Ten Best Karaoke Songs for Altos (Detailed List)

The truth is, not everyone is music gifted to hit amazing high pitches like Ariana Grande or Jessi Jay, or Beyonce.

Sometimes, your music prowess could be embedded in sounding more like Chaka Khan, Annie Lennox, or a much more unique alto singer.

The good thing about understanding that you're an alto singer is that it would reflect on the choice of songs you decide to sing, especially at a karaoke performance.

You already know that singing a Beyonce or Ariana Grande's kind of song at karaoke is equivalent to shooting yourself in the feet. So, to have an amazing karaoke experience, we've gathered some of the best karaoke songs for alto singers.

You sure would have a blast taking any of these songs and uniquely making it yours at karaoke. Let's dive in. 

Karaoke songs for altos

  1. Bad Romance by Lady Gaga:
    We're starting this list with our all-time favorite electro-pop song from the queen herself. Lady Gaga was a sensation during her time, and she always made the headlines during her time as an active singer. With her amazing alto voice, she still rendered this song in an electrifying way that expressed passion and desire for "bad romance." Released in 2009, Lady Gaga bagged two grammy awards for this song. The categories were; best short-form music video and best female vocal pop performance. As an alto singer, you can pull this off effortlessly at karaoke. Heads up: you'll need to channel your inner alto spirit to render a flawless performance as Gaga reached deep into her soul to deliver the song in one of the deepest and strongest alto voices.
  2. Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Ray:
    This song starts with a melodramatic piano that goes off for a while until Lana penetrates the 5sec of piano rendition with her thick alto vocals. As she progresses, her vocals beautifully intertwine with the instrument to sustain the melodramatic feel the song brings that we're almost sucked into the " summertime sadness" she's feeling because her relationship (in the song) is coming to an end. She mourns the love she once had but is about to lose in this pop ballad. Although Lana sounds sad in this song, it made the top ten music list in some European countries, including; Luxembourg, Greece, Germany, Switzerland, Bulgaria, and Austria. In countries like Ukraine, Poland, and Armenia, this pop ballad topped the music charts. A tip: you'll most likely be able to convey the sad feelings in this song if you're going through or have gone through heartbreak before. Nevertheless, this doesn't mean that you won't still render a perfect karaoke performance of this song even though you've never experienced a breakup before.
  3. Stay by Rihanna:
    This is one intense song that draws you in once the piano starts to sing like it's counting one to four. You begin to feel the delicateness and desperateness conveyed by Rihanna's vocals as she sings the lyrics. It tells the story of a woman who's in a dysfunctional relationship but can't get out because, for some reason, she can't seem to live without her significant other. There seems to be no solid level of certainty in the relationship. As a result, they go through series of breakups and makeups. Surprisingly, Rihanna wasn't part of the writing process of this song. Yet, she delivered it in a way that seemed personal. The song was a huge success as it topped the musical charts in several countries like Israel, Denmark, Bulgaria, Canada, and the Czech Republic. It peaked at number 5 in about 24 countries, including the UK, Germany, France, and Norway. In the US, it stole the number three spot on the billboard hot 100. Aside from your alto song, if you can render this song with all the emotions infused in it by Rihanna and Mikky, you'll deliver an amazing karaoke performance
  4. Send my Love to your Lover by Adele:
    In her astounding vocals, Adele renders this up-tempo pop song was somewhat inspired by Taylor Swift's "I knew you were trouble." Adele bids farewell to a lover who she no longer wants and is glad is out of her life for good. According to Adele, this song falls under the category of songs that show gratitude for the exit of a previous lover from her life because she's fine without the lover. Adele penned down this song with help from two other people. It was released in May of 2016. Music critics all over the world have labeled this song one of Adele's songs that stands out. The song was top ten in some countries. For instance, in Canada, it peaked at number 10. It was number 8 in the US and number 5 in the UK. If you're feeling a little bit bitchy and would love to convey a message to an ex-boyfriend who happens to be in the room, this song should be your pick. Coupled with your Alto vocals, you'll deliver flawless performance.
  5. At Last by Etta James:
    Here's one powerful alto voice song that you can perform at a karaoke. It is a love song by R&B artist Etta James that celebrates the return of a lover. Etta describes all the feelings that occur and how it alters her view of her immediate surrounding upon her lovers coming into her life. She feels elated, and everything around her suddenly feels beautiful. The skies are blue, and she is in heaven with her lover. It's almost as though she's been waiting to be hit by the true love wave. When it finally hit, it was everything she wished for and more. The song starts with a loving and soothing piano tune that takes you on a journey of love right before Etta James enters with her breathtaking vocals. She conveys vivid and powerful emotions that leave you feeling like you're in the lover's shoe. Taking this song to karaoke to induce people with feelings of true love is the formula for a perfect karaoke performance.
  6. Million Reasons by Lady Gaga:
    Lady Gaga sings about a toxic relationship. The relationship is toxic because her significant other seems to do things that make her want to leave the relationship. However, she doesn't seem to want to let go and move on. Sadly, the relationship doesn't seem to get better as her significant other keeps giving her a million reasons to move on. However, as Gaga keeps resisting the need to leave the toxic relationship, she doesn't seem to know what it means to be happy anymore. But she still stays because she loves him regardless of his flaws. This country-pop song was top 10 in countries like Hungary, Venezuela, the US, Slovakia, and Switzerland. But it came in the top 20 in Scotland, Canada, and Italy. If you love country pop, this song is perfect for you.
  7. Style by Taylor Swift:
    Since Taylor is known for writing about her heartbreaking, this song follows the same theme. While it's been rumored that this song is about Harry Styles, there is no real confirmation. Released in 2015, this song is a blend of funk-pop, synth-pop, and pop-rock. It is an easy song to sing at karaoke. The song was number 6 on the Billboard hot 100 and got the triple-platinum certification. In 2017, 2.2 million copies of the song had been sold.

  8. Someone like You by Adele:
    Here is another Adele song that's perfect for alto singers. It starts with a soothing, calm piano sound, followed by Adele's voice. She sings about an ex-lover. But this time around, she seems to miss this ex-lover truly. She seems scared because her ex is happy with some other lover while she's alone. She has a hard time accepting that a once so good relationship and had a lot of amazing memories was now over, and her ex was now married to somebody else. Like a true artist, Adele doesn't fail in conveying how hurt she was in the song, loading the song with regretful sorrow. Any alto singer can pull this song off.

  9. Royals by Lorde:
    Lorde's Royal is another perfect song for alto singers. It follows a smooth progression, with the beat striking in every few seconds. It's low-pitched and wouldn't make you stress your vocals. Also, the song's message is about how Lorde doesn't understand why there's so much emphasis on material things and celebrities and being in the spotlight. Instead, she'll rather live her ordinary life, and she'll be happy with it. Lorde received praise for the song from David Bowe and other legends in the music industry.
  10. I was hoping you could give me one reason by Tracy Chapman:
    Reaching number 3 on the billboard 100; this song is a classic. It's a blues-rock song that won a Grammy for best rock song of the year 1997. Tracy sings about wanting to walk out on a lover. But she doesn't seem to want to leave. Hence, she asks the lover to give her a good reason to stay with him and in the relationship, and she'll change her mind instantly.

Last Words

Karaoke is fun. However, you can ruin your karaoke performance by singing a higher song than your vocal pitch.

The first trick to having an amazing karaoke performance is knowing and understanding your vocal quality and strength.

If you are a soprano singer, you would most likely do well singing a song by Celine Deon or another artist.

As for Alto singers, feel free to choose from our song list of karaoke songs for altos. You'll thank us later. But for now, have fun.

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