KS speaker too.

This review would help you look at these Kicker car audio speakers from another perspective. Keep reading to discover the difference between all three speakers.

Sound Quality

Generally, Kicker car audio speakers are one of the industry’s finest. But some speakers are made better than others. For instance, the Kicker CS, DS, and KS speakers do not function on the same sound performance level.

Here’s what I mean. The Kicker DS speaker produces fantastic sound quality. However, compared to the CS and KS series, we’ll rank it as the third-best sound quality speaker among the three. Although the tweeter was created with a zero protrusion PEI dome, this coaxial doesn’t sound as good as the KS and CS series. Nevertheless, anyone would enjoy the sound performance.

When it comes to the Kicker car speaker series that is the sound powerhouse, the Kicker CS and KS are your best bet. There is no competition between the Kicker KS vs. CS regarding which speaker has the better sound.

The reason is that the KS wins this round. However, most people might argue that the CS is louder than the KS. But the KS speaker produces better sound quality.

Audiophiles would notice that although the Kicker CS speaker sounds louder and produces deep bass, the KS thrives more on detail and crisper sound.

More so, if you have an amplifier, you’ll enjoy it better when they’re paired with the KS series. The reason is that the KS speaker is equipped with more power than the Kicker CS vs. DS vs. KS speakers to handle anything.


When it comes to the size, Kicker considered many car sizes. As a result, you’ll get several sizes within all three series. That is, you’ll stumble into sizes ranging from 3.5″, 5.25′, 4×6″, 6.75″, 4″, 6.5″, 6×8″ to 6×9″ on all three speakers.

If your car speaker size isn’t available among the listed sizes, you can check out the KS series speakers, as they have three additional sizes. That is, 4×10″, 2.75″ and 6×9″ sizes. But you should note that you’ll only get these additional sizes on the Kicker KS series, not the CS and DS series.

More so, the 6×9″ size is not 3-way. Nevertheless, you can

use the CS and DC speakers. But you’ll have to make adjustments to your car to mount any of the speaker sizes in the CS and DS series.

Another feature is that regardless of the size, the KS and CS speaker give audiophiles and music lovers a chance to customize how they want their tweeter and woofer to interact as they are separated.

Lifespan Longevity

While the sound quality of a speaker is essential to your music experience, you have to check if they are wired for longevity. Lucky for you, all three Kicker car audio speakers are equipped with features that enforce their durability.

The Kicker CS and DS speakers are designed with UV-treated foam surrounds for starters. This makes these speakers ideal for terrain with unstable or constantly changing weather conditions.

For instance, if you live in a country where the sun shines in the morning but starts to rain by evening, the Kicker DS and CS speakers are ideal. The UV-treated foam surrounds protect it from the dangers of erratic and drastic weather shifts. It prevents the speakers from breaking down.

On the flip side, the high-end Kicker KS speakers deployed the butyl rubber surrounds protection to prolong the lifespan of your speaker. Compared, the butyl rubber surrounds are the better option, thanks to the rubber material.

While all three speakers would last long due to their durability factors, the KS would last longer because of the butyl rubber surrounds protection. Rubber lasts longer than foam.

Price and Functionality

The Kicker DS and CS are the most affordable Kicker car audio speakers, in the order of price range. It’s challenging to decide which speaker is cheaper, between the CS or DS series. Nevertheless, they both function well. The CS delivers fantastic sound quality that’ll blow your mind. But the sound quality is better than the DS series speaker.

Now, the Kicker KS series speakers function at a premium level. Their sound quality is perfect. You’ll hear every sound detail emanating from the KS speaker. However, it would cost you money as it’s expensive.

Opt for it if you don’t mind spending money on the high-end Kicker KS series. However, if you’re on a budget, you’ll be better off with the Kicker CS series speakers. The reason is that the CS speaker has a high-quality sound performance than its price. Of course, the sound quality of the CS speaker isn’t as excellent as the KS, but it comes a bit close. It is a pretty decent speaker that retails at an affordable price. More so, setting up the CS speaker leaves you with the choice to customize it to your taste.

Kicker CS vs. DS vs. KS: Common Similarities

  • The similarity between the Kicker CS vs. DS vs. KS speaker series is that all have coaxial speakers, and they mostly share similar speaker sizes.
  • They are both durable speakers. Although they are carved from different materials, they’ll both last long.
  • Another similarity between these speakers is that they produce excellent sound quality at the baseline. But when you dive deeper, you’ll see which of these Kicker car audio speakers delivers the sound quality you want.

Kicker CS vs. DS vs. KS – Which One Should I Buy?

Deciding which kicker component speakers you should invest money in depends on several factors. First, if you’re an audiophile and are willing to invest a huge chunk of money in a car audio speaker, opt for the Kicker KS speaker.

The reason is that it functions at a premium level. You’ll be mesmerized by the sound details it would pump into your car while grooving to any song of your choice.

However, if you’re on a budget, you can opt for the CS speaker. It is the most practical option as the sound quality is almost as good as the KS speaker. The DS series is also not a bad idea.

Final Verdict!

To conclude this Kicker CS vs. DS vs. KS car audio speaker comparison, I should highlight that all three speakers would give you an outstanding car audio experience.

However, if you’re particular about sound and how songs are produced, the difference highlighted in this article comes in handy. Hopefully, we’ve simplified your decision for you. Now, you have made the decision!

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