Single din vs Double din, (Explained in Detail)

When you are out there looking for a car stereo, an important thing to consider is the din size of you the stereo. The common confusion people always come across is between single din vs. double din.

So, if you are also having trouble understanding the difference in din sizes, this is the place to be. I will take you through an in-depth comparison of the two din sizes so you can choose one easily. Let’s get going without wasting further time.


Car Stereo, Two main DIN Sizes

There are usually two din sizes that you will come across for car stereos. They are either single din or double din. Let’s go through them one by one, and then we will get into the comparison of both of them.

Single Din 

A single din car stereotypically has a dimension of 7-inch width and 2 inches height. These can come with various options like a CD player, USB port, FM radio, volume knob, and other different settings to adjust the audio. Some single din car stereos come with a display that shows the current music playing or the radio channel and other familiar settings.

Double Din 

On a double din car stereo, you get to see a dimension of 7-inch width and 4-inches height which is the double of a single din. Because of the larger dimension, there are a lot of features that you can get on a double din car stereo. It still has got the basic functionalities as a single din car stereo.

You get an audio player, Bluetooth, FM radio, and volume control like the single din car stereo. With a double din car stereo, you can get GPS navigation, video player, reverse camera.

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Single din vs. Double din, a comparison between the two 

Now, when it comes to the sound quality or performance and essential features, you won’t find any difference between a single din and a double din. Sometimes you can get a very advanced single din with advanced features like a foldable touchscreen and GPS navigation. So, there aren’t many differences in terms of functionality between the two stereotypes.

There are still some differences that you get to see between the two types of stereo systems. You can always choose one based on these differences because they seem to have a lot of impact on the value of a stereo.

  • Size 

One of the most apparent differences you get to see between these stereo systems is in size. The double din has a larger dimension than the single din. Now, that gives the double din several advantages.

For example, you will have a larger screen size on a double din due to a larger dimension. Because of that, there are various functionalities associated with that large screen. You can’t get those on a single din car stereo in general.

However, there can be a question of chassis size compatible with your car. Not all cars have the slot for a double din car stereo. Also, with a single din car stereo, you can experience a sleeker dashboard, and it’s a space-saving option as well.

  • Usability 

Coming to the usability factor of these stereo systems, I have to go with the double din. Because with a dual din stereo system, you are likely to get some additional features. Also, they are much easier to use because most of them come with a larger display with touchscreen functionality.

  • Features

In terms of features, also double din would be a winner. Dual din stereo systems come with many advanced features that are missing on a single din stereo system. On the other hand, you get everything in a double din stereo system that a single din stereo might have.

The most convenient feature to have in a double din is GPS navigation. This way, you will get the map right in front of you while you drive, instead of you having to look it up on your phone. That’s a great advantage to have in your car, which you can never get with a single din stereo.

So, when it comes to features, double din stereo systems will always be a winner.

Let’s get to the real question now, which one is better? Single din stereos aren’t inferior, but double din stereos have a lot of advantages. If you think upgrading your car stereo and cost isn’t a big deal for you, then go for a double din upgrade.

You will always have to consider whether your car is compatible with a double din setup or not. Because not every car will come with the compatibility for a double din setup.

Also, if you want to save up space on your dashboard, I think single din does a great job at that. And if you don’t need those advanced features too much, then single din can be a decent option for you within a lower budget as well.

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People often ask these common questions regarding single din and double din car stereo.

  • How to choose a car stereo? 

When choosing a car stereo between single din and double din, the decision relies on four factors. The compatibility with your car, the features of the stereo, the size of the stereo, and the budget you have. Depending on these four you can choose a car stereo.

  • Can a double din stereo fit in a single din slot? 

No, you can’t fit a double din stereo in place of a single din stereo. You can’t go the other way around either. Some cars are only compatible with double din stereos, and some are only compatible with single din stereos. However, some cars can fit both, so you have to check for compatibility.

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Wrap up 

To sum up, the choice between single din vs. double din isn’t that difficult. You go with the double din for more features and usability, and you choose single din for a lower budget and space-saving facility.

However, it’s not that independent to choose whichever you want as there is a compatibility question. So, you have to first check up on the compatibility before going in-depth into which one to choose.

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