Vizio Soundbar Turns On By Itself / Turns Off Automatically: What to Do?

Recently, a lot of users have been facing issues regarding Vizio soundbar turns on by itself, as well as Vizio soundbar turns off automatically. It has become a common occurrence for many Vizio users.

There are plenty of reasons that may cause the Vizio Soundbar to turn on and off automatically. There can be a programming issue between your TV and Vizio soundbar. Many users are reporting problems like both the TV and Vizio soundbar getting synced to the same remote.  Also, the issues may be due to overheating.

Today in this article, I will show you some solutions that may fix this issue for you once and for all!


Reasons Why Vizio Soundbar Turns On/Off Automatically

As you know, there are several reasons why you may face occurrences, such as the Vizio soundbar turns on by itself or Vizio soundbar turns off automatically. Here are some of the reasons I think may have caused this issue for you.


Most developers often try to update their firmware to keep everything up to date and introduce new things for the users. Vizio also receives firmware updates every now and then.

It is possible that your Vizio firmware is outdated, which may have caused your Vizio soundbar to turn off by itself. It is crucial to check and ensure your firmware is always updated.


A common mistake many users make is using the wrong remove. I know most remotes look alike; nevertheless, using a different remote to command Vizio may cause it to not function properly, thus making the Vizio soundbar auto shut off.

Eco Setting

There is a feature in Vizio called ‘Eco.’ If your Vizio soundbar’s eco power is on, it may be the reason for Vizio automatically turning off.

However, if it is on and you are facing this issue, try turning it off.


Electronics are often prone to overheating. This usually happens when there is a malfunction in the system’s wires or other internal issues. It is possible your Vizio soundbar is facing these issues due to overheating.

After using your soundbar for a while, if you see it is getting very hot, I suggest dusting it a bit or getting it checked by an electrician.

How Do I Stop My Vizio SoundBar from Turning Off/On

Here I will present you with some solutions that may help you fix your Viziosoundbar turning off/on problem. Because I know how annoying it can get, everything it happens:

1. Resetting Your Vizio Soundbar

This is the most common solution for fixing not only this problem but several others. Resetting basically formats your Vizio Soundbar, removing every file in the system.

Though it will delete all the information, your Vizio soundbar has Bluetooth pairings.

Here is a step by step guide on resetting your Vizio soundbar

  • Press the menu key from your remote
  • Now, locate an option named “Reset No.”
  • Once located, use the up/down key on the remote to change it to “Reset Yes.”
  • When done changing it proceed to click the play button.
  • For confirmation, it will show “Confirmed Yes” on your display
  • Then click on the play button again to let it reset.                 
  • Once done with the process, the LED lights on your soundbar will blink three times. It’s a sign that it has finished resetting. 

2. Resetting Eco Setting

As I mentioned above, eco settings can cause the Vizio soundbar to turn off automatically. This is because when the eco setting is on/off, it will turn off automatically if it does not receive any audio signals.

To check and change whether it is on or off,

  • Press the “Next” button on your remote
  • Among other options, you will find an option called “Eco Setting.”
  • Click on the option to turn it off.

3. Updating the Firmware

In general, your Vizio soundbar should automatically install updates if it has access to the internet through the SmastCast mobile app. If you don’t have the mobile app set up, it may be the reason why your firmware is outdated and turning off automatically.

To connect your Vizio soundbar to the wifi, follow these steps:

  • First of all, download and install the mobile app
  • Then connect your soundbar to the wifi
  • Click on the “Menu” button
  • Now look for the “Wifi Setup” option
  • Once you find it, select it using the “Play/Pause” button.
  • Press it again to confirm
  • Once confirmed, the LEDs in the front should cycle

Once you have connected your soundbar to the wifi, you will want to update its firmware. To do so:

  • In the soundbar apps
  • Locate and click on “Device Settings.”
  • There you have to select the option “Add New Device.” Follow the steps written to finish setting it up.
  • Launch the “SmartCast” mobile app
  • Click the “Check for updates” button

If there is an update available, it will automatically start downloading it. When the updating is downloading, your Vizio soundbar r will automatically turn off and back on again when downloaded.

Final Words!

By following these simple steps of updating and resetting your soundbar, I hope you will be able to fix the issue regarding Vizio soundbar turns on by itself and Vizio soundbar turns off automatically. Remember to follow every step accordingly not to create further problems.

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