Sony CMTSBT100 Review, An Awesome Micro Home Stereo System

Small but will fill your room with powerful audio; this is what the Sony CMTSBT100 home audio system is all about. This is a compact music system that will let you connect your smartphone or other mobile devices or you can listen to classic CDs, radio, or other wired audio and video equipment.



  • Offers dynamic sound
  • With a classic design
  • Comes with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Can play traditional CDs, AM and FM radios
  • Compact, weighs only 5.7 pounds
  • With a sleep and clock timer
  • No need to pair your device
  • Comes with a remote


  • No RCA inputs use a 3.5 mm mini stereo jack to connect to AUX
  • No resume play and random playing modes.
  • No CD player eject button on the remote

Review Methodology

The Sony CMTSBT100 music player is a standard sound system with two stereo speakers. It is not as popular as Sony's top audio receivers and home theater systems therefore, reviews of this product are very limited. We used several shopping sites such as Amazon as well as the product's official site to check on the features and specs. Ratings were taken from different reviews considering the positives and negatives of this audio system.

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What is Sony CMTSBT100?

The Sony CMTSBT100 is a home audio system that's capable of wired and wireless connections via NFC Bluetooth. It comes with a modern, sleek and compact design that will work with any type of living room, office, or bedroom décor. The CMTSBT100 also comes with a classic CD player and will play AM and FM radios. Its simplicity transfers to its connectivity as you don't need to pair your device, just hold your NFC-enabled device against the receiver to play.

Sony CMTSBT100 Micro Music System

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Short Version

The Sony CMTSBT100 is a home audio system that connects via NFC Bluetooth and through a mini-stereo jack AUX port. It is a classic music player that works great for small rooms, giving you up to 50W of great audio. It is easy to use, with a compact and modern minimalistic design.

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Key Features

Impressive modern design

The Sony CMTSBT100 has a sleek, modern, and minimalistic design. It can be used as a bookshelf speaker system, an office speaker, and a mini entertainment system in your den, living room, or bedroom. It barely weighs 6 pounds and thus, it can be taken anywhere. It has a curve-less design, buttons are easy to press while a dial makes it very easy to fine-tune the volume. The USB port and the headphone jack are in front so it's very convenient to plug in your device.

With great audio 

The Sony CMTSBT100 produces 50 W dynamic audio. Under the hood are S-Master R digital amplifiers that produce clear highs. There are 2-way reflex bass speakers that produce full bass sound. Whether you're playing music from your device like your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, from a CD, or through FM or AM radio, you'll get uniform awesome sound quality.

Easy to use 

The Sony CMTSBT100 offers wired and wireless connections. You can connect your compatible device using a mini stereo jack or USB, just plug and play with no need to install any drivers. Meanwhile, wireless connections are also easier. Just use a Bluetooth – compatible device, pair, and play. You can also use NFC-enabled devices so there's no need to pair or use wires.

The USB port lets you connect your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer and play your music. There are no RCA connections at the back and thus, you can use the USB port to connect your gaming console or music player. Speakers connect to the receiver using simple, thin speaker wires. The back is a bit surprising as it lacks the usual home audio system ports.

The controls are very straightforward and are easily located in front. You can control the CD player and AM/FM radio from the front panel controls. You can use the controls at the front to toggle through functions, Bluetooth pairing, bass boost, and equalizer controls as well. The large volume knob is a classic style, but is great for easy volume control. The display panel gives you information about the volume level, track number, inputs, equalizer status, and many more.

With classic functions

Aside from updated wireless functions, the Sony CMTSBT100 also has classic features which are found in almost all Sony home audio systems. This unit comes with a headphone jack so you can connect your headphones and listen without interrupting anyone. It has a clock and timer function and has an AM and FM tuner. It also comes with a standby mode so it's easier to start playing your music from your device, CD, or radio right away. 

The speakers come with a speaker grille that protects powerful components. The grille is detachable so cleaning/dusting is not a problem. The speaker cabinet is made of regular cabinet wood with a faux woodgrain finish. The speaker's outer surface is prone to scratches and marks and thus, should be kept on a desk or a bookshelf.  Finally, it comes with a remote that controls almost everything but the CD tray eject.


The Sony CMTSBT100 could have been an awesome home stereo system, but it lacks some features and specs. It offers great sound and connectivity BUT it lacks major inputs. It can play CDs, but it has some play features missing. It may be used as a basic home office or a studio sound system but not a home theater receiver as it lacks ports. But if you're looking for an easy-to-use, wireless speaker and your smartphone is Bluetooth and NFC enabled, then this could be a good sound system and music player for you.

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