The easy karaoke songs, we found out these.

While karaoke is all about having fun, it can also be beneficial for learning to sing. Sure, we all enjoy some karaoke and decide to have fun with it, but if you can learn a bit, then why not. But, of course, to learn, you have to start with easy karaoke songs.

That’s why I have got more than 40 karaoke songs lined up for you that are pretty easy to sing. Let’s check them out right away- 

When you are in a room full of people and don’t want to embarrass yourself, choosing a song easy to sing will help you a lot. There is less chance of messing things up, right?

So, I have categorized various types of song types and listed them below. These don't require too much expertise to sing.


Easiest karaoke songs for Men 

Men and women have different vocal styles and different ranges. So, based on that, here are some of the easiest songs for men to sing on karaoke.

  1. Take me home, Country roads – John Denver.

What better song to start the list than a John Denver classic? We all know the lyrics and the way it goes. And when everyone joins you in the chorus, it’s just overwhelming to witness.


  1. Hey there Delilah – Plain White T’s

Most of us grew up listening to this song that captures the beauty of expressing admiration. You can never go wrong with this at a karaoke party.


  1. Galway Girl – Ed Sheeran

When it’s time to spice up the party with some funky music, Galway girl can be a great choice for that. It’s uplifting and fun to sing and pretty easy as well.


  1. Wonderwall – Oasis

Well, if you ever attempted to learn guitar, you will know this is one of the first songs people learn to play on guitar. And the song is a pure classic, so it’s always fun to sing.


  1. Love yourself – Justin Bieber

After an energetic party, it’s always good to go with a calm song that everyone can enjoy while sitting or dancing slowly. And love yourself does this one flawlessly.


  1. Summer of 69 - Bryan Adams

Liven up the party with this classic wrong song that’s not very hard to sing. Go on with the flow, and you are all good.


  1. Happy – Pharrell Williams

A song that is pretty simple to sing with a catchy chorus. It's a song with a lot of popularity and a fun vibe, so it's just the perfect thing for a karaoke party.

  1. I Won’t Give Up – Jason Mraz

Want to add some folk-pop vibe to the party? Then this will not fail you. An easy song to sing with a catchy hook and a memorable tune, everything works out for you.

  1. Wake me up when September ends- Green Day

Who can forget this classic from the popular band Green Day? With a calming vibe and emotional musical influence, it’s certainly a song you can try out in karaoke.

  1. Don’t Worry, Be Happy – Bobby McFerrin

Do you have a low voice? Then this is the song that will suit your voice the most. And you will find it super easy to sing with that feel-good vibe on the song.

  1. Knocking on Heavens Door - Bob Dylan

Fan of soft rock songs? Then this is a great one to sing for a karaoke session. It's technically simple, and you don't need too much energy to sing this emotional ride.

  1. Hallelujah – Jeff Buckley

A slow-paced song with an opera vibe to it, this is a song you will enjoy singing. And it’s a classic, so how can you go wrong with your music taste?

  1. Hey Jude- The Beatles

A band that doesn't require any introduction, The Beatles have given countless quality songs. And this one is undoubtedly one of the most popular yet easiest sing-song.

  1. Never Gonna Give You Up - Rick Astley

Now, this is a song that indeed speaks out party. It's just a mood lifter for everyone, even though it's a meme on the internet. You love this song when you hear it.

  1. Hey, Soul Sister- Train

With the funky rhythm in the back and a soft, soothing melody, this is a song to sing for karaoke.

  1. Livin' La Vida Loca- Ricky Martin

Pretty sure every single person has heard the song from their childhood. At least everyone knows the tune without a doubt which makes it a fun song to sing on karaoke.

  1. All the small things- Blink 182

This is one of the easiest songs you will ever find to sing, yet it is so much fun. The song follows a funky repeating rhythm with moderate-paced lyrics. Great for karaoke.

  1. What a wonderful world- Louis Armstrong

You can hardly find songs as beautiful as this one out there. And it’s such an uplifting song to sing on a karaoke session while being easy to sing as well.

  1. Brightside- The killers

Love songs with a quick tempo? Then this is a song that will get you going well for 3 minutes and 47 seconds.

  1. American Pie- Don McLean

Well, this is a song that tells a story and keeps people on their toes. The song starts slow and low, then lifts midway to get everyone going along with you.

Easiest karaoke songs for women 

There are many songs out there that are very easy for a woman to sing, but it can be tough for a man. So, here are the songs that are easier for women-

  1. Oops! I did it again- Britney Spears

There is no better way to have fun on a karaoke night with friends than to sing this song. It’s such an upbeat song that you may even start dancing along.


  1. Someone like you- Adele

Going through a breakup? What better way to express your emotions than singing this classic from Adele? It's slow-paced and easy to sing along the music.


  1. I will always love you- Whitney Houston.

With that falsetto touch on the vocal, you can sound surreal when you sing this song—a perfect karaoke song for slow dancing with mellow lights.

  1. Girlfriend- Avril Lavigne

A song to lift the mood or maybe giving a hint to someone that you like them? Either way, it's a fun song to sing at a karaoke party for sure.

  1. A thousand years- Christina Perri

No better way to express your love for someone than singing this song. It's just all the right words paired with soft and mellow music. To slow down the vibe of a karaoke party, it’s perfect.

  1. Upside down- Diana Ross

Here is a classic song choice to give life to your karaoke party. It has got that funky vibe to get people clapping and moving their bodies.

  1. Material Girl- Madonna

Karaoke parties are a flop without the classic songs from the '80s. And this one is proof of that statement, sing the song and make your karaoke party complete.

  1. Call me maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen

Get some uplifting vibe in the room with this song from Carly Rae Jepsen. It’s super easy to sing and has got some decent beats to have some fun.

  1. You belong with me- Taylor Swift.

Now, this is a song to make sure you are having fun at karaoke. It has got that jumpy vibe where you can start moving your body in the chorus.

  1. Born this way- Lady Gaga

There is no way you can go wrong with this song because of the upbeat chorus. It’s easy and fun to sing this on a karaoke night surrounded by friends.

  1. Hips don’t lie- Shakira.

Right from the start of the music of this song, it's full-on vibes. And it’s so easy to sing at the same time. With the fast tempo, you love to sing this.

  1. Wannabe – Spice girls

Well, this is a classic karaoke song that has been going on in karaoke sessions for a long time. You can’t say you had a karaoke night without this song on that list.

  1. Build a bitch- Bella Poarch

This is probably the latest song you get to sing on karaoke. For a girl’s night out, there is no better song than a feminist anthem. And it’s so fun to sing at the same time.

  1. Zombies- Cranberries

Are you a fan of the rock genre? Then this is the perfect song for you to sing on a karaoke night. This is an iconic song from the band with some strong words behind it.

  1. Hero- Mariah Carey

With a soft and mellow start with orchestra-style music, you get a slow song to sing on a karaoke night.

  1. Single Ladies- Beyonce

Of course, this song will be here. Not only it’s super fun to sing it’s also very easy at the same time—just the perfect song for a karaoke night with the girls.

  1. It’s raining men- The Weather girls.

You might have listened to this song countless times, so why not sing it on karaoke. It’s fun, and it’s easy to sing with some funky and upbeat vibe.

  1. Burn- Ellie Goulding

This is a song that you will love singing solely because of the chorus. It’s just too catchy not to sing this song on karaoke setup.

  1. Rockabye- Clean bandit

This one has got similar kind of vibe to the previous song. You can sing them one after the other to keep the flow going.

  1. Man, I Feel Like a Woman- Shania Twain

Go to the vintage old days with this song and the music. It's not a difficult song to sing with some bumpy vibes that are classic of the 2000s.

Easiest group song for karaoke 

The best of the fun comes on karaoke when you sing the group songs. So, here are some easy yet fun songs to sing on karaoke-

  1. We will rock you- Queen.

No better group song to sing than this classic from Queen. You don’t even need a proper music setup. Still, you can enjoy the song and have fun with your close people. And it’s so easy at the same time that everyone singing will surely enjoy it.


  1. Hall of Fame- The Script

Liven up the karaoke party with this group song to lift everyone's mood. It’s a great and easy song to sing on karaoke.


  1. I want it that way - Backstreet boys

I mean, come on, a karaoke session without the easiest yet most popular song? That’s not possible. You always have room for this song.


  1. Staying Alive – Bee Gees

Bump up the tempo of your party with this song from Bee Gees. It’s just a mood lifter of a song that you can’t miss out on.

  1. Dancing Queen- ABBA

Get all your people together at the party and start jamming on to this song. It’s the perfect song to sing with a group setup. And when you have the right people, you don’t want to miss out on that opportunity.

Last words 

In short, what songs you sing on a karaoke night doesn’t matter too much when you are having fun. But if you are concerned about messing up, then you can’t have fun either. That’s why these easy karaoke songs will surely help you out without the hesitation of singing.

These are super easy to sing without having any technical singing training before this. So, you can enjoy karaoke without having to worry about messing up the whole time.

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