Vizio Sound Bar Lights Flashing Up and Down, Facts & Solutions

Many times, you may face the issue of Vizio sound bar lights flashing up and down. This is a problem that can occur due to some dysfunctional behavior of your sound bar. It doesn’t always affect the performance of the sound bar, but it can get pretty annoying.

So, the best course of action is to solve the problem as soon as you can. That's why I am here with some quick solutions to this issue that you can try out yourself. And they are pretty easy to follow along. Let’s get going then.

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How to Fix Vizio Sound Bar Lights Flashing Up and Down

The great thing here is that the problem doesn't have anything to do with the hardware of your sound bar. It’s mostly related to the settings and software. So, fixing the issue isn’t that difficult and doesn’t require too much help. Here are some ways you can do it-

  1. The first thing you can try is turning the sound bar on and off. This doesn't usually solve the issue, but sometimes it works. So, it's worth giving it a try if you face the problem for the first time.
  2. The next thing to try is changing the settings manually. Typically, the lights start to flash up and down when the settings don’t work out well enough. Also, some settings allow the lights to flash up and down. So, what you can do is try finding out which setting triggered this and resolve the issue.
  3. Another reason for this problem can be your sound bar going into demo mode. In the demo mode, different lights tend to flash. So, the flashing up and downlights can be an indication of being in demo mode. You can resolve it in two ways.

You can either use the app for the sound bar and get your sound bar out of the demo mode. Or you can use the physical buttons to do so. You have to press the Bluetooth and input button together for 5 seconds and wait until you see lights flashing 4 times. This will get your sound bar out of demo mode, and your problem should be resolved.

  1. If none of the above works out, you have to do a factory reset. As this problem occurs for incorrect settings, going back to default settings will solve the issue. Now, doing a factory reset depends on the model of your sound bar. So, the best thing you can do is look for the instruction manual and see how to factory reset.

Typically, it's a combination of input buttons and volume buttons. Some sound bars use volume up, and some use volume down. Some also use the Bluetooth button. So, you should check your model and instruction manual of that model.

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Wrap up 

To sum up, Vizio sound bar lights flashing up and down isn't that big of a deal as it doesn't seriously harm the sound bar. Also, it's not a hardware issue, so you don't have to worry too much about it. Although the flashing lights are always annoying, so you might want to fix the issue right away. And it's just a matter of seconds, so it's not troublesome either.

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