Best Floating Pool Speakers 2022, Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Have you ever wondered if you can take your music to the pool instead of just pool speakers on the poolside? With a floating pool speaker, you can play tunes, sing along to songs, and have a party in your pool.

This kind of speaker connects to any music device, smartphone, or stereo system so you can enjoy non-stop tunes as you swim, play or party. And if you're shopping for a floating pool speaker for your next party, here are some awesome products that we know you'll love.


Comparison Table of the Best Floating Pool Speakers 2022

This is a comparison of 15 highly-rated floating pool speakers available in the market today.

Floating Speakers Products


Power Source

Item Weight


Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, lasts for 6 hours

6.4 ounces

Bluetooth 5.0

730 mAh rechargeable battery to 8 hours

0.53 pounds

Bluetooth 4.2

3.7/1600 mAh up to 8 hrs playtime

0.75 pounds

Bluetooth 4.2

Built-in rechargeable battery to 10 + hours of use

19.20 pounds

Bluetooth 4.0

AC and battery

15.8 ounces


Rechargeable batteryto 6 hours of battery life

8.8 ounces

Wireless connectivity to 20 meters

Long-lasting battery up to 5 hours

2.35 pounds


Rechargeable batteryto 10 hours

1.35 pounds

Bluetooth 4.0

500 mAh rechargeable lithium-polymer battery up to 8 hours

2.57 pounds

Bluetooth or AUX connections

Rechargeable battery from 10 to 20+ hours

1.13 pounds


Sealed rechargeable battery up to 5 hours

3.50 pounds


Rechargeable battery from 5 to 10 hours

2 pounds

Bluetoot, AUX-in, USB

Rechargeable lithium battery up to 7 hours

0.5 kg


Rechargeable battery up to 50+ hours

5 pounds

Bluetooth 3.0, AUX input

Rechargeable battery to 10 hours

1.30 pounds

Detailed Reviews of the Floating Pool Speakers

1. Altec Lansing Mini H2O Wireless Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker

Altec Lansing Mini Wireless Bluetooth Speaker for Pool Parties

Altec Lansing Mini H2O is a portable, easy to carry and lightweight wireless Bluetooth waterproof speaker. Available in 5 cool colors (mint, black, aqua blue, orange, and red), you can play music or any audio file within 30 feet. You can use this in the pool, near the pool or indoors.

This is a floating waterproof speaker with an IP67 rating that you can also use at the beach, boat, AUV, ATV, golf cart, and on your bike. It has a special carabineer that makes it very comfortable to carry anywhere outdoors. You can hang this on your backpack or bag to free your hands as you commute, travel or trek.

The Altec Lansing portable waterproof speaker has a 6-hour battery life with one full charge. And everything you need is in the box like charging cables, carabineer clip and more.

Altec Lansing Mini H2O


Pool Speaker Features:

  • Floating speaker
  • Waterproof

Special Features:

  • Voice confirmation
  • On-board mic
  • Wireless pairing and carabineer

The Pros

  • Farther Bluetooth connectivity
  • Waterproof IP67 rating
  • Portable, lightweight, easy to carry
  • Comes with carabineer clip
  • Available in five cool colors

The Cons

  • The battery lasts only 6 hours
  • Will not float in water

2. BassPal Bluetooth Speakers

Colorful Bluetooth Speaker for Poolside and Outdoor Use

The BassPal Bluetooth Speakers come with a multifunctional LED screen display so you can check the battery power and time. This speaker comes in different modes with radio, and music player and uses this speaker's light show that follows the beat of your music. LEDs will pulse and shine to the beat. This is a party speaker who also has 7 cool colors, ideal for a romantic poolside event. You can use one color or use different colors to move and pulse to the beat.

This is waterproof with IPX7; it may be submerged to 3 feet for up to 30 minutes. Use the suction cup that comes with the speaker and stick it to your bathroom wall to sing in the shower. This suction cup is also perfect for mirrors, pool decks, and on your tile kitchen counter.

You'll get amazing TWS 3D stereo sound from its wireless speakers, 360 degrees HD surround sound and no distortions whatsoever. This also comes with a built-in mic so you can make calls in the pool or shower. 

BassPal Speaker


Pool Speaker Features

  • Waterproof with an IPX7 rating
  • Shockproof
  • With suction cups

Special Features:

  • With a microphone,
  • FM radio
  • Mood lighting

The Pros

  • With multi-functional LED, mood lights
  • With beat-driven light show features
  • Waterproof IPX7
  • 3D stereo sound
  • Portable, lightweight, easy to carry

The Cons

  • Default volume too high
  • Connectivity issues

3. Blufree Bluetooth Speakers

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker for Kids

This waterproof Bluetooth speaker is different from other speakers on this list because of its very colorful design. It floats with a longer battery thanks to its durable rechargeable battery. Kids will love its 7 color themes and slow and fast blinking lights. Some parents use this as a night light aside from a floating pool speaker.

The Blufree speaker is waterproof with an IPX7 rating. This means you can immerse this up to 3 feet for around 30 minutes under the water. It's rainproof and splashproof; you can also use this to win the shower or bathtub. Aside from its design, this speaker has good quality audio with impressive high-fidelity stereo audio with wide-ranging volume levels. This offers amazing surround audio that you can use indoors or outdoors.

This waterproof speaker will work to 8 hours in just one full charge. LED lights come in different themes with fast and slow lighting features. Finally, it comes with a microphone so won’t miss a call. It floats in water, and thus you don’t need to get out of the pool to take or make a phone call.

Bluetooth Speakers with Colorful Lights


Pool Speaker Features

  • Waterproof IPX7 rating up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes

Special Features:

  • Stereo sound
  • 7 light modes
  • Connects to 50 feet

The Pros

  • Can make calls
  • Waterproof
  • Bluetooth 3
  • Very clear and crisp stereo sound
  • With LED

The Cons

  • Issues with connectivity
  • The battery does not last long

4. ECOXGEAR EcoTrek Rugged Waterproof Floating Portable Wireless Speakers

Waterproof Rugged Wireless Speakers for In-Pool or Poolside Use

Compared to most of the floating pool speakers in this review, the ECOXGEAR wireless speakers are a giant. It is rated IP67 international waterproof standards, and thus, you won't have to worry about dirt, rain, snow, or splashes. You can even take it in the pool or the ocean!

It is a large wireless speaker, but it floats. It is also capable of wired AUX-in connectivity, but using wireless Bluetooth 4.2, you can enjoy music even up to 100 ft. Enjoy your music coming from its two 2.5 inches tweeters, full-range 5.2 inches speakers, and two passive subwoofers. The result is a balanced sound with great highs, midrange, bass, and vocals. You can even use the ECOCONNECT feature to connect two ECOXGEAR even as far as 30 feet to enjoy TWS or True Wireless Sound.

Use this speaker to connect to Google voice assistant or Siri just by pressing the ECOTALK control. You can play continuously using its lasting 10+ hours battery or through AC power. It comes with 6 pre-set EQ modes. Also, you can check on the speaker's status from its LED display, perfect for viewing at night.

Pool Speaker Features

  • Waterproof IP67, can work 3 feet under water for 30 minutes

Special Features:

  • With 6 speakers
  • AM/FM
  • EcoConnect
  • EcoTalk

The Pros

  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • Updated speaker sound system
  • With ECOTALK and ECOCONNECT functions
  • Preset EQ modes
  • Comes with 3-year parts & labor warranty

The Cons

  • Too heavy
  • Available in one color

5. COWIN Swimmer Floating Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

Colorful LED Floating Pool Speaker for Kids and Adults

It may look like a toy, but it's more than the flashy lights. The COWIN Swimmer is an IPX7 floating waterproof speaker that works using Bluetooth 4.0 for less energy and enhanced clear sounds. Available in green, red/black and yellow/blue colors, it has a rubberized exterior for rugged pool parties and outings.

This waterproof speaker also has updated volume and bass through its 10 watts subwoofer and multiple passive radiators. Kids will love this colorful poolside or in-pool speaker with its 32 tri-color RGB LED lights located on top of the speaker. You can select from five fun and exciting color modes.

COWIN Swimmer


Pool Speaker Features

  • Waterproof IPX7 rating up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes

Special Features:

  • Improved bass and volume
  • 32 color RGB LED, 5 color modes

The Pros

  • Available in three color combinations
  • IPX7 waterproof speakers
  • Uses Bluetooth 4.2
  • Preset color modes
  • Great pool speakers for kids

The Cons

  • Charging port cover does not close well
  • Sounds not in the water

6. Caleo Inflatable Floating Bluetooth Speaker

Waterproof Speaker in Fun Inflatable Pool Designs For Adults and Kids

The Caleo inflatable floating wireless speaker is an IPX67 rated speaker you can take to the pool, lake, bathtub, shower, or Jacuzzi. It is a loudspeaker with good volume and deep bass. Compared to other waterproof pools speakers, this floats as it is fitted in a floatation device. You can choose from three fun designs: Donut, Pink Flamingo and Palm Tree.

The Caleo speaker also comes with a longer battery life up to 6 hours in one full charge.  This offers maximum distance connection using updated Bluetooth. This way, you can play tunes even when your expensive phone is many feet away from the pool.

Caleo Inflatable Floating Bluetooth Speaker


Pool Speaker Features:

  • Waterproof IPX67
  • With an inflatable floater
  • Comes with a pump

Special Features:

  • Long-distance Bluetooth
  • Dynamic audio
  • Exciting designs

The Pros

  • Will float using a floatation device
  • Fun and cute floatation designs
  • Crystal clear sound
  • Maximum Bluetooth distance
  • Comes with a handheld pump

The Cons

  • The battery does not last longer than 6 hours
  • Will not float without the floatation device
  • No voice-activated features

7. Skywin Hot TubSpeakers & Speakerphone

Multi-Function Waterproof Speakers for Indoor, Outdoor & All-Environment Use

The Skywin wireless speaker is so versatile as it can be used in water, as a ceiling speaker, as a tabletop speaker, and many more. This uses Bluetooth to connect to any smartphone, tablet, or laptop from a distance of 20 meters. Pairing the device is easy, and it is done in just a few seconds. And when it's connected to your smartphone, it can be used as a handy speakerphone.

The Skywin water-resistant speaker can be used in 3 ft. of water in a lake, pool, bathtub, Jacuzzi, and beach. It will float no matter what. The sound is high-fidelity stereo audio with a wide volume variety. You'll enjoy great bass with its large subwoofer.  You can use this speaker indoors or outdoors. When it comes to battery power, it can provide up to 5-hours playtime. You'll enjoy its built-in lights that will sync to your music. The lights become visible when you're under the pool.

 Skywin Hot Tub Speakers


Pool Speaker Features:

  • Waterproof IPX7 up to 3 feet in the water

Special Features:

  • With sound and light
  • Speakerphone,
  • 2.1 sound

The Pros

  • Connects via Bluetooth up to 20 meters
  • Can be used up to 3 feet in the water
  • Good sound quality, used as a speakerphone
  • Lights show under the water
  • Shock and dust-proof

The Cons

  • The battery lasts only up to 6 hours
  • No voice activation

8. Poolmaster 54504 Floating Pool Speaker

Submersible Waterproof Wireless Speaker for Swimmers

The Poolmaster 54504 is a portable speaker that’s portable and it floats. It has multiple lights function for your party light show. It is one of the most remarkable waterproof speakers as it may be submerged in 3 feet for an hour thanks to its IPX7 rating.

This speaker uses updated Bluetooth technology that can pair with all Bluetooth capable devices. You can also sync two Poolmaster wireless speakers together to enjoy  amazing surround sound audio indoors or outdoors. It is made from lightweight but durable ABS shell and uses push-button buttons to toggle from one song to another.

You can select from its 7 different lights or moving colored display to match your tunes and your mood. This speaker also works as a speakerphone so you can receive phone calls when you connect it to your smartphone. Enjoy its caller ID function and transmit frequencies up to 60 feet from the source. It works with a rechargeable battery that can provide uninterrupted power up to 10 hours in one full charge.

Poolmaster 54504


Pool Speaker Features:

  • Waterproof IPX7 up to 3 feet in an hour

Special Features:

  • Lightweight, caller ID
  • Different color lights

The Pros

  • Can spend an hour in 3-feet water
  • Sync two devices for surround sound
  • Preset light functions
  • With speakerphone & color ID features
  • Lasts up to 10 hours when fully charged

The Cons

  • Complaints that the sound is muffled in water

9. Infinity Orb Magnetic Levitating Speaker

Levitating Speaker for Party Use

We just had to add the Infinity Orb Magnetic Levitating Speaker, a floating speaker you can use by the poolside. Fascinate your party guests as you make this magnetic speaker the highlight of your pool party. The mysterious orb comes with a base that emits different LED colored lights. You may use the orb as a speaker too.

Enjoy music in 3D surround sound. This levitating orb has a guide cone that will provide that thundering timbre when you play your favorite music. This uses Bluetooth 4.0; therefore, it can connect with more updated Bluetooth devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and many more.

 Infinity Orb Magnetic Levitating Speake


Pool Speaker Features:

  • Wireless, floating

Special Features:

  • With LED
  • Flash, microphone
  • Touch buttons
  • 3D sound effects

The Pros

  • Cool visual effects
  • Different LED lights 
  • Bluetooth 4.0 farthest wireless range
  • Battery power up to 8 hours at 70% volume
  • Unique conversation piece

The Cons

  • Not waterproof
  • The base is not wireless

10. ECOXGEAR EcoEdge Plus Rugged Floating Waterproof Portable Speaker

Rugged Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Wireless For Pool Parties

The ECOXGEAR wows partygoers once more with the EcoEdge Plus rugged floating portable wireless smart speaker. You don’t need to get off the pool for music and drinks because, aside from providing quality music on the pool, it can also open bottled beverages with a convenient bottle opener.

This has long-range Bluetooth that allows you to stream to a distance of 100 feet. You can also use its wired AUX-in port if you don't have a compatible device. You'll get maximum power up to 20 watts that drive the rear-facing passive woofers and full-range speaker.

Every ECOXGEAR wireless pool speaker comes with the Eco Connect feature that will allow you to pair two ECOXGEAR speakers at a distance of 30 feet. This allows you to enjoy TWS or True Wireless Stereo sounds. You may also use this to talk to Siri or use Google’s voice assistant using the ECOTALK button.

Use this as a speakerphone too, and answer all your smartphone’s incoming calls. This has a powerful battery that can last 10+ hours in maximum volume and up to 20 hours or more in low volume.



Pool Speaker Features:

  • Waterproof IP67 rating
  • Snow, rain, and dirt-proof

Special Features:

  • With rubber shocks
  • Bottle opener
  • Multi-LED modes
  • Eco Connect

The Pros

  • Waterproof and dustproof IP67 rating
  • With bottle opener
  • With long-range Bluetooth
  • Connects with other ECOXGEAR speakers
  • Works as a speakerphone

The Cons

  • Complaints about sound quality

11. Acoustic Audio by Goldwood Rechargeable Bluetooth Floating Duck

Rechargeable Bluetooth Pool Speaker by Acoustic Audio by Goldwood

The Acoustic Audio by Goldwood floating duck pool speaker is rated IP66 waterproof and thus may be used in water and outside water. It comes with an easy to use the remote control to let you change color. It comes with a multi-colored LED feature that also comes with a flashing light function and glows effect.

This is a battery-powered floating pool speaker that comes with a sealed rechargeable battery, which can give you up to five hours of power. This is a plastic-molded floating speaker that is also worn and impact-resistant.

This floating duck speaker connects to any Bluetooth device and can be used indoors in a bedroom or outdoors as a pool speaker toy or poolside décor.

Acoustic Audio


Pool Speaker Features:

  • Waterproof IP66 rating

Special Features:

  • 3” polypropylene woofer
  • Surround
  • Big speakers

The Pros

  • Powerful speakers
  • Waterproof with IP66 rating
  • Impact and scratch-resistant
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Comes with remote to change light color, intensity, and other LED features

The Cons

  • Battery power only up to 5 hours

12. NUWA Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker for Indoor or Outdoor Use

The NUWA floating pool Bluetooth speaker comes with an IPX7 rating, which means it will still work when submerged in water up to 3 feet deep. This speaker is also shockproof and dustproof.

It offers high-definition audio that you can also use indoors at home, office, or school. You'll get amazing sounds from its improved subwoofer and clear, loud sounds from a small audio source. And aside from a traditional wireless speaker, you may also use this as a speakerphone and has a built-in microphone for hands-free calling.

This floating speaker can last for more than five hours. You can connect this up to 120 feet outdoors and in water. On top of the device are multiple holes where sounds come out from. These may accidentally accumulate water and affect sound volume and quality. Just turn the device over to drain these holes.

Portable Swimming Pool Float Bluetooth Speaker


Pool Speaker Features:

  • Waterproof IPX7 rating up to 3 feet

Special Features:

  • Great volume, rich stereo HD sound
  • Long-distance Bluetooth

The Pros

  • Waterproof with an IPX7 rating
  • Good sound indoors or outdoors
  • Easy to use and pair with any Bluetooth devices
  • Long-distance Bluetooth transmission
  • Can work as a speakerphone

The Cons

  • Sound holes can fill with water 
  • Rechargeable batteries will only last for 5 hrs

13. Monster SuperStarBackFloat Speaker

Waterproof and Floating HD Bluetooth Speaker For Pool Use

The Monster SuperStarBackFloat is a high definition speaker that connects to your device using Bluetooth or through an AUX-in line. This runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that gives you up to 7 hours of playback. Charge this fast, and a full charge can give you longer battery times.

The BackFloat is made with a very strong silicone case. This helps your speaker resist water even from a certain depth. The tough silicone casing will seal water out and makes the speaker shockproof ideal for the poolside or in the pool use.

When it comes to sound quality, this wireless speaker can give you the best results even in high volume. You’ll get the best results with no sound distortion whatsoever.

Monster SuperStar BackFloat


Pool Speaker Features:

  • Waterproof with silicone case

Special Features:

  • HD sound
  • Portable

The Pros

  • HD quality sound
  • Connect via Bluetooth or AUX line in
  • With very durable, tough silicone case
  • Longer playback hours
  • Lightweight, easy to carry anywhere

The Cons

  • No speakerphone functions
  • No lights

14. WOW World of Watersports Wow-Sound Speaker

Rugged All-Day Wireless Floating Speakers for Any Environment

The WOW World of Watersports speaker is a rugged, all-environment indoor, outdoor speaker. It has a unique design that’s easy to hold and easy to use. It is IP67 rated as floatable and waterproof.

All the speaker controls are easy to access. You can enjoy the music coming from its four Hi-Fi active drivers, passive radiator, 360 degrees sound, and 50 watts of power. With just one full charge of its rechargeable battery, you can enjoy 50+ hours of battery life enough for a weekend party.

Wow World of Watersports Wow-Sound Speaker


Pool Speaker Features:

  • Waterproof IP67 rating

Special Features:

  • Portable, unique, rugged, floatable
  • Hi-Fi sound
  • A passive bass

The Pros

  • Unique rugged design
  • Portable, easy to hold or mount
  • With IP67 rating
  • Very long battery life of 50+ hours
  • With 360-degree LED lights

The Cons

  • Too heavy but it still floats
  • Sound becomes muffled when speakers are submerged

15. NYNE AQUAGRY Aqua Floating Portable Bluetooth Speakerer

Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Hands-Free Microphone for All Pool Activities

The NYNE AQUAGRY is an IPX7-rated waterproof and portable speaker that uses Bluetooth 3.0 for improved pairing time and music streaming quality. You can submerge this device to 3 feet and still retain great sounds from its two drivers and passive radiators.

You may also use this portable speaker as a speakerphone and answer calls handsfree. It has a strong, lasting battery up to 10 hours of continuous use with just one full charge. And aside from using this as a wireless speaker, you can also connect your smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, and other compatible devices using a 3.5 mm AUX-in port.



Pool Speaker Features:

  • Waterproof IPX7 rating

Special Features:

  • With 2 drivers
  • Passive radiators
  • Pre-set EQ settings
  • Waterproof mic
  • Carrying strap

The Pros

  • With IPX7 rating waterproof and submersible 
  • Good stereo sounds
  • Uses Bluetooth 3.0
  • Connects using Aux-in
  • Longer battery time at 10 hours

The Cons

  • No LED lights

Buying Guide for floating pool speakers

Buying a floating pool speaker for the first time? Or are you looking for a replacement for your old speaker? Let us help you get the best product for your money and your needs with our special buyer's guide.


Almost all floating pool speakers use Bluetooth to connect to different devices; however, some have extra connectivity features. Some speakers may connect using an AUX-in port, which connects to an audio device or portable device. Some may also have USB ports to connect a USB stick or to connect other devices. Be sure to consider a speaker that has the type of connectivity you prefer.

You may also find other speakers that connect with other similar speakers using a special connect feature. Doing this helps improve sound quality so you can enjoy great music for parties and other outdoor events.

Waterproof rating

As you can see, most of the products in this review have received a waterproof rating. The best one is an IPX7 rating, which means the speaker is submersible to a certain time. Meanwhile, some have less intense waterproof ratings and may only be splash-proof. Understand these different waterproof rating, and you'll surely find the right floating pool speaker that's enough for your needs.            

Lights or no lights

This depends on your preference. If you prefer a pool speaker with lights, then you‘ll find a lot of speaker models to choose from. For this, consider speakers with LED presets and LED lights that change color according to the music played by the speaker.

But if you prefer to use a plain speaker with no lights, you’ll surely find speakers that don’t have flashing LED lights but have perfect sound quality.

Sound quality

Buyers look for functionality and good value. What's a waterproof pool speaker if you can't get good music out of it? You must look for that good bass, fine treble, and great vocals. It's rare to find a floating pool speaker with good sound even if this is immersed in water; you might be limited to a speaker that will give you great sounds as it floats.

And if you want to double your pool speaker to a speakerphone, you’ll find products with this exclusive, versatile feature.

Speakers for kids

Some floating pool speakers are designed for younger users with fun kids’ music. You’ll also find this kind of speaker in cool designs. If you’re shopping for kids’ speakers, it would be best to decide together with your child.


Of our list of the best floating pool speaker, we choose Altec Lansing Mini H2O as the best product. We think that this is the best as it is portable, easy to carry, and lightweight. Aside from its 5 cool colors mint, black, aqua blue, orange, and red, we love all its impressive features and functions.

With Altec Lansing, you can play music or any audio file from a distance of 30 feet. You can use this wireless speaker in the pool, on the poolside and even indoors. It has an IP67 rating and has a special carabineer that makes it very comfortable to carry anywhere. The Altec Lansing portable waterproof speaker has a 6-hour battery life in a full charge. With all these great qualities, this Altex Lansing speaker could be the floating speaker that you need.

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