What Are the Best Karaoke Games? (Detailed Lists)

Karaoke games can be an excellent way to spice up an event. They are popular in many celebrations, from birthdays to social gatherings. But did you know that Karaoke games are of several types? Yes, although of the same concept, there are several different games you can enjoy with karaoke.

It is worth noting that the best karaoke games should be familiar to most people in a gathering. You don’t want to pick a game that most people won’t like. That is why we have come up with a list of the best karaoke games for you to choose from.

Do read on to find out.


Best Karaoke Games for you

  1. Do Not Forget the Lyrics

    Do you remember the Tv show Don’t forget the lyrics? It was a music show where contestants would sing along to a song and see all the lyrics. This could be an excellent Karaoke game that’s easy to organize and play.
    It doesn’t have to be exactly like the TV version, but if you can make it so, why not?

    What Will You Need?

    The Karaoke Setup
    A Bowl

    Playing it
    Choose a famous song and scribble the lyrics on the pieces of paper. Don’t write all the lyrics, as the missing parts are where the fun will be. Mix up the papers in a bowl and have the players each pick a piece of paper.
    The player should then try to guess the missing lyrics to the song you wrote on the piece of paper. They could then sing it or pick a friend to help them sing the song. It sure would be an excellent way to spice up a party.

  2. Karaoke Roulette

    This one is one of the most exciting karaoke games with lots of suspense. You’ll only need your standard karaoke set, a bowl, and some pens.

    How to Play

    Write the names of your guests on several pieces of paper and jumble them up in a bowl. Now go through the long list of Karaoke songs and randomly choose a guest to perform the song for everyone; as we said, lots of suspense!

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  3. One Word Wonder

    This is an easy game that is easy to set up because it doesn’t have any equipment you need. All you need are the players.

    How Do You Play It?

    Divide the guests into two groups, then choose a famous song. Ensure you can get the lyrics to the song since you will have to select a specific word from the song’s lyrics.
    You will then choose a player from each group to sing a song that might contain that word. Repeat this until one team can’t get a song to sing in the words you choose. You have to use a new song for every step of the game.

  4. Song Charades

    Song charades are yet another easy Karaoke game you can use to spice up a party. You won’t need many things to set it up for your guests are enough. It is a famous game, and many of your guests will know the rules.

    How to Play

    You will need the guests to organize themselves in pairs. One person in each team will think of and act a song. Their teammate will need to guess what is in the song or what it’s all about.
    A correct guess equals one point. You will keep a dog this for all the teams and finally curate the scores to see who won.

  5. Karaoke Parody

    You must have seen the parodies of certain famous songs, and we must admit they can be quite funny. You can now play a game that focuses on singing parodies of a famous song most of the guests will know.
    All you need is your karaoke set up, and you are ready to start.

    How to Play

    The guests will organize themselves into groups like a band and then sing the songs to their audience, who will be the other guests. Twenty or thirty minutes should be enough to enable the various teams to organize themselves and perform.

  6. Music Quiz

    A music quiz could help an icebreaker at your party or serve as a short break from the usual party routine. The fun you could get from a karaoke party would be all it needs to turn a corner in excitement. Another thing you will love is that it is a free karaoke game.
    All you’ll need for this game is a song list, a music system, and a smart device that could play the songs. If the music system has a Bluetooth connection, then the better.

    So how do you play it?

    Decide on who should be the choirmaster, then start playing the music on the music system. Each player should then attempt to guess the song’s title and the artist.
    Collate every guest’s points when you finish playing to see who won.

  7. Guess the Song

    This is a relatively simple game that each of your guests should know and understand. The party should benefit from the extra fun and competition that this game will bring. You don’t need much to play this game as a pen and paper for your guests should be enough.
    Your karaoke setup will be the music system for the players.

    How to Play
    In this game, different players sing a song and the other players have to guess the song title and the artist. Each of your guests should have a chance to sing, then the guest with the most guesses will win.
    Easy enough.

  8. Karaoke Singing Competition

    Singing competitions shouldn’t be only a preserve of famous TV shows. You could try them at your karaoke party and see how enthralled your guests would be. If you can get a karaoke machine that can total up scores, the better.
    All you will need for this game is your usual karaoke set up and pens and papers for each contestant.

    Here’s How to Play
    Ask the players to perform a song of their choice with the other players acting as judges who will give them points. Interchange the judges for performers, then at the end of the game, see who got the most points.
    It should be a fun way to loosen up at a karaoke party. If you can lay your hands on a performer Grand Videoke Pro, then it will make the game even better. It has over 7000 songs and has a scoring system that will eliminate the need for the players to judge each other.

  9. Musical Chairs

    This is a common children’s game where players dance or walk around the chairs, then quickly sit when the music stops. It is also relatively easy to organize and doesn’t need too many props apart from your karaoke set up and chairs. It is one of the best karaoke party games.

    How to Play
    Get the number of chairs and have them be lesser than the total number of players. If you have ten players, then the seats should be nine. The goal here is for the layers to walk or move around the seats, then quickly sit when the music stops.
    The player who misses out on a seat leaves the game. You should then remove an extra chair so that the number of available chairs is still lesser than that of the players.
    Repeat until there is finally only one player left. That player will then be declared the winner of the game as they will be the last person standing. This competitive karaoke game will add an air of playfulness and competition to a party and have the guests craving more.

Karaoke Games for PS4

Karaoke songs shouldn’t only be about fun singing games. If you have a PS4, then the below karaoke games should come in handy.

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  • Let’s Sing
    This game is available both for single and multiple users. It came out in 2015 and is a favorite of many people across Europe and North America. You can try it out to liven a karaoke party.
  • We Sing 4
    With your karaoke setup, this song will help you spice up a party. It allows a maximum of four people to sing from their microphones to a tune from the PS4. It is available in ten editions.
  • Sing Star Celebration
    The Sing star Celebration Karaoke PS4 game is an entry in the Singstar series of Karaoke games. It has been around since October 2017, when it first hit the shelves. Up to 8 players can join up and sing their favorite tunes with this game.
  • We sing Pop
    This is another version of the We Sing karaoke party game we have mentioned above. However, this one features mostly pop songs from the most famous pop stars like Bruno Mars, Rihanna, Beyonce, and many more.

Karaoke Games for Nintendo Switch

Let’s Sing 2021, Among Us, and Miitopia are some of the best Karaoke games for Nintendo Switch. You can purchase them online and sing along to a tune or two as you release the sleeping singer in you.

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Last Words

There are so many Karaoke games that you could use to spice up your birthday, New Year’s, or drinking party. You are spoilt for choice over which singing game to choose.

There are also karaoke games for PC that you could get and spice up your social gatherings with. The party must continue, and what better way than with the help of our list of the best karaoke games?

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