Cambridge Audio CXN V2 review, a Stereo Network Streamer

If your search for a quality media streamer has brought you here, you are in safe hands. In this article, I will describe the Cambridge Audio CXN V2 review, A Stereo Network Streamer, including its features rating, pros and cons, and other in-depth detail. So, please make yourself comfortable, and let’s get started!

To have the vision and perfect insight of how this Streamer streams music, look at the rating of its qualities. This will give you a basic idea about the product.


Cambridge Audio CXN V2 review
  • Sound quality
  • Easy To Use
  • Value For Money
  • User Interface
  • Tech Support
  • Alexa Integration


The CXN V2 from Cambridge Audio is a very durable media player that gives you value for money in the long run

Through this rating, one can easily judge that this media player is highly appreciated for its superior sound quality and convenient usage. However, there is much to discuss that comes in the next parts. Please keep reading!

Cambridge Audio CXN V2 Specifications

The CXN V2 comes with multiple specifications that let your user or customer decide whether the product is worth buying or not. There are qualities you may not find with other products in the market. These all give you a brief idea of what this streamer can do and cannot!

  • Connectivity Options: 4 types of connectivity, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Wired, USB, and Ethernet
  • Color: Lunar Gray
  • Supported Internet Service Technology: Pandora, Google Play
  • Compatible With Devices: Speakers, DAC
  • Audio Technology: Audio’s advanced Adapted Time Filter 2 (ATF2)
  • Wired Connectivity:
    Optical, Coaxial, USB Type B, USB Type-A For Input Connectivity
    Balanced, Coaxial, Optical, XLR, and RCA connectivity For Output
  • Dimensions: 16.9 x 12.2 x 3.4 inches
  • Weight: 14.33 pounds

Even after knowing the features, the product doesn’t reveal much of its information that is worth knowing. Therefore, the next step comes in describing the good things about this streamer and the bad things!

Pros and Cons of the CXN V2 Streamer:

I bought this streamer for testing and home usage, and some facts became known. I am ready to share those with you so that it might help you know what things can attract you towards it and what not.


  • Its high-quality pre-amplifier lets you listen to your desired music with fantastic results.
  • Excellent LCD when playing music through your media player
  • Multiple networking connectivity
  • Have Spotify, Google Music, Tidal, and much more
  • Highly effective remote control with 8 custom pre-set options
  • Play your favorite songs through Mac, Windows, Or Android


  • The LCD panel is too dim
  • Might have quality issues in USB mode

Detailed Overview Of The Specifications Of CXN V2 Streamer:

It’s pretty true that you still not be able to get the necessary details you need to decide on this masterpiece. Therefore, knowing the detailed descriptions of the product is always valuable. Let’s take a look!

What Is The CXN V2 Like Physically? 

My personal experience with this media player is quite good. When I first opened the box, I found it wrapped in glass paper.

There was a remote separately available with the device. The first look at its lunar gray color gives peace to the eyes.

It has everything on its body, like the internal-external connectivity, a display screen, a volume control roller, buttons for adjusting media, and everything you need to operate it efficiently.

How Is The CXN V2 Used?

I don’t think that I precisely need to tell you how to use CXN V2 Media Player. Because there is nothing complicated to understand, all you need to do is know the features it gives you, and you are good to go.

First, plug in the power cord and turn on the Button to use this media player. Once that is done, choose any connectivity option as either Wired or Wireless for connecting your mobile, Internet Or MacBook to play the music. Then you can use the remote to increase, decrease, pause, and start the song on this device.

Who Or Which Company Is Behind It?

Cambridge Audio has built this exceptional Piece of technology for your specific music desires. It provides value-for-money features and quality you may not find with any other brand.

What Sets The Product Apart From Its Competitors?

The excellent connectivity and multiple ways of connecting media devices with the product set this giant apart from its competitors.

Play your music through several means, including Google Music, Apple Airplay 2, Pandora, And more. Like other media players, it will only go for digital media streaming. You cannot use any type of Discs, such as CD_ROM, etc., on it.

How Has This Evolved From Its Previous Model?

There is nothing much difference you will find with this one, but that’s for sure that the product has been updated with several features. In its previous CXN model, there were not enough options to play music.

However, retaining the same look and appearance, the V2 model provides you with the regular software update that keeps it bug-free and ready for healthy music.

What Are The Key Features Of The CXN V2 Media Streamer?

You might be thinking that the product has lost its appreciation. But it is just the beginning!

  • Sound Quality:

The reason this masterpiece is highly reputed is because of the outstanding sound technology it has. Get stunning ease on digital audio even without missing the Audio Quality.

Here, the device uses Adapter Timer Filter ATF2 music technology, ensuring error-free and distortion-less music whenever or wherever needed.

This streamer’s audio signal passing bandwidth is up to 24bits or 384KHz. Such audio technology provides the finest details whenever your music is played through quality speakers.

  • Convenience In Using:

The product is convenient and does come with an instructional manual that can guide you on how to use it. Many customers have rated it highly for providing very comfortable service with remote control and many other features.

Therefore, your experience will be wholesome if you take this streamer into your home or elsewhere.

  • Exceptional Connectivity:

The best thing you will get with the CXN V2 model is its multiple options for playing music. It doesn’t matter which medium or device you have; you can easily connect with it. This provides you with wired and wireless connectivity for ease and comfort.

Choose from Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Or Airplay to listen to the songs from multiple places. This will never disappoint you.

  • Portability And Durability:

The CXN V2 from Cambridge Audio is a very durable media player that gives you value for money in the long run. Have less weight and place it on any compact surface of your home.

The color, the finishing, and the product part will never go breaking or defective until you do it intentionally. It ensures you can use this media player for years to get what you paid.

Final Verdict:

Conclusively, after reading this article on Cambridge Audio CXN V2 review, A Stereo Network Streamer, I believe you know entirely about the product. It is famous for its flawless audio, unmatched connectivity, comfortable usage, and long-lasting durability. On top of that, the price tag is a bit handy even for a person who doesn’t have much budget. However, if there is still something you need to ask, do let me know.

See you next time. Take care of yourself!

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