Best DIY speaker kits (Read This Before You Go)

What if I tell you that you can make your pair of speakers right at home? Sounds fun. Well, you can get yourself a DIY speaker kit and get started with your very first DIY speaker project.

If you have no idea where to begin, I can help you out with that. You will need to find a suitable and perfect DIY speaker kit. In this case, you would want to have the best DIY speaker kits. Otherwise, the whole experience just gets ruined.

So, I have a list of some DIY speaker kits for you here. You can check them out to start with your DIY speaker-making hobby. Let’s get started.

CYOEST DIY Bluetooth Speaker Box Kit

Gikfun Upgraded USB Mini Amplifier

MiOYOOW Bluetooth-Compatible Speaker Kit DIY


Top 5 DIY speaker kits 

Well, the speaker kits I have listed out were found through extensive research. So, you won’t have to worry too much about the reliability of these options. If you are interested in DIY speakers, these are great options to start your journey.

1. CYOEST DIY speaker kit

Are you into Bluetooth speakers? Then, you might want to check out this one as your perfect DIY speaker kit. While it might be a Bluetooth speaker kit, it’s not difficult to assemble or set up either.

First of all, the speakers have the decent capability to handle pretty loud noises. It can get surprising for some when you first hear the sounds from the speaker. However, since it’s a DIY speaker kit specifically made for children’s fun little project, don’t expect too much from them either.

The unique factor about this DIY speaker kit is the Bluetooth connectivity. You can easily connect the speaker to your smartphone or your smart TV. You won’t have any issues with the connectivity whatsoever.

CYOEST DIY Bluetooth Speaker Box Kit

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  • This comes with Bluetooth connectivity for convenience
  • You don’t need any soldering to assemble this one
  • There is a return policy from the manufacturer if you don’t like it
  • The speakers are quite compact and look good
  • Even with smaller size, they are pretty loud 


  • You don’t get any knob for volume control
  • The sounds may distort at higher volumes

2. Gikfun USB Mini Amplifier

Let me get this very clear for you, it’s not a DIY speaker kit for beginners. This is something that many advanced DIYers will like to try out. Because the directions you get on this one aren’t straightforward, you will need expert soldering skills for assembly.

What you will love the most about this DIY speaker kit is the power this one provides. It’s very surprising to see a unit as small as this one putting out 30watts of power and doesn’t even burn the circuit.

The whole thing is pretty much assembled, so there is no need for you to glue it together. All you have to do is solder the connections, and you are pretty much done. If you know what you are doing, the assembly can be fun.

Gikfun Upgraded USB Mini Amplifier Electronic

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  • This kit comes with excellent outage power
  • You get two-wire LED support on this one
  • There is no need for you to glue the unit as it’s already assembled
  • They work quite well for computer speakers
  • It’s a lot of fun to assemble the thing 


  • You will need advanced soldering skills to set this up
  • The sound quality isn’t that good on higher volumes 

3. MiOYOOW DIY Speaker Kit

You can call it one of the smartest DIY speaker kits because of its unique features. Even though it’s not the cheapest of options, it sure is worth getting your hands on. So, if you want to get some unique value out of a speaker kit, this is it.

The thing that makes it a fantastic unit is the voice control option. You also get a remote control to operate the thing. Along with that, this one supports U disk and TF cards as well. It also comes with a Bluetooth connectivity option that you will love to use.

With some basic soldering knowledge, you can enjoy this project a lot. It’s enjoyable, and when you get to experience the results, you will surely love it.

Gikfun Upgraded USB Mini Amplifier

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  • There is a voice control feature which is pretty cool
  • You can use Bluetooth connectivity on this one as well
  • The speaker kit is fun to build with some basic knowledge
  • They have excellent after-sales service
  • It provides pretty good sound quality overall


  • The instruction manual is hard to understand
  • You will need basic soldering knowledge to make it 

4. Degraw DIY Speaker Kit

This is the speaker kit you need when you want to let your creativity loose. And it’s not just about the creative freed, but also the efficiency of this kit is almost unmatched. This is a complete package of speaker kits that you can try out even as a beginner with a little bit of soldering knowledge.

This one comes with a volume control knob, so you don’t need to worry about controlling the volume. You can adjust it according to your liking. Just avoid going too high on the volume as it can cause distortion.

Another factor that makes it worth trying out is the price. Well, the sound quality may not be the best of the best, but it’s still quite good considering the price you pay for it. It’s more suitable for people who like to get creative with their DIY projects.

Degraw DIY Speaker Kit

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  • This one gives you a lot of creative options to work with
  • The efficiency you get from this speaker kit is commendable
  • It’s pretty easy to build with basic soldering knowledge
  • The speaker kit works with just one speaker connection
  • It’s not that expensive at all 


  • This one may have some static noises
  • The sound quality is not that good 

5 .fyeTa DIY Electronic Kit

If you want to get a DIY speaker kit not just for the fun of it, instead of for learning something in the process, then this is the best pick. It’s not easy to build, but you will have a lot of things to learn while making this.

This is an excellent option if you plan to work with Bluetooth connectivity. You can get that feature in this kit, and while you are building it, you can learn the whole process. This works great for anyone who wants to learn to integrate Bluetooth in a unit.

The manual you get with the kit is quite useful. While it has all the instructions for building the speaker kit, it also offers plenty of instruction video links. With those links, you can learn a lot about soldering various items.


  • You get an excellent learning experience with this one
  • It has got Bluetooth connectivity option for convenience
  • The manual is something you can get a lot of use out of
  • The sound quality you get on this one is pretty decent
  • It looks pretty good as well 


  • It doesn’t have volume control which can be an issue
  • The DIY kit may feel a bit expensive 

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Buying guide for the DIY speaker kits 

Well, I have given you some sorted-out options, but that only helps to a certain extent. To decide which one you should be buying, you have to go through several other considerations. Going through these considerations will help you with the perfect DIY speaker kit for your need.

Let’s check out the factors you should consider before buying a DIY speaker kit.

  • Power 

Of course, you will need to start your search considering the power first. In the case of DIY speaker kits, you don’t get to see that much power. However, there will be some surprising options that may go from somewhere around 30 to 80 watts. These are quite a powerful unit in consideration.

How does this affect your speaker? Well, more power means more volume; it’s as simple as that. So, if you want loud sounds, you should be aiming for powerful output wattage on the kit. Although, make sure you are not going overboard with the power because sometimes that can also have negative impacts.

  • Size 

There is nothing much to consider when it comes to the size of a DIY speaker kit. All you have to do is, learn the power or wattage of the unit and consider a size based on that. It can be dangerous because the unit is too small with a lot of power wattage packed in.

Usually, most of the speaker kits are small in size, and they even fit in your pocket without any issues at all. However, the smaller units are pretty tricky to work on simultaneously. So, you will have to be wary of that when you are choosing the kit.

  • Price 

Well, a DIY kit will surely cost less than a ready-made speaker. However, with the price, you have to consider whether you want to spend this much on a DIY project or not. Some DIY speaker kits can get quite expensive. That’s because of the quality of the components and the results you get from them.

So, if you are doing a project just for fun, it’s not worth spending a whole lot of money on a DIY kit. But if you want to get used out of your DIY speaker, then I would say spending money on equipment can be worth it.

  • Learnability 

A DIY speaker kit can bring you a one-of-a-kind learning experience. However, not every kit will have this specialty. Some kits come with electrical processes that you can learn while building the speaker from that kit. This can help you a lot in the long run when you want to work on different electrical projects.

Sometimes, you can get a huge learning experience in the field of soldering when you opt for a DIY speaker kit. There are many parts involved in the DIY speaker kit that you have to solder. Some kits even come with instructional videos on soldering so that you can have a lot of room for learning.

Although some kits don’t have any learning curve, they are just set up and assembled. Sure, they are easy to set up and suitable for beginners, but you don’t learn anything along the way.

  • Creative room 

There are DIY speaker kits that will give you scope for being creative. You can add your personal touches and alterations to the pieces you work with. This works out very well when you want to create something unique to present amongst people.

Significantly, if you are thinking of turning this into a hobby, having the creative space in the kit will help you stay interested. Some speaker kits provide a lot of room to get creative and bring your style into that.

  • Ease of assembly 

Lastly, the ease of assembly. Now, this is a tricky factor you have to go through. At the same time, it has its obvious benefit, which is to build your speaker unit without too much hassle. There are some drawbacks to the easy assembly as well. For example, you don’t learn too much when the assembly is super simple.

That’s why it’s better to go with a DIY speaker kit which gives you something to learn while it’s not too difficult to assemble. Especially if you are a beginner, you want to get something that’s not too difficult to assemble.

Considering these factors will help you determine the perfect choice for your needs. It’s the best way to find what you prefer in your DIY speaker kit and which one works out for you.

Final thoughts 

To sum up, getting the best DIY speaker kit becomes much easier when you know about them. And with the limited options I gave you, choosing one from them should be much easier than you would usually be. And if you are having difficulty choosing one, you can always check out the buying guide and see which one best meets your needs.

Altogether, getting a DIY speaker kit can take you into a new realm of hobby and passion. It’s also great for learning something new. You will surely end up with a fulfilling experience.

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