Mifanstech Q9 Karaoke Microphone Review, A Mini Wireless Microphone

Are you someone like me who loves to hit the karaoke bar now and then? Well, I love karaoke. I love to sing on top of my favorite tracks. Although, it’s always not possible to go to a club or a bar to enjoy some karaoke time. But that doesn’t stop me from enjoying karaoke.

As a karaoke lover and a music enthusiast, I have tried several karaoke machines and items. Among one of them is the Mifanstech Q9 mini wireless. That’s what I will be sharing with you today. I will take you through all the good and bad of this one. And it’s not just my opinion; I have done a lot of research before getting this for myself. So, I would share all the information I can. I was hoping you could stick with me till the end to know whether it’s worth a try or not.

I will try to keep things short and simple while you walk through all the microphone features. 

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The reasons I will be walking you through the Mifanstech Q9 mini

The first experience I got from using this microphone has been satisfying. I have been working with a lot of microphones and audio devices. It’s not just the love for music; my work involves various audio aspects. So, I have to look for the best kinds of devices I can find online. This is what I have been doing for years now.

While searching for the best products, I naturally do thorough research, and then I get the product for myself. Among many other karaoke models I have tested in the past, this one felt worth sharing. That’s why I will be walking you through the Mifanstech Q9 mini.

All in all, this is a combination of my experience and my research on the product that I did.

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Mifanstech Q9 Mini Wireless Specifications

  • Connectivity: Wireless + Wired 
  • Bluetooth distance: Up to 33 ft
  • Charging: DV5V
  • Charging duration: 3 to 4 hours
  • Battery backup: Up to 14 hours
  • Frequency response: 30-20 kHz
  • Compatibility: Any smartphones or device with audio support
  • Dimension: 251cm L x 69cm H x 69cm W
  • Weight: 0.76lbs

What’s the mic like physically?

First impressions 

Right out of the box, this one is made for attracting people. It has got a shiny golden mouthpiece with a golden handle. Now, these color choices are meant for attracting people. And I was attracted to see that color at first glance.

This one comes with a very high-quality zipper bag. You can use this one for carrying this one anywhere you want. The bag also contains all the cables and instructions.

Built quality 

The built on this is quite smooth. You can tell that just by looking at it. And the body is made of metal which gives this a durable built quality. The main part of the microphone is also built with solid material that gives good service. The top of the microphone comes with a removable metal mesh cover with a sponge filter on the inside.

Design and settings 

On the front panel, you get all the settings and buttons for the microphone. You get buttons for controlling the treble, bass, echo, and music volume. 

Then there is a microphone volume button. You can use this button to lower the microphone volume and use this as a Bluetooth speaker. There is also a play/pause button, a previous button, and a next button. And finally, there is the power button for turning this thing on.

Coming to the audio output, you get two speakers on each side of the main panel. The speakers have a silver color shade on them, which looks very nice with the total combo of gold and white.

You will find a micro USB port for charging the microphone and recording audio using the mic on the bottom of the panel. And at the bottom of the handle, you will find a USB input port. 

 Mifanstech Q9 Mini Wireless

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How is the product used?

Well, the use of this product is pretty straightforward. I didn’t have to go through many struggles to figure things out. Just press the power button once, and it will notify you about turning on Bluetooth. Then you can connect your phone with this and start playing your songs.

Or you can connect your flash drive to the bottom part of the handle. Then click on the play button, which starts playing music. You can switch between songs using the previous and next buttons on the panel.

Now, I have found that there are some other ways you can use this microphone. You can use this as a Bluetooth speaker by turning down the microphone volume. And you can use this as an only microphone by turning the music volume down. There are ways to use this for recording using the micro USB port as well.

What sets this apart from the competitors?

Well, if you have to talk about the competition, then this excels in portability. In my experience, there aren’t many completely portable Karaoke microphones. They always come with an audio box.

Even with the portability, this one doesn’t lack in customizations. You can have control over the bass and treble of this microphone along with different volumes. You can use this one as a wireless mic, and it’s compatible with android and IOS devices. Also, the backup of wired connections is always a positive side.

When you consider these factors, there aren’t many Karaoke microphones that can offer you all this at once.

Mifanstech Q9 Mini Wireless Microphone features and rate performance

Here are some of the key features of this karaoke microphone-

  • Ease of usageUnlike the previous version of Mifanstech, Q9 offers compatibility with iPhone and Android without switching it manually. You had to set whether you are pairing it with an IOS or an Android in the previous versions of the mic. But this one detects any device automatically.Rate: 4/5
  • Multi-purposeThis is not just a microphone. You can use it for various purposes. You can use this as a speaker or a microphone, or a karaoke machine. So, there are so many options open for you in this single product. Rate: 4/5
  • CompatibilityThe compatibility factor of this one surpasses many other similar products out there, even its predecessors. It’s compatible with both iPhone and Android on Bluetooth. Then, you can use a micro USB port for recording with this mic on your computer or any other device. Using the USB port on the bottom of the handle, you can listen to songs from your flash drives as well. Rate: 4/5
  • PortabilityThe best part of this microphone is the portability factor. You can take it anywhere and enjoy karaoke whenever you want. Unlike many other karaoke machines, this doesn’t come with any extra package. Just get the microphone in your hand, and you are good to go. Rate: 5/5
  • Value for moneyLastly, the price you pay for this thing is worth it. You get a pretty good deal on this one when you consider the different factors. Such as ease of usage, compatibility, portability, customization options, and versatility. Rate: 5/5

Benefits and drawbacks

There are a lot of benefits to this microphone. Here they are-

  • Wireless connectivity: This is a Bluetooth karaoke microphone that gives you complete wireless connectivity. So, there is no tangling of any wires. Although, it still has the option to use wires for backup and record audio in devices.
  • Quality microphone: The karaoke microphone features a high-quality microphone that works very well for recording. You will love the sound quality you get from this.
  • Huge battery backup: It takes only 3 or 4 hours to charge the microphone completely. And you can get a wireless function for 14 hours on one single charge.
  • Serves multipurpose: You can have a lot of purposes fulfilled with this one microphone. You can use this to record your songs or use karaoke to have good times with friends and family. And if you aren’t up to sing, you can always use this as a Bluetooth speaker. 
  • Easy to carry: With this one, you get a zipper bag you can carry wherever you want. Also, the lightweight of this microphone is very convenient.

Well, anything that has good comes with some bad sides as well. This one is no different. Here are some drawbacks to this karaoke microphone.

The speaker quality of this one could be better. It is noisier than other karaoke microphones. Also, once you turn on the echo, the quality gets worse. It doesn’t amplify your voice that much, and the sounds are a bit on the choppy end.

Another factor is the volume. The volume on this one is pretty low, even at the loudest. So, in a bigger room, this might be an issue for karaoke parties. 


If I were to judge this one, then I would say it’s worth the money you pay for it. Taking the price into consideration, the features you get on this are truly commendable. Its easy use, and multi-purpose feature, along with the portability, makes the microphone worth it.

This is the best choice for you if you want to enjoy some karaoke with your friends at random places or trips. However, if it’s for a big gathering of people at a party, it’s not the perfect karaoke for that purpose.

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