Car Speakers Crackling, Facts & Solutions

When you want to enjoy some music in your car, getting that annoying crackling in the speaker isn’t something you want. But sometimes, you will find that your car speakers crackling in the middle of a song. What do you do then?

Well, I am here to tell you why this happens and how you can fix this crackling issue. So, let’s get things going right away.

4 Causes of car speakers crackling or popping

Before you even know about the solution, you should know the reason for crackling or pop in your car speakers. There are several reasons for this issue; they are as follows-

  1. One reason for crackling car speakers can be torn wires. It’s pretty evident to notice if the wires are open and lying around in your car. However, the wires mostly tear around the tight places like the corner of the doors.

Also, the wires you get with the speakers built-in aren't of the greatest quality. So, they can easily tear and cause the crackling sound in the speakers.

  1. Sometimes the connectors of the car speakers can come loose. This can happen from the constant movement of the car and the speaker wires around the door. Due to the loose connectors, the sounds can’t properly transmit and produce the crackling sound you hear.

  2. The most impactful reason for a crackling speaker is a damaged voice coil. It doesn’t have to be damaged all the time; even displacement of the voice coil can cause this issue to happen.

It can displace for several reasons. If you have replaced the voice coil and installed a new one, it might not have been installed in the correct place. So, when this happens, the magnet and the speaker's voice coil have a spark that can cause the crackling sound.

  1. Your car speakers can crackle when you connect them to a damaged pre-amp or faulty amp. Typically, a damaged amp can’t even run the speakers, but in some cases, when it runs, you get this kind of issue from it. You can check it by increasing the volume. If increasing volume makes your car speakers crackle, then it can be due to a damaged amp.

Aside from these reasons, there aren't many things that can make your car speakers crackle. Now, the real question is, can you solve this issue? The answer is yes.

Even though crackling speakers is already a sign of a damaged speaker, you can fix them in various ways. However, that will mostly depend on the reason for the crackling issue. So, let's check out what fixes you should try in what scenario.

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How to fix car speakers crackling and popping

There are two ways to go about this. You can either opt for repairing your speakers or get a replacement. That will mostly depend on the damage your speakers have gone through. Repairing a speaker might not be worth it unless you have costly speakers or unique ones.

Let’s take a look at some of the fixes that you can try out-

  1. Fix for damaged or torn wires

First of all, try checking all the wires and cables of the speakers. Look for tears around the cables or any bent or damage. Then, you can use tapes or other mediums for fixing the tear on the wire. However, the best solution is to get a new set of wires for the speakers.

  1. Fix for loose connection 

If you see the connectors being loose, you can try out replacing the connectors. These are additional connectors that don’t cost too much. However, make sure to get quality ones.

  1. Fix for voice coils 

This is the most critical problem you can face with your car speaker. Once the voice coil is damaged, usually there is no way to fix it. But you can fix the issue of a misplaced voice coil. To do that, you open up the speaker and place the voice coil properly.

If you have a damaged voice coil, you will most probably need to buy new voice coils or even need to buy new speakers. There is no easy way through that. Also, repairing the voice coils isn't worth it at all.

  1. Fix for damaged amplifier 

Well, this is pretty straightforward if you have a damaged amplifier, you can either fix it or replace it. You shouldn't opt to fix it yourself if you don't know all the electrical stuff. In that case, you have to leave the repair work to the professionals.

Or you can replace the amplifier and get a new one if you can. When you get a new one, make sure you are getting something of good quality.

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Other than these fixes, I am sharing some tips that may help you avoid crackling on your car speakers. Here they are-

  • Always try to avoid music with too much bass if you don’t have a subwoofer in your car. When you try to play bass boosted music on your regular speakers, it can damage the speaker coils. This will surely impact the speakers and cause a crackling sound.
  • Commonly, people will listen to car audio at an extremely high volume. But you should avoid doing this. Because too much volume will critically impact your car speakers and damage the voice calls completely. So, make sure to maintain a moderate volume.
  • Try using high filters on your car speaker if you have access to it. This will help you in controlling the bass that comes out of your door speakers.

If you can’t get any solution from these fixes, you are probably dealing with something major. In such cases, you can either go for professional help or replace your car speakers.

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Wrap up 

To sum up, car speakers crackling isn’t an easy-going issue for your car. Especially if you listen to a lot of audio while driving, this can be very crucial. Because it ruins the whole feeling of listening to music, now that you know how to fix the issue, make sure you give them a try. I hope this helps you.

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