How to Play CDs In Newer Cars Without CD Player? (Solved)

With the many advancements in technology, even cars haven’t been left behind. With the rise of automatic cars to replace manual cars, there was the automation of the interior parts. That’s why it’s common to see more and more people want to know how to play CDs in newer cars without CD players.

Most cars now come with music players that only require you to have a USB flash disk. Some even allow you to stream the music straight from music-playing apps like Spotify and Deezer.

So, what if your car came without a CD player? Does it mean you will have to put up with a quiet car that does not have any music?  Of course not! We have outlined here what you can do to ensure you listen to music in your car even without a CD player.

New Cars with No Cd Player? When Did Cd Players Come Out in Cars?

Most people love cars for the convenience they give them when moving around. But in the same way, most people would listen to some music on a short walk; they would also want to do it in a car.

Cars in the past used to come with cassette players before technology gradually changed them to CD players. Recently, however, even the CD players are missing from cars.

It is easy to blame squarely at the feet of technology, but most car manufacturers argue that such cars are easier and cheaper to manufacture. That means that these cars are here to stay.

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CD players had their first appearance in cars not too long ago. That was about ten years ago in 2011. They replaced the cassette players that had been a staple music system for most vehicles until then. Fast forward five years later, n 2016, and cars without CD players started entering the market.

Still, that didn’t mean that cars with cassette players have disappeared altogether. A few still exist, but it’s harder to find a new car with such a music player. Like the cassettes were victims of technology so have the CD players. Most car experts think that there won’t be cars with CD players by 2025.

Newer cars are now coming without the feature that many car owners had gotten used to. Whenever you feel you will have something for long, then technological advancements come and render it obsolete.

When you find car brands with CD players, you will often find them crammed in the glove compartment like Volkswagen. On the other hand, other car manufacturers hide the CD player at the center of the console.

So, does this mean that people will have to let go of the CD player even if they used to it? Unfortunately, that’s what it means. They might take some time to disappear entirely but disappear; they will.

Fortunately, there are ways you can go around the issue. They’re still a way you can play CDs in a car without a music player. Read on to find out.

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How to Play CDs In Newer Cars Without Cd Player

If you can’t let go of your CDs and still want to play them in your new car that doesn’t have a CD player, there are several ways you can do that.

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Method 1: Using a Frequency Modulator and Portable CD player

The first and easiest way to play CDs in a car without a CD player is to get a portable VD player. You will, however, need a frequency modulator to connect it with the car stereo system or speakers.

So how do you use you go about it?

  • Step 1
    Switch the car’s engine on so that it can provide the power for your car stereo system, after this plugin, the frequency modulator. The modulator comes with a manual that helps you know where exactly to plug it in.
  • Step 2
    Turn on the portable CD player, then insert a CD of your choice. When you instore the CD, the F modulator should show you a channel that you will have to switch to access the music on the CD player.
    However, you will have to contend that the music quality won’t be the most desirable standard.

Method 2: Using a Cassette Tape Adapter and a Portable CD Player

  • Step 1
    A cassette tape adapter will often resemble a caseate. You’ll have to insert it into your car’s tape receptacle on one end and the other end into the portable CD player. That should take you a few minutes.
  • Step 2
    Now turn on your car’s stereo system and the Portable CD player. Insert a Cd of your choice and press play. As easy as that.
    The above methods could be pretty farfetched if you don’t have the things to help you play music without a CD player. That’s why you could embrace the changes and stream music or use a USB flash disk to play music in your car.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why do new cars lack CD players?
    Manufacturers think that it is cheaper to manufacture such cars. Technological advancements have made it easier to manufacture vehicles without CD players. Also, the rise of streaming content has been why most carmakers are ditching the CD player.
  2. What are some of the new ways to listen to music in a car without a CD player?
    The best way to listen to music without a CD player is to stream music from the music streaming sites. The newer cars have the car’s stereo system capable of streaming music or using your phone to do that.
  3. Is it possible to use an external car CD player?
    Yes, it is. You could get a portable CD player and play music with CDs if your car doesn’t come with a CD player.

Final Thoughts

We hope you now know how to play CDs in newer cars with no cd player. However, it will require you to buy a few extra things like a portable CD player, a cassette adapter, and a frequency modulator.

Fortunately, the above things aren’t that hard to find. If you are attached to your CDs that much, you have all the motivation you need to ensure you can still use them.

All the best.

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