Top 10 Best Karaoke Machine for Kids You Should Buy

Singing is one of the most memorable bonding moments for kids, adults, and the family. Most parents buy toys that can enhance the talent of their little ones. This is also a way to see what they want to be when they grow up.

Do you want your toddler or child to start learning to sing with kid karaoke songs? Here are ten of the best karaoke machines for kids to choose from.

The Karaoke Machines for Kids 2021

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BONAOK Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone with Controllable LED Lights

KaraoKing Karaoke Machine for Kids & Adults

Singing Machine Bluetooth LED Karaoke System


Detailed Reviews of the Karaoke Machines for Kids

1. BONAOK Wireless Karaoke Microphone

BONAOK Wireless Karaoke Microphone brings a powerful stereo effect for great live shows. This is a handheld bluetooth speaker machine that works well for parties. This is not just a normal microphone because it can be a recorder and a speaker.

Kids will love the dancing colors with forty-eight LED lights. It also has a three-layer filter net that serves as a multi-layer noise reduction for better voice quality. You can connect this BONAOK wireless microphone with android systems via audio or iPhone system using bluetooth connectivity.

It uses a 2, 600 mAh rechargeable lithium battery for longer singing time. It is also easy to connect to android and iPhone phones. You can adjust the light brightness and volume. 

BONAOK Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke



  • 4-in-1 Karaoke system
  • Multi-layer noise reduction
  • Bluetooth or Audio connectivity
  • 2600 mAh rechargeable lithium battery
  • Professional buttons
  • Controllable LED lights

The Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Quick charging
  • Long-lasting

The Cons

  • Bluetooth is one-way
  • AUX connection issue 

2. BONAOK Q37 Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

This BONAOK Q37 Bluetooth karaoke machine comes with 3 layers of the filter head. It has been designed for noise reduction when singing, which applies denoising technology to filter wind noise and airflow effectively.

The sound quality has been enhanced by 30 percent using the feature called Update Bass Diaphragm Cavity, thus, giving a heavier sense and a stronger shock to make you feel like singing in the KTV.

The package includes 1 BONAOK karaoke microphone, a hard box, a black case, a micro USB cable, an audio cable, and an instruction manual. It is made of aluminum alloy material with 6 watts power for speaker output. The charging time is 2 hours with sing time up to 10 hours.

It acts as a professional mixer for free switching. This way, you can select any mode as you wish and enjoy. It also features echo sound reverb mode and power supply through a built-in Li-ion battery.

This product is lightweight and easy to operate, making it perfect for toddlers 3 years old and above. This Mic Q37 can be connected using Bluetooth or USB cable. 

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BONAOK Wireless Bluetooth



  • 3-in-1 portable handheld mic speaker
  • Multi-function buttons
  • Bluetooth and Cable connection
  • Built-in lithium Mic battery
  • 3-layer filter head
  • Denoising technology

The Pros

  • High compatibility with other devices
  • Quick charging
  • Long-lasting

The Cons

  • Not too loud volume
  • Loud feedback/static

3. KaraoKing Karaoke Machine Package

KaraoKing Karaoke Machine is not only perfect for kids but for adults also. It is made of high-quality speakers and includes two wireless microphones for duets. To give a cool party vibe, the KaraoKing singing machine has built-in disco balls.

You can enjoy it in many ways – Bluetooth, AUX, USB, or FM radio. Your child can join the fun since two microphones are durable enough. It has been designed well for portability so that you can take it anywhere, anytime.

Moreover, Karaoking Karaoke Machine includes a tablet or phone holder for free. It can be attached to this machine for fun and convenient karaoke bonding. For customer's peace of mind, this karaoke machine comes with 30 days warranty. You can also take advantage of echo effects to enhance the sound quality produced as you sing.

This time, you will not have a problem with balancing your music regardless of the genre using its master equalizer feature. You can feel like a DJ as you control the bass bump and other settings. This product is perfect for family bonding and other mini gathering and events indoors or outdoors. 

KaraoKing Karaoke Machine for Kids



  • High-quality speakers
  • Great party package
  • Echo effects
  • Rechargeable battery

The Pros

  • Reasonably priced
  • Impressive quality sound
  • Packed with professional features

The Cons

  • Poor quality instructions

4. VTech Kid Star Karaoke Machine

This Kidi Star Toddler Karaoke Machine by VTech is recommended for 5 to 9-year-old children. It uses four AA batteries, and the music magic mode feature is integrated to let you connect to your MP3 player or any mobile device for cool tunes. This also works by turning down the machine's vocal track.

Kids will certainly love this singing machine because of the 6 inclusive onscreen games and 8 built-in songs. It has voice-changing effects and an adjustable stand measuring 4 feet and 5 inches. It has a detachable unit and works with your music player.

What's more, VTech Karaoke Machine comes with a disco light that can turn your space into a small concert area. This disco light can twist to 180 degrees, which creates an awesome dancing and singing atmosphere.


  • Ideal for toddlers and kids from 5 years old and older
  • Music Magic mode
  • Connects to mobile devices and MP3 players
  • 6 built-in games
  • voice changer effects
  • built-in recorder
  • colorful and bright disco light

The Pros

  • great sound quality
  • easy to use
  • battery-saving

The Cons

  • produces static interference sound

5. Singing Machine ISM398 Karaoke System

Singing Machine ISM398 Tabeoke Model is a karaoke machine for kids that will surely entertain not only your kids but the whole family. It provides an interactive and fun experience. Kids can listen to their favorite tunes using Karaoke mobile app. It is a Bluetooth-compatible system with powerful built-in speakers.

If you have two toddlers, let them duet using the two microphone jacks and use the volume control for unforgettable duets. For better voice effects, you can use the echo control feature. ISM398 Tabeoke Model includes wired microphones, RCA output, and uses 3.5 mL auxiliary input. Take note that this does not use a rechargeable battery.

It requires 4 C batteries to operate and weighs 4.32 pounds only with product dimensions 16.9 inches x 16.3 inches x 10.1 inches. It also includes line-in for external devices. Take note that external devices and cable are not included in the packaging. 

Singing Machine ISM398BT



  • Echo and balance controls
  • Two microphone jacks
  • Built-in high-quality speakers
  • Audio input jack

The Pros

  • Great sound quality
  • Value for money
  • Good features

The Cons

  • Not too long-lasting

6. Singing Machine SMK250PP Kids LED Bluetooth Sing-Along Speaker

This SMK250PP Bluetooth Sing-along Speaker by Singing Machine highlights its multi-colored LED glowing lights for perfect evening parties at home or outdoors. Kids will get more attracted as they can use the Kids Music App integrated for free, which can be accessed using your Android tablet.

You can also stream songs using any Bluetooth-compatible device such as a mobile phone or tablet. The package also includes two microphone jacks, but an additional microphone is sold separately. It also has a wired microphone included and an AC adapter. To operate, make sure that you have 8 C batteries as these are not included in the package.

This is an ideal gift for kids who love singing and a perfect way to create many hours of fun memories with the whole family. It only weighs 4.39 pounds and measures 6.3 inches x 9.8 inches x 12.2 inches. 

Singing Machine Kids Mood LED



  • Changing colors on the lights
  • Easy to use
  • Wired youth microphone
  • Glowing LED lights

The Pros

  • Affordable
  • Good sound quality

The Cons

  • Missing items in the package

7. Little Rock Star Karaoke Player by Little Pretender

Little Rock Star Music Machine by Little Pretender has multiple play options that will entertain every little girl. It has a child-friendly design since this is lightweight and compact. Thus, she can bring it anywhere and sing along wherever she goes.

This also contains ten built-in songs, and for an unlimited music experience, you can use the iPod dock and play any songs you and your child likes. Boost the confidence of your little one by simply pressing the "Applause" button and listen to an imaginary audience. For impressive sound quality, Little Pretender Karaoke Machine uses high-capacity speakers.

This music player is also ideal for toddlers and kids who like to sing along. It is a perfect gift for any celebration. The package includes 2 AAA batteries, a handheld microphone, and a karaoke player. This lovely music player for kids also has adjustable volume if you want to rock your house from the whisper-soft sound.

Little Pretender is known for its years of inspiration and entertaining production of toys to the little boys and girls. This is the reason why you always get child-friendly and quality industry standards that last for years. 

Kids Karaoke Machine for Girls



  • A durable handheld microphone
  • High-quality speakers
  • Built-in songs
  • Sound effects
  • Aux connectivity
  • iPod dock
  • portable design
  • battery-operated

The Pros

  • lightweight and compact
  • attractive design
  • durable

The Cons

  • minor issues on the AUX cable

8. Singtrix Party Bundle Karaoke Second Edition

Singtrix Party Bundle Karaoke Machine is designed for both adults and kids. This second edition bundle includes a microphone and a speaker which highlights Pro Voice Tuning effects.

Singtrix Party Bundle Singing Machine comes with a speaker (40 watts) with a subwoofer, three vocal enhancement levels, a durable microphone stand with incredible effects, and a pro microphone for the best party experience.

With this music system, you can sing any song genre – pop, rock, rap, or country songs. Singtrix Karaoke Machine is ideal for events, including birthdays, work parties, sleepovers, weddings, holidays, reunions, backyard BBQs, house parties, and more.

This is a smart karaoke machine that lets you plug and play YouTube karaoke tracks, lyric videos, and third-party karaoke apps for free using your device with 3.5-millimeter headphone jack input. You can use your PC, iPhone, Mac, or Android devices to enjoy this karaoke machine party bundle.

Just like other Singtrix karaoke models, this model has interchangeable colored faceplates as well as device holder that can be attached to your mobile phones. It can support any standard tablet, smartphone, and other similar devices for the hands-free singing experience.

What's more, the Next-Gen Singtrix Studio Controller feature comes with a very simple interface. Adjust the settings and effects in real-time with the use of your backlit display. It has more than 375 built-in effects with three Skill Modes that are all easy to use.

The back view of this machine has been made for out-of-the-box plug and play. This means that the studio controller comes with easy-to-read labels that are useful for casual singers. It also has versatile outputs and inputs designed for advanced singers who are taking their performance to a higher level.

The bottom view is about stage stability. This is the reason why the Singtrix karaoke machine can be locked into place by flipping its extendable legs or using its mic stand attachment to secure it on the desktop surface.

Apart from these features, the Singtrix microphone is well-equipped with impressive audio components, Hit the button, and control harmonies. This portable karaoke system by Singtrix comes with a 2.1 stereo speaker who has fully-customizable treble, bass, and volume controls. 

Singtrix Party Bundle Second Edition Karaoke



  • Plug and Play in minutes
  • Pro Vocal Technology
  • High Fidelity Sound
  • 40-Watt Speaker with Subwoofer
  • Pro Microphone including Hit Effect Control
  • Instant Voice Tuning
  • Free Online Karaoke Music App

The Pros

  • Superb sound quality
  • Perfect for kids and adults
  • loud music

The Cons

  • Expensive

9. Little Pretender Kids Karaoke Machine with Adjustable Stand

This kiddie karaoke machine by Little Pretender comes with two microphones, a microphone adaptor, 4 AA batteries, an AUX cable ( see ps4 slim aux port), and an adjustable stand. It measures 18.5 inches and a maximum of 40 inches when fully extended.

What's more, it has an optional handle that helps you carry this lightweight speaker. Thus, your little girl can dance while singing. This is also so easy to assemble or disassemble, making storage and setup quick and simple.

To stream music using this portable karaoke machine, you can connect it to different devices using AUX cable, which is included in the package. Then, you and little ones can enjoy singing and dancing to their favorite kid's karaoke songs. Another incredible thing about this karaoke that you can adjust the volume easily, as well as it's on and off knob.

For a full package of fun and entertainment, use the Left Food Pedal and add more tunes while the Right Foot Pedal is to applaud your kid's talent. There are also dancing lights made of multi-colored stage lights that will flash while she sings. Sing without interruption since it is battery-operated, and you need to put the 4 AA batteries, which are included in the package.

If she wants to sing with her sibling or a friend, you can use the two microphones which are made durable. The stand can be extended up to 40 inches; thus, it is so convenient to taller children. This is recommended for children from 3 to 9 years old.

If you are looking for the top-rated karaoke machine for kids that are on-the-go, then this is an ideal choice. This Little Pretender stage microphone is designed with a durable flip-out handle. Thus, it will be so easy for your young performers to carry wherever they want to.

Lastly, the AUX port in this handheld mic allows you and your kids to stream any music from your smartphone, tablet, MP3, iPhone, Kindle, and any electronic device.
Little Pretender has been providing premium quality, safe, and toxin-free toys for several years already. It recognizes the essence of upholding the most durable and safest standards of the products. Each toy undergoes a lengthy process of safety certification before leaving the company's premises. Then, they are confident that as it lands on every kid's hands, parents and guardians will be free from worries. 

 L P Kids Karaoke Machine



  • Adjustable stand
  • two microphones inclusive
  • flashing lights and musical effects
  • battery-operated

The Pros

  • good overall quality
  • kids have free range to make their own songs
  • easy to setup

The Cons

  • Functionality issues
  • A bit costly

10. Singing Machine Bluetooth LED Karaoke System

Singing Machine SML385UW is a karaoke system that features Bluetooth and USB connectivity. It comes with LED flashing disco lights and a microphone for full entertainment. What makes it different from other typical karaoke machines for toddlers and kids is that it is top-loaded with a CD player that lets you play music from CDs.

If you prefer a wireless digital audio streaming using your devices, you can use the Bluetooth features. For USB connectivity, it will let you record performances and play saved songs. There are 54 LED lights built in it that you can control if you prefer dimmer settings to achieve party ambiance.

It also has a built-in wood cabinet speaker that offers powerful sound quality. The RCAL cables let you connect to the TV set if you want to scroll lyrics. Then, you enjoy a plug and play experience. And of course, it also has echo control for amazing voice effects, making you feel like real singers. 

Singing Machine SML385UW



  • Echo control
  • Two-digital LED display
  • Built-in speaker wooden cabinet
  • Two-wired microphone jacks
  • Bluetooth and USB connectivity

The Pros

  • Great sound quality
  • Good value for its price
  • Packed with useful features
  • Versatile

The Cons

  • Minor problems with the microphone

Buying Guide for Karaoke Machine for Kids

Most of the karaoke machines for kids are all-in-one systems. This only implies that you do not have to purchase extra accessories. However, not all models have the same features and quality levels. When buying these machines, you should consider some factors to get the best one.


Your goal is to find an easy-to-use and child-friendly karaoke machine. Take note that children pay shorter attention to these details, making them lose interest quickly. The perfect choice is one that is self-integrated and lets your kids pick a song easily and quickly.


Karaoke machines for kids are cheaper than professional and home karaoke setups. However, it does not mean that you have to choose a low-quality piece of crap. Generally, a karaoke machine with a few moving accessories and parts last longer.

Size and portability

Make sure that the karaoke machine lets your kids carry and pack it up. It should be portable and lightweight.

Audio Format

Be cautious of karaoke machines that deal with songs. Some of them are loaded with a hundred songs. However, they do not have CD drives or USB slots that let you expand its audio catalog. If your kid is a prolific singer, you would want to invest a machine that lets you choose more songs when necessary.

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Let you and your little boy or girl have fun together with a very useful thing. This time, your toddlers can sing as many kid karaoke songs you like. The key is to choose the best karaoke machine for kids.

Hopefully, this review will be your ultimate guide in finding the perfect karaoke machine for your little one. All of them are well-picked to narrow down your choices. They all offer great value for money as they have the excellent features, benefits, and performances. 

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