How to differ between Klipsch R-12SW vs R-120SW? The Subwoofers Comparison Reviews

Love to hear those low-end bass sounds in your music? Then, I have two excellent choices from Klipsch. They are very well known for coming up with subwoofers and speakers of high quality. The trouble comes when you have to decide between Klipsch R-12SW vs. R-120SW.

Now, there isn’t much to talk about for the differences, other than the fact that they are different in looks. The R-120SW is a newer version of the subwoofer that has a new look and a bit more crispness in the sounds. Also, they are pricier than R12SW. And the R12SW is discontinued, so the availability is questionable on this.

Don’t you think this information is enough for you? Well, I figured that out already. So, let’s dive deep into the discussion and see the differences between the two subwoofers.

R-12SW vs R-120SW


The comparison table for Klipsch R-12SW and R-120SW

Let’s get started with the comparison table for the Klipsch subwoofers here, so you can get a clear idea of what they have to offer.

SpecificationsKlipsch R-12SWKlipsch R-120SW
Frequency response29hz – 120hz29hz – 120hz
Amp power400watts400watts
RMS power200watts200watts
CabinetMDF boardMDF board
Dimensions14×18.5×16 inches19.2×14×16.5 inches

Well, you can easily see there is not much difference in the technicality of the subwoofers. They almost come with similar specs. So, you can’t base your decision on these things. You will need to dive deeper into the products and check them out to see whether they are good.

Klipsch R-12SW vs. R-120SW comparison detailed

Here, I will dive deep into the comparison and take you through the factors of both the subwoofers. You can check these out to see how both these options are different.


First, let’s talk about the subwoofer’s design for a bit. When you first lay your eyes on these subwoofers, you can instantly notice that they are pretty similar in looks. However, there are slight differences in these subwoofers evident right away.

A sleek design with a minimalistic appearance gives the Klipsch R-12SW its classic look. The look of the subwoofer makes it a great option whenever you have to set this up in more of a conservative setting. A grille made of black cloth covers up the copper-spun woofer. You can remove the grill if you want to create a different look in your subwoofer at times.

When you turn on the subwoofers, a LED light will indicate that it is on. While that can be helpful for some people, it can also be pretty annoying for some. You can always rely on some black duct tape and cover it up to solve that issue.

As for the Klipsch R-120SW, you get similar designs on the whole thing. Except, this one has visible copper screws all around the subwoofer. Now, this creates a different look in this compared to the R-12SW.

It’s also quite sleek and has a bit of a matte finish. It makes it easier to keep clean for a longer time. Other than these, you get the same removable grille and the LED indicator. Both subwoofers are pretty similar and have the same functionality for looks.

Build quality

You won’t find any difference in the build quality of the subwoofers because they both use the same material and construction system for the subwoofers.

With the Klipsch R-12SW, you are getting an MDF board construction on the subwoofers, making it a handy subwoofer to have in your setup. MDF board is excellent for durability, but it also provides better sound quality in comparison.

There is nothing much different to find in the Klipsch R-120SW either. It also uses an MDF board as the construction for the cabinet. So, you can rely on the durability of the subwoofer and its performance. Also, the copper screws, as an addition, make sure the subwoofer stays together for a long while.

Sound quality

Both of them are pretty great in general for the sound quality. You shouldn’t have any issues with how the subwoofers sound. However, there is a difference you have to come across with the two options.

First of all, the Klipsch 12SW is an excellent option with its crisp and clear sound. It’s very detailed with the approach to sound quality. You can hear the details without any problems at all. It provides good clarity in the bass, making your favorite music pop out even more.

Now, coming to the Klipsch 120SW, you get much more flexibility in the sounds. What do I mean by flexibility? It means that you can use these subwoofers and place them anywhere in your setup. The placement of the subwoofers doesn’t affect its sound quality of it.

You don’t get the same kind of facility as the other one. You will need to find the proper placement to get the best sound quality. So, if you are thinking of versatility and better sound quality, then the Klipsch 120SW will be the best option for your needs.

Connectivity options

There isn’t much going on with the connectivity options for the subwoofers. You get similar kinds of connectivity for both subwoofers. There are no advanced connectivity options on either of them, so you can consider that a bit of a drawback for both the choices.

Speaking of the options, Klipsch R-12SW comes with connectivity features like RCA and Preamp inputs. These are excellent and conventional options for sure. But you don’t get that convenience or advancement in them.

There is nothing different on the Klipsch R-120SW in terms of the connectivity options, either. It’s the same thing as the other one. So, altogether, I would say it’s a tie between the two options when you think about the connectivity features.

Size and weight

Determining the difference in size and weight for these choices is very easy. Because the whole thing is based on numbers, you can see the difference in them.

The Klipsch R-12SW subwoofer is heavier in comparison to the R-120SW. While the R-12SW weighs around 33lbs, the R-120SW weighs 31lbs. The difference is meager, so there is nothing to complain about the weight. Still, if little things matter, you might want to get the R-120SW for a bit lighter weight than the other option.

For the size, you get to see a difference between them. For example, the R-12SW is 14×18.5×16 inches, whereas the R-120SW is 19.2×14×16.5 inches. So, the R-120SW is a tad bit larger than the R-12SW. However, the difference is meager, so you don’t have to overthink about choosing them. Still, if saving even an inch of space helps you, selecting the R12SW gives you more benefits.


Now, the fundamental factor that will dictate which one you pick is the availability of the subwoofers. Because one of the options is not available anymore and it’s discontinued.

You can quickly and readily find the R120SW model from Klipsch, one of the brand’s latest models. You can find this one almost wherever you go, so finding the subwoofer won’t be an issue at all for you.

On the other hand, there is the R12SW which is discontinued. Even if you find it somewhere, you can’t get a brand-new one. Also, after buying the subwoofer, it won’t give you the same support as you would expect from the brand.

So, a clear choice for this will be the R-120SW because you can find it almost anywhere, with support. It’s also a brand-new model, so reliability is something to consider on this as well.

Klipsch R-12SW


There is also a difference in the pricing to base your decision on this factor. If you want to save up some money, the Klipsch R-12SW is an excellent option. On the other hand, there is Klipsch R-120SW which is a bit more expensive than the other one.

But I would say the R-120SW is worth the money you pay because it has better support and provides good quality sounds and versatility.


To wrap it all up, I can say the debate between Klipsch R-12SW vs. R-120SW isn’t that difficult to decide because one of them is not even available anymore. So, if you want to get a new one, you can’t choose the R-12SW as it’s discontinued.

The choice is evident here, and it’s based on availability for the most part. But if you are worried about the sound quality, size or weight, I don’t think there is too much to think about because both are pretty similar.

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