Denon DP-300F Review, a Fully Automatic Analog Turntable

Don’t you love the experience of a turntable for music? It has got a vibe of its own that doesn’t come with any modern equipment no matter how advance they are, so if you are planning to get a turntable, then kudos to you.

Being a music freak, I explored a lot of turntables over the years. Among many of them, Denon DP-300F was something that intrigued my interest. Here, I will take you through this turntable's features and specialties, which might even convince you to buy this one right away. Let’s get ahead with it then.


Denon DP-300F specifications

  • Tonearm type: Static Balanced Straight
  • Speed: 33 1/3, 45rpm
  • Cartridge: MM
  • Power120V
  • Dimension: 15 x 17.1 x 4.8 inches
  • Weight: 12.10lbs
  • Warranty: 2 years
Denon DP-300F

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Review Methodology 

As I said, I am a music enthusiast; I love listening to and working on music. From that passion, I have explored much audio equipment over the years. That also includes turntables. I have been working with turntables for a long time.

Before I went ahead and tried this one myself, I did some research on the internet. So, what you get from this article is the experience of using this turntable from my and other user's perspective.

About the Denon DP-300F

Let’s get started and find out why this turntable, in particular, intrigued my interest among many other options.

What’s the turntable look like physically? 

  • Build quality 
    I instantly liked the built turntable because of the rigidity and stability it provides. The aluminum base is pretty solid and helps the machine get low levels of vibration. Also, this leads to getting a lower noise level from external functionalities. The heavy-duty construction can help you get a better listening experience with rich and detailed sounds.
  • Design
    Fort the design, it’s very modern and comes with a glossy finish. The slim and sleek design of the machine makes it look very classy and elegant. The removable tonearm is extremely helpful for replacing cartridges with ease. There is no complicated setup with this one. All in all, you will love the exterior that this turntable provides.

How is the product used? 

With the fully automatic functionality of this turntable, you shouldn't have any problems using this one. It comes with a one-button start option and easy-to-understand settings. You get two knobs for choosing the record size and the speed you want it to play.

All you do is put the record in place and push the start button, and that’s it. Once the record ends, the turntable will automatically stop playing.

What sets this apart from the competitors? 

The thing that keeps it ahead of the competition is the pre-amp on the turntable within its price. Sure, you can get a preamp on other turntables, but you have to pay some extra money for that. This is why this one is a better choice for many people at times.

Denon DP-300F features and rate performance

Enough of the abstract ideas, let’s check out the real deal about this turntable and why you should get this-


You can't have any complaints about the performance of this turntable whatsoever. It comes with great sound quality due to the built it has got. An aluminum base gives it less vibration and noise levels. This enhances the sound quality and makes it much richer. Alongside that comes the preamp that helps the turntable produce wider and fuller sounds from the records.

There are simply no flutters in the rotation of the turntable. As for the sounds, you will enjoy the warmth you get from the mids and highs from this machine.

Rating: 4/5

Ease of Use

Well, the ease of use features of this turntable is what makes it appealing. The turntable is fully automatic, which means you don't have to place the tonearm into the records manually. You can operate this one only using buttons. You push the start button, and the motor starts doing its work. The tonearm, cartridge, and everything just falls into place.

Once the record ends, the turntable automatically stops. There are two different knobs you can use to alter the speed and height. Although if you want to use this one manually, it has that option available for you.

Rating: 5/5


What you can never complain about this turntable is the looks of it. The glossy black finish on this makes it looks so classy and elegant, you can’t take your eyes off of it. It doesn’t have any cluster of buttons or ports. Everything looks simple and clean throughout the machine. And once you start up this machine, it will appear like some hi-tech robotics mechanism.

As for the size and built, it’s just perfect. The design is very slim and sleek, which gives this one the premium vibe and matches the glossy black finish at its best.

Rating: 5/5

Benefits and drawbacks 

Still having second thoughts? Well, then check out the benefits you get from the turntable, and along with that, see the few drawbacks.

Benefits of Denon DP-300F

  • This is super easy to set up and use.
  • The sound quality is very warm and soothing.
  • It looks great with some hi-tech aesthetics.
  • The preamp makes it much more convenient for receivers.
  • A great turntable for beginners.
  • Value for money

Drawbacks of Denon DP-300F

  • The cartridge you get with this isn’t the best
  • You can't connect this to a computer to record


All in all, this is a complete package for a quality turntable. It has got aesthetics, performance, durability, and excellent quality, along with some cool features. You will be getting a pretty good deal on this turntable for the price you pay, compared to the competition.

If you are getting into turntables and this is your first buy, then Denon DP-300F will pay you very well. It's a beginner-friendly, reasonably priced turntable that should be able to satisfy the needs of a newcomer without any trouble at all.

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  1. I bought this TT earlier this year. Agree the cartridge is poor sound quality. I put a Denon- DL-103R and it completly changed the output of music. Just fantastic now.


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