Songs for DJs, There are Your DJ Most Requested Songs

Whether you are an aspiring DJ or planning to DJ at a party, there are some songs for DJs that you must know about. These songs on your list can lift a party and make you a favorite DJ for your audience.

Sure, you can play whatever you want, some people will like them and some will not. But it’s also important to please the audience you have as they are the ones you will be performing for. So, let’s check out some songs that you should have in your library as a professional DJ.

Top DJ essential songs to have 

Now, when I made this list, I didn’t go through any genre. You will get a mixture of different genres here. When you go through the whole list, you can pick your favorite ones and make a list yourself. Let’s get going with the songs then.

  1. Ain’t Too Proud to Beg – The Temptations

Well, if you love to add an old classic with a funky vibe in the music, this is the perfect song for you. While it may not suit the hippest party out there, it’s still a great one for a family gathering or even a wedding.

  1. Can't Stop the Feeling – Justin Timberlake

When it’s a beach party, this one is a song to bring up the vibe. It has uplifting music that you can dance to, and it's not overwhelmingly loud—a perfect song to keep the fun without going all out.

  1. Uptown funk – Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars

The beat on this one is perfect for dancing with friends even when they don’t know how to dance. Once you play the song, people can’t stop dancing along with it. That’s what makes you a favorite DJ in their eyes.

  1. Shut up and dance – walk the moon

The song title pretty much sums up why it’s so popular on DJ music download sites. This one will surely get the audience dancing to the music.

  1. Poker face – Lady Gaga

You can never go wrong with “Poker face” when you play this one at a party. It’s just a whole vibe to lift a party. And it’s widely popular, so people start syncing with it.

  1. I have a feeling – Black Eyed Peas

While it starts a bit slow with the music, it picks up very quickly. The whole song is just focused on having the time of your life at a party. When you play this one at a party, there is no way anyone dislikes it.

  1. Titanium – David Guetta ft Sia

If you plan on mixing songs or want to have a beat-dropping song on your list, this is the perfect one to have. It’s a song well known to everyone out there. And when the beat drops after the chorus, it just becomes surreal.

  1. DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love – Usher ft Pitbull

Here’s a song that will surely get your audience dancing to the beats. It's an EDM track with lots of thump in the bass, and the electro-music fills it up as a party track. This is a song you can play at any club party.

  1. Wake me up – Avicii

The song starts with a mellow vibe, but it picks up very quickly. As soon as the music starts dropping, you can feel the party getting alive with the song. The drop is just so satisfying after a slow start.

  1. Dynamite – Taio Cruz

A party will never go out of life when this song is playing there. It’s just an uplifting song for anyone out there. Once you play this, the audience is sure to enjoy it without any doubt at all.

  1. Cheap Thrills – Sia

This is a song all about being at a party. It’s super popular in clubs and parties, no matter what kind of party it is. It’s a song you can find on many DJ most requested songs, so it’s a classic one to keep in your song list as a DJ.

  1. Blinding lights – The Weeknd

The Weeknd has been dropping hit songs for quite a while now, which is undoubtedly one of them. If you are missing this song in your list, you can’t make any young audience happy who are into modern music. It has just become a go-to party song after its release.

  1. The shape of you – Ed Sheeran

I am pretty sure every single person in the world has heard this song. It’s so popular that they will know this song no matter where you go for a show. The whole vibe is just perfect for making your audience dance along with the beats.

  1. Better Now – Post Malone

Modern music is all about those electric drums with hi-hats, snares, and a punch of kick. This is a song filled with all that, and you, of course, get the iconic Post Malone touch. It's a great song to play if you know there are young people amidst the crowd.

  1. HandClap – Fitz and Tantrums

Looking for a song to make your audience feel more included? This is the perfect song for that purpose. The song has a whole section of clapping where you can tell your audience to join you in the clapping. It's super fun to play at a party, and you can become a DJ liked by many with just this one.

  1. Everybody – Backstreet boys

Well, this one is an all-time classic and has been going on at parties for a long time. Still, people would like to listen to this one at a party without hesitation. And they will enjoy it as well. It's a must include one on your DJ song list.

  1. Wannabe – The spice girls

I don’t know about anyone else, but girls will surely enjoy the song when you play this one. This is a song meant for girls, and they can vibe on this one without any doubt. So, if you see a lot of girls at the party, then maybe that's a sign to fire this one up.

  1. Bye-bye bye – NSYNC

Contrary to the previous one, this is a song that many boys would like to start dancing on. It’s a classic for sure, with some easy to imitate dance moves already in the music video. That’s what makes it a popular choice as people will know how to dance to this one.

  1. Flo Rida – My House

As a DJ, it’s not just about playing the songs as they are; you can do a lot of mixing and effects to make them sound more interesting. This one is a perfect song to try that out. Even as a beginner, you can learn a lot of stuff while mixing this one.

  1. THRIFT SHOP – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Here's a great song to turn up the heat at a party. It's a viral song from 2012 that will get everyone in the party going on without any hesitation. And the potential to play with the song you will have is quite impressive.

  1. Stayin’ Alive – The Bee Gees

Even though this one is a pretty old song, it never gets old to listen to at a party. It's a whole other vibe, and I can guarantee that people will love it whenever you play this one. Maybe not a song for the younger generation, though.

  1. Macarena – Los Del Rio

When the crowd wants to dance, this is the song you should be putting on. It’s nothing about the lyrics when you play this one because it’s a Spanish song. It’s all about the beats and the music that are just too fun to dance to.

  1. Gangnam Style – PSY

I don’t think I have to explain why this song is here. I mean, you can play this one at a party and let the song spread its magic the whole time. It's just a perfect song, whether it's a beach party, pool party, or in-house party.

  1. Magenta Riddim – DJ Snake

Well, what can I say about this one as the music creator is a DJ himself? DJ Snake is a renowned DJ worldwide, and this song from him is all about dancing to the beats. There are no authentic lyrics to this, so all you do is the vibe with the music DJ snake has created. And the best part is you don’t need to do any embellishments to make this song enjoyable.

  1. Cha-Cha Slide – Mr. C the Slide Man (DJ Casper)

The audience doesn’t know what to do or how to dance? Well, then this is the song perfect for such a situation. Also, it’s one of the best songs to make your audience participate in it. The best way to describe this one is that it's an instructional dance video with beats and music to dance along with.

So, these were the songs that will make your audience dance without you having to do anything. All you do is play these songs, and they will do the rest.

Now, it’s not always about the upbeat songs people want to dance to. The best way to end a night of the party is with some slow music where people can savor the moment. It's also great because, after a lot of dancing, it's normal to get tired.

Keeping that in mind, let’s check out some songs you should have as a DJ to end the night in style.

  1. All of Me – John Legend

There is no better way to end the night of hard partying than a romantic hit song. This song by John Legend became something else when it came out. If you are a DJ at a wedding party, this is the best song to end the party with music. And all the couples will surely notice the gesture from your through your choice of music.

  1. A thousand years – Christiana Perri

Here’s another mellow romantic song to end the night. This is also a perfect song for ending any wedding party. It’s all about making the couples dance together slowly while feeling all the emotions from the song. Even for an in-house party in general, this is an excellent song to end the night.

  1. Can’t help falling in love – Elvis Presley

No matter how much time passes, this is a song that will always define romance. It’s just a song that will live on forever, and nothing like this will ever come. Ending the night with this song is just a satisfying end to the party for the people.

  1. Take me home, Country Roads – John Denver

This is a great group song you can have in your song list. It’s the perfect note to end a party night. It’s not the most hyped or vibe song, but it’s fun to sing and doesn’t require much effort. People join in the chorus and sing it in unison which makes the surroundings mesmerizing overall.

  1. Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey

I have to admit that this might not be the mellowest song out there, but it’s a banger to end the party. It’s a song that will celebrate the night people had, and there is no better way to end your night than that.

Last words

All in all, there are countless songs that you can go through and make your favorite list. But the ones I shared here are songs that will give you the best reaction from your audience. When the audience enjoys what you play, you will also have a good time as a DJ for that party. You can go with these songs, and you will surely satisfy the people at any party.

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