KZ ZSX Review, A HiFi Earphone with Zinc Alloy Faceplate

Do you want great value out of your earphones? Finding one can be pretty difficult. There is no doubt about that. You can either end up with a headphone that is top quality but very expensive. Or you may get something that is within a budget, but the quality is awful.

That's why I have brought a quality headphone that you can get at a fantastic value. It comes from KZ, so you know you are getting something at a great value. It's the KZ ZSX that you will surely love to have.

Well, you don't need to listen to my words only. Let's go through the details of KZ ZSX, and you will know whether it's worth your attention or not.

KZ ZSX specifications

 First, let's get through the earphones' technical specifications and see what it provides you.

  • Frequency response: 7hz – 40000hz
  • Impedance: 24ohm
  • Sensitivity: 111dB
  • Driver: One dynamic and five balanced
  • Connectivity: 3.5mm jack
  • Length: 125cm
KZ ZSX specs

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The pros and cons of the product 

Now, to better understand all the good and bad about earphones, let's check out the pros and cons. This will give you a complete view of the earphones, and you can see why you should be getting that in the first place.

Pros of KZ ZSX 

  • This is an absolute value for money earphone that will surely satisfy you.
  • It comes with detachable cables that are great for convenience
  • The build quality you get on these earphones are top-notch
  • The earphones offer excellent sound quality throughout all frequencies
  • It has got a perfect design that also looks pretty modern

Cons of KZ ZSX 

  • Like most other KZ earphones, this one also has a cable that tangles pretty easily.

If you don't mind a little tangling of the wires, this earphone is a great pick. All you do is weigh the pros to the cons, and you can see why it's worth your money. As for the drawback, it's not that big a deal truly.

KZ ZSX details

Still not convinced? Maybe going through the details of the earphones will help you understand their actual value. These details are based on user experiences and my experience with the earphones. So, you can undoubtedly rely on them to justify the importance of these earphones.


What are the earphones like physically?

Coming to the physical aspect of the earphone, it has got that classic KZ shell design. The faceplate on the earphone is aluminum, so that you can expect excellent durability. And it has got transparent acrylic shells.

As for the looks, they are pretty modern and stylish in looks. It has got that futuristic vibe with the V-shape design. They look rather premium with a clean finish on the earpieces. You can also get three color choices on the shells: black, purple, and cyan.

Something you may find problematic about this earphone is the size. Although, if you have large ears, you won't have anything to worry about. But people with smaller ears will find it challenging to fit in their ears or won't find proper comfort with these on.

How are the earphones used? 

For the connectivity option, you get a standard 3.5mm jack connection. So, you can use this earphone for almost any common audio device without any issues.

Now, for this purpose, there are lots of options. Since it's an in-ear monitor, you can use this for live performances. You can also use earphones for recording or mixing in your studio. It works great for all these purposes, backed up by the sound quality.

You can get fantastic sound quality from this earphone when you pair it up with a quality DAC or AMP. The sound quality reaches its highest potential that way, and you get the true value out of the earphone.

Aside from that, if you are just looking for earphones that provide good music, this is still the pick. It works out great for a regular music listening experience as well. All in all, you can use earphones for various purposes.

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KZ ZSX Features and ratings

If you are still wondering and not sure about the earphones, you should check out the features and ratings. This will give you the complete picture of these earphones, and you can make a properly informed decision. So, let's go through the different features and see how I rated them out of 5.

Sound quality 

You will get more than you expect from these earphones in sound quality right off the bat. Whether it's the bass or the clarity or you are after the tone, this satisfies in every way. There is nothing to nitpick on this one in terms of sound quality.

The bass you get here is utterly impressive. It doesn't have that sluggishness and offers an excellent pace to match the energy. For the mid, you get a neutral quality, which gets a slight boost in the upper portion.

Finishing off with the treble or clarity, you can't have any complaints with the earphone. It's crisp and clean, but it doesn't start bleeding your ears. The details in the treble are just exceptionally good. Altogether, it's a complete and satisfying package for the sound quality.

Rating: 5/5


Combined with that fantastic sound quality comes the tremendous performance of this earphone. It has a broader soundstage on the earphone, providing the depth you can always admire. You can get the whole idea of the soundstage from the sound separation of this earphone.

When you add in the noise isolation factor to that, you just get into another realm of music with this one. Even with the noisiest crowd around you, there will be no issue with the music you listen to through this earphone. Overall, the whole thing just works out perfectly for music.

Rating: 4.5/5

Comfort and fit 

Now, this is dependent on the user. People with larger ears will have no discomfort or issues with the fit. But people who have smaller ears may find it difficult to fit, which then leads to discomfort of some sort.

Sure, it doesn't have any extra measures for comfort, but the design supports it. It has got that futuristic vibe with some thoughts behind it. So, you can expect a good level of comfort if you somewhat decent ear size.

Rating: 4/5

Looks and build 

In terms of looks, there is nothing to question on this one. It comes with a stylish and modern appearance that gives you a sense of a new generation. It looks cool when you put them in your ears.

While the looks are impressive, it doesn't lack the build quality either. The aluminum faceplate gives it that sturdy exterior that protects the whole thing from rough and heavy usage.

Since it's an IEM, you can expect pretty hardy earphone usage. And a lot of that is possible because of the high-quality cable of the earphone. It's just thoroughly impressive. While it may tangle a bit, it doesn't break or tear easily.

Rating: 4.5/5

Value for money 

Without a doubt, this one has to be one of the best value-for-money in-ear monitors or even earphones in general. The price you pay for the earphone is nowhere near the kind of quality you get out of this.

Everything about the earphone exceeds expectations, considering the affordable price tag. This sole reason can be enough to go for this one without any second thoughts at all.

Rating: 5/5

KZ ZSX alternatives

Are you not working out for you? In that case, you can check out some alternatives to this one. Here are some similar earphones you can go through a little.

  • Shozy Form 1.1

In terms of performance and sound quality, this is pretty close to the KZ ZSX. While the bass on this one is a bit better, the mid and highs are a little better on the ZSX. But the difference between both the earphones isn't that noticeable.

  • TIN HiFi T2

When it comes to budget choices, this one is a great competitor to the KZ ZSX. The sounds on this one are detailed and clean. The bass on the ZSX is comparatively better and deeper than the Tin HiFi T2. But the tonal quality of the Tin HiFi T2 is much smoother and sounds much more natural.

As you can see, both the earphones here can go head-to-head with the KZ ZSX. It all comes down to which features or factors matter to you more.


To sum up, KZ ZSX is an excellent earphone that you should indeed consider if you are looking for something within a budget. It will exceed your expectations, and you won't be disappointed with the performance. The sound quality, build quality and looks work out perfectly for the price.

It's an excellent choice for people getting into audio engineering as well. It's within budget and works well for editing music and mixing them.

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