Best Mini Stereo Systems 2022, Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

By using the best mini stereo system, you can listen to tracks from your music source, check out tunes on the radio or use CDs. The best system has to be compact, easy to use and can connect to your device. The updated best bookshelf stereo system comes with good speakers and can play various audio formats. And if you're in the market for the best mini system, we're ready to help with this mini stereo system review. Let's get started.

Comparison Table of the Top-Rated Mini Stereo Systems 2022



Compatible Sources

Special Features

Audio Quality


29 x 11.8 x 1.4 inches

FM radio, USB files, CD players

Connects via Bluetooth, 700 watts power, Audio DJ

2.1 channel output, 2-way speakers

Bose Wave SoundTouch Music System IV

8.70 x 14.49 x 4.30 inches

AM and FM radio, CD players, Wi-Fi, USB, mobile device

Bluetooth connectivity, station presets, SoundTouch app, connects with Alexa

Bose waveguide speaker system, rich sound

Jensen Modern Home CD Tabletop

10.6 x 6.7 x 4.1 inches

CD, USB, AM and FM radio

Tabletop design, top-loading CD, alarm clock, dimmer controls, USB charging options

Stereo sound

Magnavox MM435 Compact Shelf System

7.64 x 16 x 5.24 inches

Smartphones, tablets, PC using Bluetooth, CD player, Digital AM and FM radio

Large LCD, three color options, with remote control

Balanced sound

Bose Wave Music System IV

6.97 x 12.75 x 19.02 inches

Wi-Fi network, CD, AM/FM radio, Bluetooth

Dual alarms, remote control, Wave music system IV

SoundTouch speaker compatible

Sharp XL-BH250 System

6.9 x 12.4 x 9.5 inches

CD player, MP3, AM/FM radio, Bluetooth, USB

With radio, channel presets, 2 x main speakers

Quality stereo sound

Sharp CD-BH950

27.60 x 13 x 13.50 inches

CD player, cassette tape, MP3, Bluetooth streaming, digital AM/FM

With 40 station presets, remote control, auto line-in

With 2 x 5.12 inches woofer

Yamaha MCR-B020BL

11 x 11.88 x 5.63 inches

CD player, AM/FM radio, Bluetooth, AUX, USB

USB port for charging mobile devices, remote control

Center speaker, stereo speakers

Sharp CD-BHS1050

36.70 x 13.60 x 13.50 inches

Cassette, Bluetooth, CD player, AM/FM, USB, MP

5 CD trays, with 40 preset stations, remote control

With 2 x 5.12 inches woofer, 2 inches tweeter


19.5 x 14.25 x 11 inches

Bluetooth, CD player, USB, MP3, FM radio

230W, remote control

Bass reflex speakers, dual amplifiers, MAX Sound technology

GPX HM3817DTBK Home Music System

10 x 6 x 5 inches

CD player, digital AM/FM

Clock, Energy Star Certified, programmable, 4 pre-set EQ

Electronic volume control

Jensen JBS-200B

11 x 9.9 x 8.6 inches

CD player, Bluetooth, AM/FM radio

Digital tuning, front AUX, clock, sleep timer, remote control

Stereo speakers, volume control

AXESS MS3912 Mini Entertainment System

17.25 x 8.50 x 9.50 inches

CD player, USB, MP3, AUX input, AM/FM radio, cassette

12-watt speakers, remote control, headphone jack

12-watt stereo speakers

Onkyo CS-265 Home Audio System

12.50 x 10.75 x 8.00 inches

CD, MP3, Bluetooth

Mini stereo system, two colors, small design, front-panel USB

2-mode Super Bass, playback modes

Edifier USA e25HD

8.40 x 4.80 x 8.80 inches

TV, Bluetooth 4.0, Digital radio, AUX input

Versatile, touch-sensitive controls

Digital speaker system, with dedicated power amplifier for the bass driver, tweeter and DSP, and DRC


Detailed Reviews of the Best Mini Stereo Systems

1. LG CM4590 XBOOM Audio System

Great LG Audio System With 700 Watts Power

The LG XBOOM is a Bluetooth – powered audio system that can connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device like your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC. It makes it easier to connect to any device as you don't need to use wires.  This audio system is also an FM radio tuner so you can listen to your favorite FM radio stations using 700 watts total speaker power.

The XBOOM also features a CD player which is convenient for people who still enjoy listening to old-school compact discs. You'll love the Auto DJ function, which is unique to this LG audio shelf system. This stereo will eliminate all the gaps found between songs so you'll play songs non-stop.

At the back is a dual USB input so you can connect multiple USB devices. This can help you transfer files from one USB to another with ease.  Finally, this LG stereo system fits any shelf, big or small. You can conveniently place the speakers in any location or mount them for greater convenience.



The Pros

  • 700 watts speaker power
  • Can play CDs and USB files
  • With Bluetooth connectivity
  • With Sound Sync
  • With Auto DJ

The Cons

  • Too many preset EQ settings
  • Non-adjustable subwoofer

2. Bose Wave SoundTouch Music System

Top-rated Bose Music System That Works With Alexa

The Bose Wave is a music system that works perfectly with Alexa. You can talk to Alexa to change channels, make basic settings, and many more. It offers plenty of connectivity from internet radio to digital radio and from CDs to digital music from your smartphone.

You'll enjoy the waveguide speaker tech from Bose which is about lifelike room sound. This speaker system supports files such as MP3, FLAC, AAC, WMA, and many more. You can also connect this to your home's Wi-Fi and enjoy more music online.

You only need a single touch to enjoy your favorite music devices such as Spotify, Amazon Music, and Pandora. You can use a remote to control this stereo system or use the SoundTouch app. This stereo system fits on a table, on a shelf, or your desk.

 Bose Wave SoundTouch Music System


The Pros

  • Can be used with Alexa
  • Can connect via Bluetooth and to Wi-Fi network
  • Can play different audio files
  • Comes with remote
  • Compatible with Amazon Music, Pandora & Spotify

The Cons

  • You can’t mount this stereo system

3. Jensen Modern Home CD Tabletop

Nice Tabletop Dual Alarm Clock With Stereo

The Jensen Modern Home tabletop clock can do more than tell the time. It can wake you up with its loud alarm or music from a pre-set station or your preferred music and play old-school CDs for you.

On top of this alarm clock is a convenient CD player which will let you listen to CD-R and CD-RW CDs. It has all the functions: forward, back, skip, or search and repeat. This is also an AM/FM radio so you can listen to local stations through a headset or from its large speakers. The built-in stereo speakers can play tunes with the best audio.

Meanwhile, you can use the built-in USB charging port to charge your device. Use this to charge your iPhone, smartphone, or other USB-charging devices like a wireless speaker, wireless headset, or smartwatch.

Other features that you'll find convenient are high or low or off dimmer switch, radio/CD/alarm tune wake up, snooze, sleep, dual-alarm and multi-function LED display in green. It is easy to take anywhere and place anywhere too. But it's best on your bedside table to easily access your alarm controls.

Jensen Modern Home CD Tabletop Stereo


The Pros

  • Plays CDS, AM/FM radio
  • With an extra USB charging port
  • You can wake using the radio, CD, or using an alarm
  • It can snooze, sleep, or with dual alarm
  • You can easily check the time with a large LED 

The Cons

  • No Bluetooth functions
  • No remote control

4. Magnavox MM435-BK 3-Piece Compact Shelf System

Best Magnavox 3-Piece Compact CD Shelf Stereo System

The Magnavox MM435-BK is a 3-piece compact stereo system that fits on a small shelf. Use this at home, at the office, in your garage, or study room; it has a minimalistic design that will match any home or room décor.

The Magnavox lets you play music no matter what source you have. It comes with a CD player which will let you play CD-R and CD-RW CDs. If you have old-school CDs, then this stereo system will play these for you. It also works as an AM/FM radio to listen to local stations.

Meanwhile, this stereo system has a large LCD screen so it's very easy to check out what's playing. The screen is well-lit and thus it's easy to change stations, control your CD player, and many more.  You can use the remote control that comes with this Magnavox stereo.

The Pros

  • You can play old-school CDs
  • You can play different audio files
  • Enjoy balanced sound from audiobooks to songs
  • With remote control
  • Large LCD

The Cons

  • No USB port
  • Not too loud

5. Bose Wave Music System IV

High Quality Bose Music Stereo System with Lifelike Sound

The Bose Wave Music System IV is an upgrade with a better design and improved features. First, the sound is far better than its predecessors with room-filling, lifelike audio because of Bose’s waveguide technology. This plays CDs from its compact drive. It’s hard to locate the CD drive, but push the remote and you’ll find it.

It is also an AM/FM tuner to play local channels with ease. The large LCD screen is easy to read with just the right size of digital fonts. Use this screen to check on the channels, volume control, track number, and many more.

Use the Bose Wave Music System IV as a wake up alarm clock. Place it near your bedside to better reach it to power on, off, or to snooze your alarm. You will also like the super-slim remote that will easily control or adjust this alarm clock/stereo system. You can't mount this Bose stereo system, but you can place it on a shelf, table, or desk. 

Bose Wave Music System IV


The Pros

  • With impressive life-like sound
  • Uses Bose waveguide technology
  • Plays CDs and MP3s and FM/AM radio
  • Works as an alarm clock
  • With remote control

The Cons

  • Can’t connect via Bluetooth
  • No USB port needs an optional adapter

6. Sharp XL-BH250 5-Disc Executive Speaker System

Executive Speaker System from Sharp

The Sharp XL-BH250 is a compact speaker system that fits any shelf, cabinet, or office space. Despite its small and compact size, it is capable of a variety of functions. First, it is a digital AM and FM tuner that comes with up to 40 presets. It can play CDs too and, is compatible with CD-R, CD-RWs as well as MP3s and WMA files.

You can use the built-in Bluetooth function to connect to your Android or Apple device. You can play saved audio or songs and tunes from your device easily. You can use the headphone output port to connect your wired headset if you don't want to wake up your neighbors. Speaker-wise, it is loud and inviting; perfect for offices, homes, home offices, and clinics.

This Sharp Stereo System also comes with a convenient NFC touchpoint, so you can connect your Bluetooth gadgets and other devices quickly and with ease.
Sharp XL-BH250


The Pros

  • With preset AM/FM stations
  • CD player works with different audio files and CD types
  • Uses Bluetooth for streaming
  • With headphone output
  • With remote control

The Cons

  • Complaints that audio quality is just average
  • With very dark LED screen 

7. Sharp CD-BH950 240W Mini Shelf Speaker

Classic 5-CD Stereo System from Sharp

The Sharp CD-BH950 is a classic-style CD player with the traditional cassette tape player. If you still have these forms of music storage then you’re in luck with the Sharp Mini Shelf Speaker. You can play all kinds of CDs here, including CD-RW and CD-R as well as mp3s and WMA files.

This stereo system also has updated connectivity such as Bluetooth streaming for all smartphones Apple or Android. You can listen to your favorite tunes from your phone to this convenient stereo speaker system.

It also comes with a digital AM and FM tuner and 40 preset settings. This stereo system has a woofer and tweeter for natural highs and bass. Great for heart-pounding music and shrilling tunes. You also get a headphone output to connect a wired headphone or headset.

Finally, you can also use the USB port to connect to a USB drive to listen to your saved audio files with ease. Everything can be manually controlled or use a remote control when you’re on the other side of the room.

Sharp CD-BH950


The Pros

  • With 5 CD trays for continuous audio enjoyment
  • Will work with CD-R and CD-RW
  • With 40 presets
  • With woofer and tweeter
  • With remote control and USB port

The Cons

  • Will not randomize discs
  • Complaints that the CD player is hard to control

8. Yamaha MCR-B020BL Micro Component System

Top Yamaha CD Player Component System

The Yamaha MCR-B020BL is a sleek component system that’s perfect on a bookshelf. It is a CD player to let you listen to all types of discs. It is also an FM and AM radio and all the controls and settings are done through its remote control.

It has an AUX input to let you connect this stereo system to an external music source like an MP3 player or your laptop or computer. You can also connect via Bluetooth. It comes with a USB to charge devices like your smartphone and other USB-enabled devices.

This Yamaha stereo system has a central unit and two speakers that won't take too much space. You can place it on your bookshelf or your desk and it will work great in your office, at home, or in your bedroom or study area.

 Yamaha MCR-B020BL


The Pros

  • CD player with AM and FM radio
  • Capable of Bluetooth wireless streaming
  • With AUX input and USB port for charging
  • With remote control
  • With a smart and sleek design

The Cons

  • Hard to see the screen
  • Controls are hard to find 

9. Sharp CD-BHS1050 Mini Shelf Speaker

Best Sharp Mini Shelf Speaker and Subwoofer System

The Sharp C+D-BHS1050 is a mini shelf speaker system equipped with a classic CD tray capable of taking 5 CDs. It also comes with a cassette tape player in case you want to enjoy your old-school tapes. It is Bluetooth 2.1 capable thus you can connect your smartphone and other music devices.

This CD player works with CD-R and CD-RW and it also plays mp3 and WMA audio files. You can listen to AM or FM radio or use its 40 preset stations. This is a stereo system with two stereo speakers and a subwoofer.

The Sharp mini shelf speaker system has a headphone output to listen using your wired headphones, with an audio line-in and a USB port to connect your USB device. Control everything more efficiently even from across the room using an easy to use remote control. 

 Sharp CD-BHS1050


The Pros

  • With 5 CD tray and a cassette player
  • With Bluetooth, USB port, and AUX port
  • Is also an FM/AM radio
  • With two stereo speakers and a woofer
  • With a remote control

The Cons

  • Cannot randomize discs
  • Can be very hard to control

10. Philips FX20 Bluetooth Stereo System

Great Philips Bluetooth Stereo System for Home Use

The Philips FX20 is a stereo system recommended for homes and offices. It is a versatile system that you can use as a CD player and with Bluetooth, you can play music through compatible devices.

This stereo system comes with a dual-amp to boost sound quality and performance. You’ll get deep and rich bass, and pure sound no matter what source. You’ll get MAX Sound technology that can provide the best listening experience. Use the audio in to play music from anywhere in the room, just plug your device in.

The FX20 is also an FM radio and an MP3 player. It has updated speakers with a stunning design. You can control this speaker system with the remote control included in your purchase.  

 Philips FX10


The Pros

  • With Bluetooth connectivity
  • With a dual amp, MAX Sound and Audio-in
  • Can play FM stations with preset digital tuning
  • With stunning speakers
  • CD player with remote control

The Cons

  • Very short speaker wires
  • Problems with connecting to a TV

11. GPX HM3817DTBK Home Music System

Top-rated Wall-Mountable Stereo System from GPX

Save space and keep shelves open to the GPX HM3817DTBK home music system, a stereo system that's wall mountable. It is a high-quality stereo system with a durable design with a blue backlit LCD screen to show the time.

This is programmable with a vertical-loading CD tray that lets you listen to CD-R and CD-RW. With the 4 preset EQ feature, you don't need to make adjustments every time you listen to your tracks. And you can control this stereo system even from across the room with its convenient remote control.



The Pros

  • Wall-mountable
  • With AM/FM radio
  • Vertical loading CD player
  • Certified by Energy Star
  • With a remote control

The Cons

  • No Bluetooth
  • No USB
  • No AUX in

12. Jensen JBS-200B Modern Black Series

Minimalist Jensen Modern Stereo System

The Jensen JBS-200B is simple, modern, and sleek. The receiver comes with a top-loading CD player that you can use to play CD-RW and CD-R CDs. It offers Bluetooth streaming just by connecting another Bluetooth wireless device.

This stereo system is also an AM/FM radio player with a digital tuner. You can connect using the front AUX port to play music through your laptop, PC, or gaming system too.

This is also a clock radio with a basic sleep timer. The LCD is small but is well-lit so it's easy to check the time, setting, and other information. You can also use the dimmer control to dim the LCD if it's too bright for you. You can use the remote control to control this stereo system.

 Jensen Modern Black Series JBS-200B


The Pros

  • With a CD player compatible with CD-R and CD-RW, front AUX
  • With an AM/FM with digital tuner
  • With clock and a sleep timer
  • Blue LCD with dimmer switch
  • Stereo speakers with volume control

The Cons

  • Alarms through FM stations
  • Complaints about remote control

13. AXESS MS3912 Mini Entertainment System

Excellent Mini Entertainment System From AXESS

The AXESS MS3912 is a mini entertainment stereo system that’s portable and easy to set up. This comes with a convenient CD player and cassette player so you can listen and enjoy your old CDs and tapes. It is also an AM/FM radio with a digital tuner to listen to local stations with ease.

This AXESS stereo system can also play other music sources through its AUX port and USB port. The speakers are large, detachable, and easy to carry. The main unit also has a handle so you can easily carry it safely with you.

You can control this stereo system manually through the controls on the front panel or use a remote control that comes with it.



The Pros

  • AM/FM digital tuner
  • With cassette player and recorder
  • With USB port, AUX input
  • With detachable and portable design
  • With remote control

The Cons

  • Complaints of noise when powering off
  • Complaints of poor remote control

14. Onkyo CS-265 Home Audio System

Top-rated Onkyo Minimalist Home Audio System

The Onkyo CS-265 is a home audio system that traditionally plays CDs with random and repeat modes. It is a small speaker system with different playing modes, clear digital audio sound, and a digital amplifier.

You can use or set this in your room, kitchen, office, or study. This is compatible via Bluetooth therefore you can connect your device, which is Bluetooth compatible. This is a versatile stereo speaker system that can also play MP3s, USB devices through the front panel, and analog audio inputs.

 Onkyo CS-265


The Pros

  • With a sleek and simple design
  • Easy to control
  • With Bluetooth, CD, USB, and radio station
  • USB and headset ports at the front
  • Good sound

The Cons

  • Very dark LCD screen
  • No remote controls

15. Edifier USA e25HD Bluetooth Speakers

Best Edifier Bluetooth Speakers

The Edifier USA Bluetooth Speaker is a very powerful system that you can use for your TV or your home stereo system. It can connect via Bluetooth 4.0 and using digital, optical, and AUX input.

It is easy to control with touch-sensitive controls to adjust volume, to move to the next track, and many more. Expect good tweeter and bass with no distortion with this uniquely-shaped speaker from Edifier USA.

 Edifier USA e25HD


The Pros

  • Digital speaker system
  • With Bluetooth pairing
  • Versatile with various inputs
  • With touch-sensitive controls
  • Improved audio performance

The Cons

  • No physical volume knobs

Buyer’s Guide for Mini Stereo Systems

As you may have known by now, not all stereo systems are the same and this is kind of confusing with This is a short guide on how to purchase the ideal mini stereo system for your needs. Consider the following:


What device do you prefer to play music with? Most mini stereo systems come with CD players, but also cassette players as well. If you want to play your music files stored in your phone or USB device, a stereo system with these capabilities should work best for you.

Sound Quality

Expect mini stereo systems to sound a bit inferior to high-tech and powerful stereo systems. But there are still some exceptions. Make sure to choose a system with a subwoofer/woofer and good quality stereo speakers.

The size of the speaker components also matters, especially when you plan to keep it on your bookshelf or if you want to mount them.

Supported Audio Files

Most mini stereo systems can play most common audio files like WMA, mp3, and other popular files. But if you have a different file type, you may need to convert as most systems only play regular file types.

Ease of Use

You need a remote control in case you want to mount your stereo speakers on a shelf or wall. Bluetooth capable systems are heaven-sent for wireless music enjoyment and of course, the USB port and headphone ports must be easy to access and at least located at the front.


We recommend the LG XBOOM is a Bluetooth – powered audio system as the best mini stereo system in our list. This is because of many reasons. First, it has Bluetooth connectivity, FM radio, and 700 watts total speaker power.

The XBOOM is a CD player which is convenient if you still want to listen to old-school compact disc. Many users are happy about the Auto DJ function, which is unique to this stereo system. It has dual USB inputs so you can connect multiple USB devices and transfer files from one USB to another with ease.  It fits any shelf, or mount them on your wall.

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