Best Wireless Speakers for TV in 2021, Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

What goes with a giant flat screen TV? A set of cool wireless speakers of course! With this kind of speaker, you can say goodbye to unsightly wire and worrisome connections. Some wireless speakers also allow you to connect other devices like your smartphone, laptop, or other audio equipment. But with so many awesome wireless speakers for TV on the market, it's hard to find the best one. This is why we have rounded up 14 of the best, highly-rated, and popular wireless speakers for you in this wireless TV speaker review. Also, check out our wireless speakers for a TV buyer’s guide to help you as you shop.


Top 3 Picks the Best Wireless Speakers for TV

our top pick

best overall

best performance

Sonos Playbar - The Mountable Sound Bar for TV, Movies, Music, and Mor

Serene Innovations TV-SB Wireless TV Listening Speaker

Vizio SB2920-C6 29-inch 2.0 Channel Home Theater Surround Sound Bar

How Did We Pick the Best Wireless Speakers for TV?

It wasn't easy to select the best wireless speakers for TV. We used shopping sites such as Amazon and other electronics sites to find the best ones. We highlighted specs, special features, pros and cons, and ratings from customers. As there are so many types of wireless speakers, we selected the most popular which is the sound bar or soundbar. There are also non-soundbars in our list and these are the best in their design and style. Finally, we considered blogs and other reviews to zero in on our top remote speakers for televisions.

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Detailed Reviews

1. Sonos Playbar

Best Mountable Wireless Speaker Bar for TV

Just like we said, the soundbar has reigned supreme when it comes to wireless speakers for TV. Sonos has the Playbar, a mountable sound bar that will let you watch movies, TV and listen to music in full high definition sound. This soundbar is all you need as it works as your center speaker for clear dialogues, your left and right stereo speakers, and your surround for a great bass.

The Sonos wireless speaker is easy to control using your smartphone via the Sonos app and using a speaker remote. You can mount this on the wall or just place it under your TV and enjoy great sound anytime. Connect this to your home theater system using Wi-Fi and listen to great audio that will fill the entire room.


  • Versatile speakers may be wall-mountable.
  • Easy installation and controls through the Sonos app or remote control.
  • Connects using Wi-Fi to pair with speakers or your home theater system.
  • With automatic tuning


  • Dimensions – 35.5 x 5.6 x 3.4 inches
  • Speaker Type – sound bar
  • Controls – Sonos app, remote control
  • Audio Input – wireless, optical audio
  • Sound Quality – crisp dialogues, resounding bass
  • Special Features – Night Mode, Mount Playbar, Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Date Released - 2013

The Pros

  • Connects wirelessly
  • Easy to install and control
  • With automatic tuning
  • Clear audio every time
  • Wall mountable or place under the TV 

The Cons

  • Limited wired connections
  • With no adjustments

2. Serene Innovations TV-SB Wireless TV Listening Speaker

Best Wireless TV Speaker with Independent Controls from Serene Innovations

Aside from the popular soundbar-type speaker, classic TV speakers are still very popular like the Serene Innovations TV-SB wireless listening speaker. It is a handy, easy to operate speaker with independent controls from your TV. Therefore, you can turn down the volume on the TV and turn up the sound from this wireless speaker.

This is a rechargeable speaker that delivers stereo sound where you need it. You can use it anywhere up to 100’ and thus, you can be in the other room listening to the TV! You can also connect to the TV via wired connections using red and white audio jacks or using a headphone so you can listen privately. This portable TV speakeris compatible with almost all popular TV brands like Sony, LG, JVC, and Hitachi. Also, this is lightweight (only 2.6 pounds) and thus, it is easy to take anywhere you want to watch TV.

Serene Innovations TV-SB



  • Wireless, rechargeable, with lasting batteries.
  • Easy to set up using wired or wireless connections.
  • With independent controls from the TV.
  • Farther wireless range up to 100’.
  • Compatible with all popular TV brands.


  • Dimensions – 8 x 4 x 12 inches, 2.6 pounds
  • Speaker Type – listening speaker
  • Controls – knob controls on the speaker unit
  • Audio Input – wired connections
  • Sound Quality – clear, crisp sound
  • Special Features – with independent controls, farther range at 100’, compatible with many TV brands and models.
  • Date Released - 2013

The Pros

  • Wide range of compatible TVs.
  • Easy to use and connect.
  • Compact and lightweight design.

The Cons

  • Listening to speakers only.
  • With limited speaker controls.
  • Does not come with a remote.

3. Vizio SB2920-C6 29-inch 2.0 Channel Home Theater Surround Sound Bar

Best 2.0 Channel Sound Bar with Bluetooth from Vizio

One of the most popular speaker brands is Vizio and their 2.0 channel home theater surround sound bar is one of the best. This is because aside from connecting wirelessly via Bluetooth, you can also connect using wired connections via digital coaxial, optical audio, and more. But with Bluetooth Streaming, you can connect your device to this Bluetooth speaker for TV like your smartphone no matter where you are in the room.

The Vizio SB2920-C6 is very easy to setup. You can mount it on a wall next to your TV or place it on a table underneath it. In just a few minutes of setting it up, you can enjoy your favorite tunes, watch movies or TV shows with great audio. It even comes with an ergonomic remote control so you can tweak the volume, audio settings, and input controls. Also, it has a compact, sleek and modern design that can match any modern room. 




  • With Bluetooth Streaming/connectivity.
  • Offers DTS for awesome surround sound.
  • Easy to set up; you can also connect using wired connections.
  • May be mounted on a wall or placed under the TV.
  • With a compact, sleek and modern design.


  • Dimensions – 29 x 3 x 3 inches, 4.50 pounds
  • Speaker Type - soundbar
  • Controls – wireless, remote control
  • Audio Input – Bluetooth Streaming, wired connections
  • Sound Quality – DTS audio, multi-channel audio
  • Special Features – Bluetooth Streaming, full-range stereo, minimalistic design, ergonomic remote.
  • Date Released - 2015

The Pros

  • You can connect using wired or wireless connections
  • Easy to set up and control using a remote
  • With a classy, modern, and sleek design
  • You can mount it on a wall or place it on a table

The Cons

  • Uses AAA batteries.
  • Does not come with separate surround speakers

4. Vizio 2.1 Sound Bar SB321-C6

Best 2.1 Sound Bar with Subwoofer from Vizio

The Vizio Sound Bar SB321-C6 is a wireless speaker for TV with a built-in subwoofer. Because of this, it’s not just for listening to your favorite music or movie, but it also gives you room-filling bass with minimal harmonic distortion. Listen to audio from movies or TV shows as if you’re in the scene with rich bass. You can set this sound bar under the TV on a table or desk or mount it near the TV for the best results.

This sound bar connects via Bluetooth so there’s no need to use wires. Just pair it to your device and voila! You can listen to your favorite song or use it to play games. Because it’s a Vizio speaker, expect great audio. It is designed with DTS audio processing and TruVolume to give you the best results. Finally, this sound bar comes with a wireless subwoofer with a range of 60 feet, but this has to have a complete line of sight with the sound bar to work.


  • Uses Bluetooth for wireless connections, but with wired connectivity options.
  • With a compact, sleek and modern design.
  • Comes with a convenient wireless subwoofer.
  • With DTS TruVolume and audio post-processing.


  • Dimensions – 38 x 3 x 3 inches, 5.80 pounds
  • Speaker Type - sound bar, wireless subwoofer
  • Controls – wireless, remote control.
  • Audio Input- wireless and wired connections
  • Sound Quality – DTS audio
  • Special Features – Bluetooth streaming, compact and modern design, with wireless subwoofer
  • Date Released - 2015

The Pros

  • Connects via wired and wireless connections.3
  • Can be mounted or placed on a table near the TV
  • Comes with remote control and wireless subwoofer
  • With DTS audio sound

The Cons

  • Uses AAA batteries
  • Too heavy to mount 

5. Samsung HW-J355 2.1 Channel Audio Soundbar

Best 120-Watt Audio Soundbar with a Wired Subwoofer from Samsung

The Samsung HW-J355 is a 2.1 channel soundbar that comes with a wired subwoofer. It is a long 37-inch bar that conveniently sits right below your TV or hangs on a wall right next to it. The subwoofer that comes with this soundbar has a wired connection and is also wall-mountable.

Mount this Samsung soundbar on a wall next to your TV or just place it on a table or desk where you place your TV. You get to use different inputs from optical audio to Bluetooth. The TV Sound Connect feature is exclusive to Samsung products and this helps your soundbar connect with other Samsung audio devices wirelessly and effortlessly. Finally, the HW-J355 fits any modern room as it has a sleek, compact, and slim design.


  • This is a long 37-inch soundbar with 120W of audio power.
  • Comes with wired and wireless connectivity.
  • Ready for Bluetooth connectivity. .
  • Comes with a wired subwoofer for enhanced bass.
  • Use the Samsung Audio Remote app to control this speaker.
  • Compatible with almost all audio files.
  • With a compact and modern design.


  • Dimensions – 37.7 x 2.6 x 2.3 inches, 3.5 pounds
  • Speaker Type – soundbar and subwoofer
  • Controls – Samsung Audio Remote app and remote control
  • Audio Input – wired (optical cable and USB cable) and wireless
  • Sound Quality – 2.1 channel, 120-watt power
  • Special Features – Bluetooth-enabled, with wired subwoofer
  • Date Released - 2015

The Pros

  • Comes with a wired subwoofer
  • Will connect easily and wirelessly to a Samsung TV or any TV brand.
  • With Bluetooth connectivity.
  • May be controlled using the Samsung Audio Remote app.

The Cons

  • The subwoofer is wired.
  • Complaints about the settings

6. Enclave Audio CineHome HD 5.1 Wireless Home Theater System 2016

The Enclave Audio CineHome offers rich high definition 5.1 audio that will surely boost your TV viewing experience. You can get rid of irritating wiresas the Smart Center becomes your audio hub. Because you don’t need to connect using wires and use audio and video receivers, you can save space and money in the long run. This is a set of tuned high definition WiSA speakersthat produce 360 degrees of 24-bit HD wireless sound. The surround speaker comes with two full-range drivers which creates a widespread surround sound.This Enclave speaker system has Dolby Digital sound for an intense, cinematic experience.

You can connect to this speaker system using wired connections as well. It has 3 HDMI inputs to seamlessly connect all kinds of devices like a cable box, satellite dish receiver, all kinds of gaming console, a DVD-Bluray and TV sticks such as Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire. It connects wirelessly using Bluetooth and so, you can connect your smartphone, laptop, and other devices instantly.

Enclave Audio CineHome HD 5.1 Wireless


  • Wireless with Smart Center to save space as you don’t need cables for connecting with speakers.
  • With 360 degrees HD audio capabilities.
  • Produces Dolby Digital plus DTS audio.
  • With HDMI inputs to easily connect compatible devices.
  • With Bluetooth, optical and analog connections


  • Dimensions – 17 x 31.7 x 21.66 inches, 60 pounds
  • Speaker Type – complete speaker system
  • Controls – remote control, the control panel on top of the receiver
  • Audio Input – wired and wireless
  • Sound Quality – HD surround sound
  • Special Features – wisa-certified, multiple inputs, bipole rear, and Enclave Audio App
  • Date Released - 2015

The Pros

  • This is a complete set of speakers
  • Capable of wired and wireless connections
  • With remote control and control panel on top of the receiver
  • With HDMI inputs

The Cons

  • No Wi-Fi capabilities

7. JBL Boost TV Compact Bluetooth Soundbar

The JBL Boost TV is a small and lightweight wireless TV speaker that will enhance your TV viewing and music listening experience.  audio experience. Compared to long soundbars, the JBL Boost is only15 inches long but it can produce impressive sound quality that fits your living room or bedroom. You will love its thundering bass, great surround sound plus Dolby Digital for high definition movies.

This wireless soundbar from JBL offers easy Bluetooth streaming straight from your wireless device like your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. This speaker is very easy to use, you can immediately connect this to your TV and any audio input device. Use the JBL Boost TV remote control to operate this wireless television sound system speakeror you may use your own TV remote control. And use the JBL Connect feature to wirelessly link other compatible JBL Connect speakers to amp up your party.


  • With optical digital and Dolby Digital audio capabilities.
  • Offers wireless streaming via Bluetooth.
  • With a dual bass port.
  • Comes with JBL Soundshift to switch from your device to the TV. 


  • Dimensions – 4.8 x 14.8 x 3.3 inches, 4.25 pounds
  • Speaker Type - soundbar
  • Controls – wireless and remote control
  • Audio Input – wired (optical and analog) wireless (Bluetooth)
  • Sound Quality – great bass and surround sound
  • Special Features – Dolby Digital high definition audio
  • Date Released - 2015

The Pros

  • Small but powerful speaker.
  • With great bass and clear sound.
  • Has wired and wireless connections.
  • With a compact design
  • Compatible with other JBL Connect speakers. 

The Cons

  • Does not have Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Only a few controls on the speaker unit itself. 

8. Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar Sound System

The Bose Solo is a single sound bar that produces enhanced sound quality compared to just using your TV’s built-in speakers and other types of TV speakers.The Solo 5 is very easy to use and comes with highly-advanced features which is why it’s very easy to pair, connect and use with other audio inputs.

The Solo comes with a Dialogue Mode which helps you understand every word when you're watching movies, TV shows, or streaming from your TV. It connects using updated Bluetooth so it’s easy to stream music when you connect your device. Also, updated Bluetooth lets you use the Solo 5 even from across a large room plus almost all Bluetooth-enabled devices are compatible. But aside from a wireless Bluetooth connection, it can also work with a wired connection using optical audio input and coaxial audio input for digital connections or through a 3.5 mm aux input for analog connections. And of course, it’s easy to move through the speaker settings and to control volume and inputs thanks to a universal remote control that comes with your TV.


  • With a sleek, modern, and compact design.
  • With updated features like Dialogue Mode for clear and crisp dialogues.3
  • Can connect wirelessly using updated Bluetooth.
  • Can connect using wired connections.
  • Can be controlled using a universal remote. 


  • Dimensions – 2.6 x 21.6 x 3.4 inches, 3.73 pounds
  • Speaker Type - soundbar
  • Controls – wireless and remote control
  • Audio Input – digital sound inputs, wireless Bluetooth
  • Sound Quality – clear dialogue, digital audio
  • Special Features – Solo 5 TV sound system, optical audio inputs, universal remote
  • Date Released - 2016

The Pros

  • Easy to connect to your TV and favorite mobile device.
  • Easy to match your modern living room or bedroom.
  • Will connect through wired and wireless connections

The Cons

  • Cannot connect using Wi-Fi.
  • Complaints of sound quality

9. ZVOX SB500 Aluminum Sound Bar

The ZVOX SB500 is a sleek, modern, and easy to use soundbar that can match any room design or décor. It’s not all beauty and design as it offers an impressive 3D sound that will instantly fill your room with rich audio thanks to a single anodized aluminum cabinet. If you have an extra-large 50” to 90” TV then the ZVOX soundbar is a good option. It can even work with your TV’s remote control.

The ZVOX SB500 has an AccuVoice feature which is a hearing aid feature that will enhance dialogue. With the AccuVoice, you can enjoy movies, videos and TV shows better with crystal clear dialogues. Under the hood of the SB500 is a 140-watt Class D digital amplifier. This provides power to the soundbar’s 2" full-range long excursion speakers. It also comes with dual subwoofers powered with Mega Bass so there's no need for an external subwoofer.

You can mount this on a wall with your TV or just place this on a table or desk as long as the furniture is flat. It also comes with different inputs so it’s easy to connect it to your device. It can even connect using Chromecast for multi-zone music streaming via Wi-Fi.


  • Can produce awesome 3D sound because of its updated cabinet design.
  • Ideal for large TVs and can pair with your remote control.
  • With AccuVoice for enhanced dialogues in movies, TV shows, and streamed content.
  • Wall-mountable soundbar.
  • With built-in subwoofers and an enhanced digital amplifier.


  • Dimensions – 9.5 x 47.5 x 7.4 inches, 12.6 pounds
  • Speaker Type - soundbar
  • Controls – wireless, multi-function remote
  • Audio Input – wired and wireless
  • Sound Quality – loud and clear
  • Special Features – MegaBass-powered subwoofers, anodized aluminum cabinet, complete accessories
  • Date Released - 2016

The Pros

  • With a sleek and modern design
  • Offers enhanced sound quality, especially dialogues
  • With built-in subwoofers
  • Easy to connect and operate.

The Cons

  • Does not come with separate subwoofers.
  • Complaints of connectivity.

10. Edifier S1000DB Audiophile Active Bookshelf Speakers

The Edifier S1000DB is different from other wireless speakers on our list. It is a pair of bookshelf speakers that can connect wirelessly through Bluetooth 4.0. This means it is compatible with more Bluetooth-enabled devices and has a longer wireless range than other wireless speakers with hardly any audio quality loss.

Aside from connecting wirelessly, this TV speaker can also connect via wired connections, including optical, coaxial, and AUX. You can connect this to different sources like your TV, gaming console, audio receiver, and many more. This is a pair of 5.5-inch mid-range speakers that come with DSP technology for quality RMS sound no matter what kind of input.
You can control the Edifier S1000DB using a remote control that comes with this speaker. This remote will help you control volume, inputs, and other audio functions. And of course, purchasing this pair of Edifier bookshelf speakers gives you more value for your money as it comes with a 2-year parts and labor warranty. 


  • With updated Bluetooth connections.
  • Can also connect using wired connections.
  • Produces high-quality sound thanks to its DSP technology.
  • Gives you more value for your money as it comes with 2-year parts and labor warranty. 


  • Dimensions – 11 x 8 x 13.5 inches, 18 pounds
  • Speaker Type – bookshelf speakers
  • Controls – wired and wireless
  • Audio Input – wired (RCA, optical and coaxial) and wireless (Bluetooth 4.0)
  • Sound Quality – rich and loud sound
  • Special Features – elegant design, updated wireless connectivity,
  • Date Released – 2016

The Pros

  • With a classy design.
  • Offers more value for your money.
  • Is easy to control thanks to its remote control.
  • With updated wireless connectivity

The Cons

  • Has no Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Very heavy to mount

11. Polk Audio MagniFi Mini Home Theater Surround Soundbar

The Polk Audio MagniFi is a mini home theater soundbar that’s capable of producing rich surround sound. It may look small but we guarantee that it’s big on sound as inside are powerful drivers plus tweeters for crystal clear audio.

This soundbar is not as long as Samsung 37-inch bars but it works best if you don’t have a very large flat screen or you have limited space at home. But despite the size, it is capable of producing room-filling surround sound thanks to Polk’s SDA audio plus Dolby Digital 5.1. It comes with a wireless subwoofer that can give you 3D surround sound.

Polk's exclusive Voice Adjust Technology even lets you adjust voice levels to accommodate your preference. You can tweak voice levels to avoid delays and reduce unwanted muffling in the background. It also comes with separate controls for different genres including movies, music, and sports.

This soundbar also lets you stream audio seamlessly using Google Cast through your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or other compatible devices. You can also use this to listen to music streaming sites such as Pandora or Spotify. And of course, setup is fast and easy; you are ready to watch movies or TV shows as soon as you take this out of the box.


  • With a compact, modern design.
  • Equipped with Dolby Digital 5.1 audio.
  • With a wireless subwoofer included for 3D surround audio.
  • With separate controls for voice and other video genres.
  • Easy to connect through wired and wireless connections. 


  • Dimensions – 4.3 x 13.4 x 3.2 inches, 12.5 pounds
  • Speaker Type - soundbar and subwoofer
  • Controls – wireless and remote control
  • Audio Input – wired (HDMI, Optical, and analog) and wireless (Wi-Fi using Google Home and Bluetooth)
  • Sound Quality – Dolby Digital 2.0 plus 5.1
  • Special Features – Polk Voice Adjust, with wireless subwoofer, Night Mode
  • Date Released - 2016

The Pros

  • Easy to connect whether you’re using a wired or wireless connection
  • Provides quality surround sound audio
  • With enhanced features
  • Comes with a wireless subwoofer

The Cons

  • Does not connect through Wi-Fi
  • Too heavy to mount

12. Pyle New Generation Music Player

The Pyle Music Player is a wireless speaker developed for TV lovers. It is equipped with enhanced features to help people who have hearing problems enjoy movies and TV shows better. This music player TV speaker may be used even when you’re 100 feet from the source. It has a portable design and you can easily take it anywhere to enjoy TV. You can even take it to another room as long as the distance is within 100 feet.

The Pyle wireless TV speakers for the hearing impairedwill easily connect to your TV as it comes with a transmitter that can send audio to two full-range speakers. This creates the best audio even when you’re on the other side of the room.

You’ll enjoy the best TV sound without disturbing anyone thanks to its headphone jack. This is perfect for seniors or people who have problems with hearing. It is compatible with any TV as well as home theater systems, stereos, and high fidelity speakers. You don't need to worry about connecting as this speaker comes with a special kit for easy and seamless use.

You’ll have the best sound quality as well. Pyle has designed the Music Player to be portable but will produce hi-fidelity stereo audio for the best listening experience. Finally, this speaker will give you good value for your money as it has a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Will connect easily to your TV and other audio devices
  • With a portable, compact, easy to take anywhere design
  • With a wider wireless range, you can use it from another room.
  • It comes with a year’s warranty to give you more value for your money. 


  • Dimensions – 8.5 x 8 x 2.9 inches, 1 pound
  • Speaker Type - portable TV speaker
  • Controls – on the unit
  • Audio Input–wired and wireless connections
  • Sound Quality – improved TV volume
  • Special Features – enhanced wireless range, headphone jack, all media, a broader range of compatibility
  • Date Released - 2016

The Pros

  • Easy to use and connect.
  • Compact, easy to take anywhere.
  • Connects easily to any TV or device.

The Cons

  • No Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections

13. Nakamichi Shockwafe Pro 7.1.4-Channel Soundbar

The Nakamichi Shockwafe Pro is a soundbar that’s capable of producing 360° Dolby Atmos surround sound that will make you feel that you’re in the movie or show you’re watching. It is equipped with two rear surround sound speakers with wired and SSE (Spatial Surround Elevation).

This soundbar will let you experience surround sound thanks to its SSE Technology with 3 advanced audio chips. This allows the soundbar to work twice as hard to improve the directionality and produce other audio features. It comes with dual two-way rear surround sound speakers while the main unit comes with improved drivers. The front has enhanced surround tweeters that produce a 35% better soundstage experience. Meanwhile, this soundbar has improved the 8" down-firing subwoofer for tight and towering low frequencies and its wireless as well.

This Nakamichi speaker comes with Dolby Atmos surround features through the TV’s eARC with smart TV apps such as Netflix and YouTube. When it comes to inputs, you may connect using HDMI, HDMI ARC, optical or coaxial. You'll get an easy to use remote with backlit keys to control volume, channels, inputs, and various speaker optimizations.


  • Produces surround sound with wired surround speakers included.
  • With enhanced drivers
  • Connect through wired or wireless connections.
  • Comes with convenient remote control with backlit keys.


  • Dimensions – 45.5 x 3 x 3.5 inches, 47.2 pounds
  • Speaker Type – soundbar and wired surround
  • Controls – wireless, remote controls
  • Audio Input – wired and wireless
  • Sound Quality –Dolby Digital surround
  • Special Features – Dolby Atmos, wider soundstage, full-range drivers, Bluetooth aptX, improved connectivity, Dolby Vision plus 4K HDR
  • Date Released - 2019

The Pros

  • With a sleek, modern design.
  • With enhanced audio and wireless connections.
  • With improved wired connections.

The Cons

  • Cannot connect using Wi-Fi.
  • Heavier compared to other speakers of the same type.

14. Wohome Soundbar S9920

The Wohome soundbar is a large wireless speaker that matches your large TV. It has very powerful drivers capable of producing 105 dB audio and clear sound ideal for large spaces like your living area, family room, or den. It is easy to connect and stream your favorite content as it comes with Bluetooth 5.0, the most updated Bluetooth version. It can connect farther and with more updated wireless-capable devices.

This soundbar offers wireless and wired connections, including USB, optical, and AUX connections. This produces 3D surround sound through DSP to give you clearer and more precise results. It has deep bass thanks to its 2x reflex tubes. You’ll feel like you’re in the movies or you’re playing your favorite online or console games.

If you purchase the Wohome soundbar now, you'll get the latest 2020 updated remote control with an ergonomic, highly-sensitive design. You can mount this on the wall or place it on top of a desk or cabinet near your TV. 


  • With powerful enhanced drivers.
  • Comes with the most updated Bluetooth version.
  • With improved wired and wireless connections.
  • With updated and ergonomic remote control.


  • Dimensions – 38.6 x 4 x 4.1 inches, 9.9 pounds
  • Speaker Type - soundbar
  • Controls – wireless and remote control
  • Audio Input – wireless and wired inputs
  • Sound Quality – room-filling audio for all media, 3D surround sound
  • Special Features – multiple inputs, wall-mountable, with a sleek and modern design
  • Date Released - 2017

The Pros

  • With an improved modern, sleek design.
  • With multiple inputs and updated Bluetooth.
  • Offers 3D surround sound.
  • Matches all kinds of TVs.

The Cons

  • Cannot connect using Wi-Fi.
  • Too large/heavy to mount.

Who Should Buy A Preamp for Turntables?

A wireless speaker for TV is for the following people:

  • If you want the better TV audio while watching movies, TV shows, playing games, or watching videos from your TV then this type of speaker is for you.
  • If you’re tired of dealing with wires, then a wireless setup will work best for you. Look for Bluetooth or Wi-Fi speakers for TV.
  • If you are diagnosed with hearing issues or you’re hard at the hearing, then a wireless speaker will allow you to enjoy watching TV from a safe distance. Some great quality wireless speakers will even let you listen to TV from another room.
  • If you want to fill your room with great audio then this type of speaker will be the best option. Most wireless speakers for TV come with enhanced audio and connectivity.

Buyer's Guide:

Important Features to Consider When Buying a Wireless Speaker for TV

There are many features to watch out for when buying your first wireless speaker for TV.

What type of speaker you want

Based on our top list, there are many types of wireless speakers for TV and, therefore, you must select the type that works for you. If you lack space and you want a compact, the slim-type speaker then the classic soundbar is best. If you can spare more room, then a home theater setup is a good choice.

Check out the connections.

You must consider what type of connections you're looking for. Bluetooth 4.0 and above is a blessing as you'll get wider compatibility and farther range. Insist on wired connections as well as not all TV and input devices can handle wireless connections. Optical, AUX, and HDMI inputs are a must. Headphone outputs for wireless TV speakers with transmitters should be considered for speakers for people who are hard at hearing.

Insist on quality audio

Always look for speakers that can offer more. Dolby Digital surround sound and other similar features are best for providing great audio for movies, TV shows, video games, and other streaming content.

Watch out for great brands

There are speaker manufacturers that have dominated the wireless speaker market like Pyle, Samsung, Bose, and Vizio, but there are also awesome contenders ready to sweep you off your feet with great audio. Get to know the brand first plus take note of warranties and guarantees before you make your purchase. If you’re unsure about quality and guarantees, check the brand’s site or call customer service.

Final Thoughts

The right kind of wireless speakers for TV will depend on your preference. There are many awesome wireless speakers in the market so you must consider factors like sound quality, speaker type, connections, and brand. Although the soundbar is the most popular of all the types of speakers for TV, you can get more out of a complete home theater speaker system. But if space is a factor then a soundbar will be the second-best option. Finally, people with hearing problems will benefit a lot from a wireless TV speaker but be very particular about the brand and features. 

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