Is YouTube not working on Roku? Why won’t YouTube open on Roku? Let’s find out.

Do you have a Roku device? Then, you may get plenty of benefits from it. However, YouTube not working on Roku is a big issue. Sometimes, you will see YouTube won’t open on Roku. It makes you wonder why this happens and how you can fix it, correct?

The reason for YouTube not working on Roku can be several different things. For example, the internet is not working correctly, issues with the apps, YouTube account issues, or something wrong with Roku itself. The solution is to figure out the reason for the problem and then work on fixing it.

So, if you are wondering what you can do and want to know more about it, I have got you. Below, I will take you through the reasons for this problem and the fixes to try. Let’s get going.


What causes YouTube to not work on Roku?

Usually, one of the main reasons YouTube is not working on your Roku devices is YouTube itself going down. Sometimes, YouTube can go down, and you can’t access it from your Roku devices.

That issue aside, there are other things as well. Another major cause that you may overlook very quickly is the internet connection. When there is a problem with your device’s internet connection, YouTube may not work on your Roku device since YouTube requires the internet to run.

Problems with your YouTube can also cause this issue to happen. Here, you will face trouble logging in or using the proper functionality of YouTube when there is a problem with your account.

Also, you must check the Roku device before determining any of the other problems. Your device can also go through problems and cause YouTube not to work. Make sure you check that out before you try finding out issues with YouTube.

Things like lack of updates or not updating your device to the latest version can also lead to this problem. Typically, these are all the causes of why YouTube fails to work on Roku. Before you can go with the solutions, you have to troubleshoot and find out the cause of the problem first.

Fixing YouTube on Roku

Now, let’s get into the solutions to the causes that bring up this issue of YouTube not working. You can start with the different fixes that will build up to resolve this issue altogether. These are more like troubleshooting steps that can help you find out the actual cause of the problem. Let’s get through these solutions one by one.

1. Check the internet connection

First, find out whether your home’s internet connection is working or not. Without a working internet connection, you can’t even load up the YouTube app on your device. So, make sure there is internet running on your device.

You can check other devices for an active internet connection. If they are working, check your Roku device and see if it has internet connectivity. Sometimes, the internet settings can get messed up. So, you will need to fix that for activating the internet connection on your device.

It’s not just about the active internet connection. You also have to consider the speed of the internet. Since YouTube is all about playing videos, you will need a pretty decent speed coming from your internet. You can try restarting the router or contacting your ISP provider to solve these issues.

2. Checking the YouTube app, settings, and account

If the internet connection is working fine, you have to move on to the other aspects that can cause this issue. One of them is the YouTube app and its settings. You have to see whether the app is working correctly or not. Sometimes the app can also malfunction and won’t open on your device.

You can uninstall the app and then reinstall it to fix it. Doing this should fix the problem, for the most part, if it’s involved with the app. However, you can try switching to different settings or using a different YouTube account.

3. Fixing issues with your Roku device

In many cases, you will see that your device is the problem. It can happen from incorrect settings, or it can happen from a new update. If there is a new firmware upgrade for your device and you haven’t gotten it yet, you may face this problem.

As you may have already guessed, fixing the issue is pretty straightforward. You have to upgrade the firmware. You can easily do that by going to settings and checking out the system update option. If there is an update available, the app will do it automatically.

On the other hand, if the firmware is already up to date, you must consider the device’s settings. Check all the connectivity settings and support settings for your device and see whether it conflicts with YouTube or not. You can try out going to default settings because default settings can also fix the issue for the most part.

These are typically the issues and fixes that work for YouTube not opening on your Roku device. If it’s anything other than these, you can contact customer support for the Roku device to fix the issue. Or you can also contact YouTube support for further details on this matter.

If nothing else works out, then an alternative way you can try is to use the YouTube TV app on your phone and mirror that to your Roku device display.


To summarize, YouTube not working on Roku or won’t open on Roku is a pretty common issue that people deal with. Luckily, the issues that cause the problem aren’t that severe. You can quickly fix them with the processes I discussed above.

For the most part, you don’t need to do too much to make it work, either. All you have to do is, make sure that the internet connection is working correctly and the YouTube app, settings, and accounts are okay. And lastly, you have to consider the settings and firmware of the Roku device.

That pretty much sums up this whole issue.

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