Singing Machine SML385 Review, Your Singing Machine of Karaoke Portable Systems

How many times did you desire to sing in front of your family and friends? Several times, you feel like showcasing your singing talent to others but hesitate. Many times, you might feel your voice isn’t loud enough to make a crowd enjoy it. Again, sometimes you realize how dull it’ll sound if you sing without music.

So, here’s the ultimate solution for all your desires. All you need is the singing machine or karaoke machine SML385. Confused about whether it’ll be a good idea or not? Don’t worry! We’re here to clear out all your confusion with the Singing Machine SML385 review. Read it out!


Our Review Methodology

Till now, we have tested over 20 models of karaoke singing machines. And so, trust us when we say this is the unique piece with some of the best features you’re going to get in the market. We have invested hours of painstaking research across Amazon and other production sites in delivering the best review for you.

Since we have been doing this for years, we know about the features and quality of each product and can compare with the other easily. And unboxing this product was nothing less than a fairytale bound in a box.

Being able to connect to the TV so that the lyrics appear on the screen, colorful fun lights all over it, the capability of 2 microphones at once, and an auto voice control system are some of its unique attractions that will catch your eye right away. 

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About Singing Machine SML385

This mind-blowing product comes with a top-loading CD player. So, not only a singing machine, if you want, you can use it as a music player as well to listen to music whenever you want. Along with the advantage of CDs, it also provides a Bluetooth connection opportunity for wireless digital audio streaming from compatible devices.

That’s that. But something that sets it apart is the USB connectivity. Now, if you play karaoke and sing along, you definitely want to keep the sweet memories. You definitely desire to record your performance and also to be able to play it whenever you want. The USB connectivity fulfills this wish of yours.

Now, do you want to know what makes it the showstopper of your party? The 54 LED Disco Lights with dimmer settings. Moreover, there is a 2-digit LED display to show the song track. The sound it creates is firm and clear. Also, you can control the echo for the voice effect.

Also, don’t miss the feature we mentioned before; you can connect it to your TV with RCA cables so that lyrics appear on the screen. Fun! Isn’t it? You can further connect it to other author devices if you want by lining in.

Enjoy a duet song with a friend or family member by the two wired microphone jacks that have separate volume controls. What else can you ask for? It provides more than you desire in your karaoke player.

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Product Features and Rate Performance

The unavoidable feature of this product that’ll draw your attention immediately is that it provides the full opportunity to connect with any kind of device any way you want. And the chance to store your memories of singing via recording.

We are rating the product below out of 5 based on its performance for you.

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  • Ease of UseAs we mentioned before, this product ensures your ultimate convenience. You should already know why. There would hardly be any devices at your home that you won’t be able to connect to it for playing music. Also, connecting to them is very easy and basic. Hence, the ease it provides to the customers makes the rate 4.8 out of 5 for it.
  • DesignNothing much to say about the design. The design itself is too attractive to deny. The 54 LED lights, along with 2-digit LED display, make it a babe. Moreover, two microphone connections at a time with different volume controls is truly a game-changer. That is why we will be rating it 4.6 out of 5 for design.
  • FeaturesA draw-dropping feature you can get along with is that if the CD player, Bluetooth, Line-in, USB, RCA nothing works for you, you can download the Singing Machine app on your mobile phone get access to thousands of tracks. Therefore, the features it offers are absolutely outstanding. Hence, we give a 4.9 out of 5 for its features.
  • Value for MoneyAfter going through so many individual reviews on Amazon, we noticed that everyone praising its affordability compared to the features. Also, it is reviewed to be one of the most durable and long-lasting being reasonable. So, without a doubt, it gets 4.8 for its value for the price.

Pros and Cons


  • Offers CD player, Bluetooth, Line-in, and USB networks to connect for playing music
  • Able to be connected with the TV to watch the lyrics on screen
  • 54 LED disco lights with dimmer settings along with 2-digit LED display to show the song track
  • Echo control for voice effects
  • Singing Machine app for separate access to thousands of karaoke tracks
  • Comes with two color options; black or white.


  • Microphones overdrive sometimes
  • The volume is not too loud to cover a big room or hall.


  • Can the singing machine work without being connected to a TV?Yes, the singing machine will definitely work and play karaoke tracks without being connected to a TV. However, you will not be able to watch the lyrics in that case.
  • Does it connect with both Android and iPhone?Yes, indeed, it can be connected to both Android and iPhone using Bluetooth.


If you are still thinking about whether to buy it or not, ask yourself if there’s any way you’ll regret buying it. We know the answer will be no. Till now, there has been hardly any individual review on it that states it’s not worth buying. In fact, it’s worth more than the price for the absolutely stunning features it offers. So, go ahead and chase your dream at the most reasonable price!

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