Fix Your Vizio Sound Bar Bluetooth Pairing Problems In 8 Steps!

Hands down, Bluetooth is a very convenient and popular way to connect two devices wirelessly. With that being said, many people these days are having a tough time with Vizio soundbar Bluetooth pairing problems, unfortunately!

In this case, getting familiar with the right techniques has no better choice for fixing that issue permanently. That’s why from enabling Bluetooth to checking the HDMI port, I’ll walk you through 8 effective yet super-easy steps, helping you solve your problem with minimal effort!

So let’s get straight into it…


How to Fix Bluetooth Pairing Not Working on Vizio Sound Bar Issue?

Bluetooth pairing problems on Vizio soundbar TVs can happen to anyone. There are a few easy ways to fix the problem, but they get complicated when dealing with multiple sets of pairing problems. Follow these steps to Vizio sound bar Bluetooth troubleshooting quickly and easily:

1. Enable Bluetooth

 As simple as it might seem, you need first to enable Bluetooth on the Vizio sound bar system. You can do this by going onto the Settings menu and turning on the function.

If your TV remote control is not a Vizio or Sony remote, disable these features. So, use your old remote or Vizio remote to turn on Bluetooth.

2. Reconnected Vizio Sound Bar from the Power Outlet Or TV

If you have already tried to solve why Vizio sound bar Bluetooth won’t pair, it is time to reconnect again!

You may know how to connect the Bluetooth soundbar to Vizio smart tv, but now it’s time to reconnect. To avoid a Bluetooth pairing problem, ensure that the Vizio sound bar stays powered on. It is also advisable not to turn off your Vizio sound bar TV when you aren’t using it by connecting it to a power source.

3. Reset Vizio Sound Bar and External Device

Try resetting both devices if your external device and Bluetooth sound bar aren’t showing any indicators. You can use the remote on your Vizio soundbar to reset it. You can use the button under the battery cover to get rid of pairing issues on other devices.

4. Sound Bar System Update

If your Vizio sound bar stops working with other devices, updating your soundbar can be a way to fix the problem. Check for newer Vizio soundbar software updates or patches that can help with Bluetooth pairing. The update might reveal a problem, and fixing those issues can make pairing work again.

5. Re-Connection Bluetooth

You should re-pair your Bluetooth device with your Vizio sound bar as soon as possible if it is in pairing mode. As a result, if the Vizio sound bar is in pairing mode, other Bluetooth devices on your network may already connect.

Now, one question arrive how to pair the Vizio soundbar with bluetooth? The Vizio sound bar is easier to pair if you unpair your Bluetooth device from the list of connected devices.

  1. Remove the power from the sound bar by unplugging it from the wall outlet.
  2. Please wait for a few seconds before plugging it back in.
  3. You should see a blinking blue light on top of your device.
  4. Use the pairing button on the sound bar to reconnect with your Bluetooth device.

6. Restart your Vizio Soundbar and Smartphone/Tablet Devic

If the pairing Vizio soundbar fails, try resetting all the settings on both devices. In most cases, connecting both devices to a power source forces them to cross-check, resetting any problematic settings. It is also helpful if the other fixes above do not work for you.

7. Check External Audio Settings

Ensure that the sound bar and TV are on the same external audio output settings. When choosing external audio, make sure both devices are set to the same setting. To do this, go to the Vizio sound bar’s settings menu and change all the sources to the same.

8. Check HDMI Port

You may have Bluetooth compatibility issues unless your Vizio sound bar connects via HDMI to a powerful device. As a result, make sure both devices properly connect via HDMI ports.

Last Words!

The Vizio soundbar bluetooth pairing problems are frustrating yet 100% fixable. So when you’re dealing with the same bummer, be sure to apply each of the steps I’ve mentioned here. And don’t hesitate to contact Vizio support if you can’t solve the issue even after trying everything!

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