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Many times, you only have a single jack headset that doesn’t go well with your pc setup. It would help to have a splitter to do the job. And if you are like me who doesn’t want to do that, what can you do? You don’t have to worry too much about that because there is something you can do.

So, here I will tell you how to use a single jack headset on PC even if you don’t have a splitter. Please stick with me till the end to know the whole thing, and let’s get started.


What is a single jack headset? 

Before you know all about the process, here are some things to know about the headset. A headset jack is something that holds all the connector elements of a headset. It’s the point where all the wires from your headset gather so they can transmit the audio information.

Now, a single jack headset is a headset that has only one jack. It is the sole point from where the audio is passed and received. To make it easy to understand, consider this as a single jack working for both microphone and receiver.

Single headphone jack VS double headphone jacks

Typically, you will get to see two types of headphone jacks. They are either single jack or double jack. It’s pretty easy to understand that a headset with one jack requires only one port for sending and receiving audio information. And in a double jack, you have one jack for the microphone and another jack for speakers/ headsets.

Apart from these two, you can classify headphone jacks according to sizes. There are different sizes of headphone jacks. Such as 2.5mm connector, 3.5mm connector, 4.4mm connector, 6.35mm connector. Among these, 3.5mm is the most commonly used connector for headphones all over the world.

Things don’t just end here. There is another type of category for distinguishing headphone jacks. Ever noticed a black ring around your headphone jack? Is that just for the design or has a purpose? Well, it has a purpose and a significant one.

Getting into the details might make things hard and worse for you, so I will keep things simple. There are four types of headphone jacks based on the conductor plugs. They are called TS, TRS, TRRS, and TRRRS. Here, it stands for a tip, and s stands for a sleeve, and the r is for a ring.

In TS one, it has got one tip and one sleeve because the sound you get on this is noisy. One carries the signal, and the other one works as a return path.

TRS is the most commonly used jack. It has a tip, a sleeve, and a ring. The additional conductor can be used as a microphone in the building process of the headphone. It’s a single jack headset with a mic that you often get to see.

TRRS has one tip, one sleeve, and two rings. The additional two ring conductors give this one the chance of working with stereo audio. One works for the left channel, and one works for the right channel. In most modern phones and headsets, this is a common format for plugs.

Lastly, TRRRS has one tip, one sleeve, and three different rings. This provides this one the capability to have balanced stereo signals. You get to see the use of this in XLR cables. There aren’t many headphones that use this conductor plug.

Now let’s get to the real deal here how you can use single jack headphones on a pc without using a splitter.

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How to use single jack headset on PC without splitter

Do you know why you can’t use a single jack headset with a mic for PC without a splitter? Because PC audio ports use the TRS method in them. This is why you can’t use input and output signals at the same time. A splitter splits the two different headset signals, and you can use one for the microphone and one for the speakers.

Listening to this might feel like, “Okay, now I need to buy a splitter.” Well, no, you don’t need to spend money on a splitter. You can go through some settings and save up your money to spend on something else. Here’s how to set up a headset with one jack.

  1. First, go to your control panel settings. You can find that on your start menu, or you can search it on the search bar (Windows 10). For Windows 7, you can find this on the start menu. For Windows 8 and 8.1, you can look it up in the apps section.
  2. In the control panel, there will be an option called sound. Click on it to open up the sound settings.
  3. When the sound window opens, you will see a tab on top that says recording. Click on that tab.
  4. This will show you the recording devices you are using. Now, select the one you want to use. You will see the see default button becoming active. Click on it. 

How to use single jack headset on Mac without splitter 

That’s it; you are done. Are you a Mac user? Well, then here is the method for Mac as well.

  1. You have to search for the option of sound using the spotlight search.
  2. Once the settings appear, click on the input tab.
  3. Then select the device that you want to use.
  4. Then make that device you default input, and that’s it. 

Technically speaking, this method should work for any device. However, if it doesn’t work, you can always go for a splitter.

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Last words 

Well, there you go. Now, you know how to use a single jack headset on pc without any splitter. Before you spend right away on a splitter, this is worth trying as you can save up some money. But if this doesn’t work out, you can always go for a splitter or a new pair of headphones with a dual jack. You can find a lot of splitters out there for $1 to $5. So, that shouldn’t be a big deal anyway. 

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