The 8 Best Party Speakers That Will Rock Your World

What’s a party without excellent music? Well, I hate to break it to you, but that’s one boring party! Whatever theme your party has, great music is a must to fill the air with a lively vibe! That’s why the best party speakers play an important role.

It’s very easy to notice awful music in a party. I mean, aside from the terrible song selection, we can easily notice that the party speakers are, err, low quality. Yeah, I know, it’s a crime! Now, I know you don’t want to host a party with thin or muddled music.

The good thing is, I'm here to help you select the right speakers for your party needs. I know you are fond of hosting parties throughout the year and you are particular about your music. I know you have good taste in music. But whatever type of music you play, it’s only as good as your speakers.

To help you with that, I’ve narrowed down your selection to 8 of the speakers that the market offers. By the end of this post, I hope you could establish what type of speaker you want and finally make a decision on which you should get.

Here’s a summary of the best party speakers you can get your hands on.

Best Party Speakers 2018 ​

The Best Party Speakers On The Market

Tyler Acoustics is not your ordinary audio equipment manufacturer. Though they are not as big as the top brands, this small company managed to introduce its name and compete with them. The people behind this company leverage their talents to handcraft high-quality speakers that pack loud sound.

Product Details

This 60-watt dynamic speaker plays good party music. You can jam all night long with handy speakers that can double as a PA speaker and an instrument amplifier. It boasts up to 75-hours of continuous playing with one full battery charge. It is equipped with telescopic handles, and wheels for easier transport.

 Tyler Tailgate Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Things We Liked

•    This speaker has an exceptional battery life.

•    It has a 5-band equalizer to tweak your guitar or vocal output.

•    This model has a handle and wheels for easier transport.

Things We Didn’t Like

•    Although it’s inexpensive, this is not the best sounding speakers you can get.

Sharper Image manufactures a large selection of consumer electronics, air purifiers, home devices, entertainment systems, and many others. Since their relaunch in 2010, they have reshaped their corporate values and systems to fit the needs of their consumers. With the dramatic change in the core of this company, they are now able to provide better products and better services to people who want more engaging entertainment systems.

Product Details

For the modern-day user’s convenience, everything must have Bluetooth. This portable party speaker with telescopic handles and wheels have an 8-inch sub-woofer that will bring great music and awesome vibe to your party. It is fitted with a high-capacity battery for long hours non-stop playing without interruptions. It can also use external power from a wall socket or a car charger. Best of all, it has a ¼ inch input you can use for a microphone or a guitar input.​​​​

Sharper Image SBT1008

Things We LikeD

•    This speaker model is Bluetooth enabled and can readily stream music from your mobile phone or tablet.

•    This model is fitted with telescopic handles, and wheels to facilitate easy transport whenever you need to move it.

•    This product has an astounding 8-inch subwoofer that plays great party music.

•    It has a built-in rechargeable battery and comes with a car charger.

•    You can also use this speaker to make an address as it has a mic/instrument input.

Things We Didn’t Like

•    It only has 60-watts of power and may not be good enough for outdoors.

•    This model does not come with an AM/FM modulator.

Best Use

This speaker packs a punchy bass and can play party music effortlessly without distorting the sound. It can stream music via Bluetooth which makes operating and playing music quite a breeze. It’s portable, and you can easily bring it outside. It comes with a charger which suggests that you can bring it out whenever you want. You can also use it as a mic or instrument input which increases its versatility. However, this may not be ideal for huge halls and large parties. It may not be enough to cover a huge outdoor area with awesome party music.

This company is quite new in the competition. With their competitive pricing, many audiophiles have been trying and testing it out if they manufacture durable speakers that can deliver great music and clear output. They may be new in the competition, but in every detail, they do their best to go toe to toe against the globally known brands.

Product Details

This 9-piece speaker set comes with everything you need to play great music to your party. This set comes with two 15-inch woofers that are rated at 2000-watt max power rating. It comes with two steel tripod stands, a remote control, power cable, one XLR to ¼ inch jack cable, a microphone and 30ft speak on to connect the speakers. It can wirelessly stream music from your phone via Bluetooth connectivity. It is equipped with a 5-band equalizer to tweak your mix. It also has a small display screen interface to show you the settings. It is fitted with four colors of LED to give you a good party vibe while playing music with it.

 PRORECK PARTY 15 Portable

Things We  LikeD

•    This speaker can will a huge hall with lively party music with its 15-inch woofer.

•    It has a built-in 5-band equalizer to help you tweak your mix.

•    This product comes with durable steel tripod stands.

•    This device has large handles and wheels to facilitate easy transport.

•    It comes with a microphone, XLR to ¼ inch jack, and a remote.

•    This model can play music wirelessly.

Things We Didn’t Like

•    This speaker needs a power outlet to operate.

•    They are large, heavy, and a hard to set up.

•    This unit will consume a large space in your storage room.

Best Use

With 2000-watt max power, you will have astounding music for your party! Your neighbor's blocks away will surely know that there’s a great party at your home! Aside from playing music, this can also be used as a PA system to address your crowd. If you are in the business, you can have this unit for rent and make a living out of it! They are not that expensive and replacing it won’t hurt your pocket that much.

Sony is a big company the brings the best in everything that they do. They aim to inspire and satisfy their curiosity by providing unparalleled quality. They are best known for their iconic Walkman gadget that had been popular in the 1980’s. Today, they are one of the biggest and most trusted brands of audio, electronics, and other gadgets across the globe.

Product Details

This product has two tweeters, two 4inch mid-range woofers, and one 5inch subwoofer that delivers excellent music to the house. It only has a 20-watt power rating, but the sound it produces will take you in awe for a low rating. You can stream music from your phone to this speakers through Bluetooth connectivity. This speaker can be conveniently powered by AC whenever you are near a wall socket and batteries when you are on the go. It comes with a remote that can control the settings from afar.

Sony ZS-BTG900

Things We  LikeD

•    This portable speaker can be easily lugged and stowed whenever you need it.

•    This speaker system covers a full range of sound frequencies to give you the best audio experience.

•    This party speaker is manufactured by one of the biggest and most trusted brands globally.

•    This portable party speaker has two power options: AC and Batter.

•    This speaker has a built-in AM/FM modulator.

•    This party speaker is Bluetooth enabled.

Things We  DIDN'T Like

•    This model is quite expensive.

•    This model can only be effective in small spaces.

Best Use

This party speaker by Sony is undoubtedly one of the best party speakers you can get. It can operate on batteries which makes it portable and can be placed anywhere as long as it has batteries. This speaker is great for a small party and a few groups of people.

Sony pioneered and defined the modern day portable music. They started with the Walkman, which was a phenomenal hit in 1970’s, that played cassette tapes. Until today, they use the branding to indicate that their gadgets are specially manufactured to play great portable music. With their expertise in audio electronics, they have become a trusted brand all over the world. Today, their trade name equates to quality.

Product Details

This model is fitted with two 6” subwoofers and three dynamic tweeters. It has 470-watts of peak power that will give life to the party. This device is Bluetooth enabled and can utilize NFC (near field communication) for a quick access wireless connectivity. Sony made sure that you will get more bass when you need it with an extra bass boost feature. You can also connect multiple speakers wirelessly if you need a louder setup. It has one USB port, one analog input, and one analog output. To give you a more club party vibe, Sony fitted this speaker with two LED lights that dances with your music.


Things We  LikeD

•    You can chain multiple speakers with Sony’s app for a louder setup.

•    This product utilizes NFC technology for convenient wireless music streaming.

•    This model packs a deafening 470-watt power output.

•    This speaker is fitted with a sensor that automatically activates the right tweeter when repositioned.

•    Sony added blinking LED lights to give a club vibe to your party.

•    Instant bass boost with a click of a button.

Things We  DIDN'T Like

•    This speaker only runs on AC power.

•    This unit is a bit heavy and does not have wheels for easier transport.

Best Use

If you want to achieve a club vibe, this is the best speakers you can get for your party needs. It’s smart blinking LED lights will make you and your friends dance to the music. With 470-watts of peak power, you can fill a large hall with great music. Multiple setups of this speaker that is strategically positioned will make sure that everyone gets the same vibe. However, if you need if outdoors, this may not be the right choice because they are not fitted with rechargeable batteries. If you frequently move your speaker, you may find it a little heavy and inconvenient.

DiamondBoxx is a pretty new company that manufactures loudspeakers. They were established in 2014 by two audio expert engineers that have more than 30 years of experience in their field. They were not satisfied with what the market has to offer and started pushing things forward. 

They saw that wireless outdoor speakers are wimpy and decided to design wireless speakers that would spew loud and clear audio experience that would not be sucked up by the outdoor environment. To make full-pledged outdoor party speakers, it has to run on batteries. With their extensive experience, they earned a place in the top spot.

Product Details

DiamondBoxx XL 231 is designed to fill large halls and give remarkable party music outdoors with its 960-watt maximum power rating! It has 14 active speakers. It has 8 tweeters, 4 woofers, and 2 subwoofers. If this is not enough, they made sure that you can daisy-chain multiple speakers! To make sure that there would be minimal signal interference and best quality sound, they fitted this model with 12 individual amplifiers. You can play wirelessly with this device for up to 60hours with a single full charge. To live up its name, the LED battery indicator is garnished with 2 carat CZ Diamond!

 DiamondBoxx Model XL

Things We LikeD

•    With 14 speakers, this speaker plays loud and clear music that covers all the frequency spectrum.

•    This wireless speaker can run up to 60hours with one full battery charge. This means you can party all day long anywhere!

•    Has a USB power output to make sure that your phone will not die on you while playing music.

•    This speaker has a simple and stylish professional finish. 

•    It is fitted with a 2 carat CZ Diamond garnish.

•   This Bluetooth speaker can be paired and chained with more speakers if 960watts is not good enough for you!

Things We  DIDN'T Like

•    This product is insanely expensive.

•    Even though its fitted with durable handles, this product still weighs 20kgs and requires a lot of effort from you to move it around.

•    This speaker does not have AM/FM modulator.

Best Use

This speaker is quite big and has a lot of weight for its size. Aside from being big and heavy, it projects loud and clear music which is quite unusual for its size. It has 960-watts of maximum power that can deliver great sounding party music even in the open! If you are hosting a yacht party or any party outdoors, this speaker will rock and party hard with you with its long battery life!

Ultimate Ears specialize in making customized in-ear monitors that perfectly fits every individual. Since 1995, they have been manufacturing earphones and in-ear monitors that many musicians are fond of. With their success in manufacturing in-ear monitors, they expanded their product selection with larger speakers. They make use and include the latest technology to make remarkable audio equipment.

Product Details

BOOM 2 promises to give you a 360-music experience that covers the entire room with well-defined music. This portable Bluetooth speaker is shockproof and waterproof to make sure that it fits your active lifestyle. This makes it safe to be used near the pool. A single charge of this Bluetooth speaker can last up to 15 hours. If one of this speaker is not enough, you can pair multiple devices to bring the music everywhere!

Ultimate Ears BOOM 2

Things We LikeD

•    This product is hand and portable with a 15-hour battery life.

•    You can pair multiple devices that can play in synchronicity to make sure that every who lugs it gets a music feed.

•    The speakers are strategically positioned to spit music in all directions.

•    This product is waterproof which makes it ideal for pool parties.

•    With its size, you can easily pack and bring it wherever you are.

Things We DIDN'T Like

•     This product is a bit expensive.
•     This unit does not have outstanding bass output.

Best Use

A small party at home or a small room would enjoy the quality of this speaker. If you mean to fill rooms on your house with ambient music, you can pair and synchronize more than 150 units of this product at once. It may not be big on bass, but, for its size, it has a great quality.

Brookstone is a company that offers a wide assortment of consumer electronics, gadgets, and other lifestyle products that aims to make activities more entertaining and enjoyable. Tracing back their history, this company started with a $500 capital and crawled its way to success in 1965. Although they faced some difficulties in the new millennium, they managed to spring back and continue to provide their clients with everyday gadgets that make life fun and easier.

Product Details

Big Blue Party Bluetooth Speaker is designed to be portable and easily moveable on different locations. It’s light and portable and has 4 speakers optimally positioned to provide 360 sounds to fill the room. It has a 36-watt subwoofer that brings subtle lows to life. It has a grab handle on top of it, and you can bring the party anywhere you want. The best part of all, you can connect multiple speakers using Chromecast to play the same music in every room of the house so that everyone is jamming with the same music!

Brookstone Big Blue

Things We LikeD

•    This portable speaker has 4 channels that spew music in all direction.

•    It’s lightweight and portable.

•    This speaker is loud for its size.

•    You can bring this speaker near the pool without worrying about water damage because of its water resistant.

•    This speaker can be paired with multiple Chromecast enable devices to synchronize music playing.

Things We DIDN'T Like

•    Multiple speakers set up would be quite costly.

•    The battery only lasts about 4 hours.

Best Use

This speaker can easily fill the room with ambient music. If you need louder music, you can crank this up and maximize its 72-watt power. If you have multiple halls at home that you like to fill with the same music, you can enable Chromecast to do so. Since its waterproof, you can host a pool party with great music! However, it has a pretty short battery life to make sure that you won’t run out of music!

How to Select the Best Party Speakers

When we categorize stuff, often, we prefer the bigger and more expensive stuff assuming that it’s the best and it’s what you need. But most of the time, we end up having a gadget that we don’t maximize. To help you buy the right party speakers that fit your preferences, here are some qualities and characteristics you may want to follow.

•    Wattage

The wattage rating of your speakers tells about how loud it can get. The general rule suggests that 1-watt can fill 1sqm of space indoors. So, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to have the speakers with the highest rating. Also, take into account the difference between RMS rating and the peak power rating. Many speaker companies advertise their products with a high maximum power rating.

Although they can play songs up to the power rating mentioned, it is not advisable to max out your speakers as it may overheat and break. Look for the RMS rating instead to see how loud it can play continuously without damaging your speakers.

•    Indoor Use

If you are hosting a small indoor party, towering speakers may be a bit of an overkill for the event. It may even sabotage the socialization of a small group of people. If you are most likely hosting indoor parties that involve only a small group of people, a low wattage speaker may be enough.

•    Outdoor Use

Planning an outdoor party would require a speaker with a higher rating. You will need more power rating to be able to fill open spaces outdoor as the environment can suck up the vibrations in the air and give you thin sounding music.

Powered speakers with high RMS are best used outside.

•    Wireless Connectivity

Everything needs to be remotely and wirelessly operated nowadays. Without this feature, speakers can be a little difficult to operate. Wireless capabilities make playing music easier. Chromecast, Bluetooth, wireless LAN, NFC, are some ways you can connect with your speakers.

•    AM/FM

This may be a trivial feature nowadays because we can easily stream music online. However, for some people who are fond of radio programs, this may be a good feature.

•    Water, Dust, and Shockproof

These are some default features of modern-day electronics. This protects your gadget from harmful environmental elements. This also means that you don’t have to worry about bringing your speakers near bodies of water for an enjoyable pool or beach party!

•    Battery and Power Source

Most portable speakers are equipped with high capacity batteries that can power your speaker for hours. Alternatively, they can also run on AC. Determine how and where you intend to use your speakers. If you plan on using it outdoors mostly, battery-operated speakers will go a long way.

•    Pairing

Many portable speakers feature the ability to be paired with many other speakers that can play in sync wirelessly. If you need to fill different rooms with the same music, pairing your speakers would do the job.


Last Words

Selecting the best party speakers can be a difficult task because of the huge selection you have to choose from. Different situations may require different types of speakers. Also, the question of how much you are willing to spend for them plays an important role.

Among the 8 selections we have here, DiamondBoxx XL 231 beats everything else regarding sound quality, battery life, and durability.

Well, I hope you have finally made up your mind on which party speakers you will get! If you have some suggestions, or if you know a party speaker that beasts everything on the list, feel free to comment it below and we will get back to it.

(Last Updated On: June 3, 2018)
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