Is There VR Headset for 7-inch Tablet? (Facts to Know)

VR headsets create a fantastic experience for their users. And while you can use a low-end VR headset with your smartphone, you'll still get a feel of that immersive experience that VR headsets are known to give. But is there a VR headset for a 7inch tablet? Yes, there is, and we'll share some of the best with you.

Do you know how the bigger the VR headset, the better the immersive experience? Well, for your 7-inch tablet, you have to get a bigger headset. That automatically means that you'll enjoy a deeper immersive experience pairing your VR headset with your 7inch tablet. The only downside to VR headsets designed for 7-inch tablets is fewer models or headsets in the market.

Hence, it's safe to say that the table VR headset field hasn't gone through so much evolution. Regardless, let's quickly examine some of the cool 7inch table VR headsets that currently exist.

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The VR Headset for 7 inch Tablet.

  • Fanen VR Headset for 4-7" tablets:
    Although this VR headset is not specifically designed for 7-inch tablets, it works well with 7inch tablets. The best part of this headset is that short-sighted men and women can use it. If the goal is to experience a panoramic immersive 3D world, this is the perfect VR headset for your 7inch tablet. More so, you won't feel sore or ache from wearing it as it's very comfortable to wear and it's thanks to the soft eye mask. It is also lightweight that you won't feel like you're going around with a burden.

  • Durovis Dive 7 - Virtual Reality Headset for Tablets:
    This VR headset is specifically designed for tablets that are about 7 inches. While there aren't many VR headsets for 7inch tablets, this headset is one of a kind. If you plan to use this with the Nintendo Switch, feel free to do so as it works perfectly with it. More so, it pulls you entirely into the virtual world, so you get a redefined experience and feel of the virtual world. Let's not forget its incredibly low weight, making it so comfortable to wear. Plus, we can't stop gushing about its ergonomic design.

  • VRG Pro 3D VR Glasses Virtual Reality:
    This VR headset is a multitasking headset perfect for gaming and movies. It gives that immersive experience that you've always wanted to have with your 7inch table. Thankfully, if you use a 5-inch screen with it, you'll still have a lot of fun with this VR headset. Myopic people can also benefit from this VR headset, thanks to the independent lens adjustment feature that allows you to adjust the lens to your preference. It also lightweight and is easy to clean. With the sponge eye mask that's soft, it'll be comfortable.

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Why there aren’t Too Many 7 inch Specific Headset

The reason is quite easy; 7inch tablets are too big for a VR headset to carry. That means you'll need a bigger headset to carry your 7inch tablet. And the truth is that the majority of headsets for 7inch tablets are usually bulky and heavy. However, high-end VR headsets for 7inch tablets are usually lightweight.

Aside from that, it would help if your tablet is also lightweight so that when you mount it on the lightweight VR headset, the weight won't prevent you from being genuinely immersed in the virtual world of your game.

But if the opposite is the case where both your tablet and the headset are heavy and bulky, you won't enjoy a seamless VR gaming experience. Of course, while it is possible to make VR headsets for a 7inch tablet, you probably might not get a lightweight VR headset at a budget-friendly price.

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What You Should Look out for When Shopping for a 7inch VR Headset


This feature is quite important. The reason is that you'll need to use a bigger VR headset if you'll mount your tablet on it. A bigger headset can only accommodate tablets. However, suppose your headset is bulky, and your tablet is heavy. In that case, you'll most likely have a terrible viewing experience with the VR headset because the heavyweight would keep weighing you down.

In the end, you won't have a pleasurable experience. Of course, it might be difficult to find a lightweight VR headset for your 7inch tablet, but it's possible. You can start with the VRG Pro 3D VR Glasses Virtual Reality headset as it is lightweight.


Another feature to look out for when scouting for a VR headset for a 7inch tablet is the comfort it brings. The tablet would be mounted on the VR headset, and the headset would sit on your head most of the time. As a result, you want to ensure that it comes with features that make it comfortable for you. For starters, consider headsets with ear cushions and a soft eye mask.

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Wrap Up

Now that you know this much about VR headsets for 7inch tablets, you shouldn't have a problem trying to select the best one for your 7inch tablet. However, one thing is for sure; your experience with a VR headset doesn't solely depend on the headset but also on how advanced your 7inch tablet is. You'll have an amazing VR experience, especially when your 7inch tablet is lightweight and sleek.

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