Vizio TV Black Screen with Sound: How to Fix? ( 10 Great Tips )

What should you do if the Vizio tv screen goes black, but the sound still works? It isn’t very pleasant when your TV has a good sound yet a black screen. In that case, you should identify your problem first. And then act according to the problems. In most cases, you can solve the Vizio tv black screen with sound issues at home. 

You may face different connection problems, which you can easily solve following specific instructions.

In this article, I’ll walk you through some common Vizio tv black screen problems and how to fix them. There are 10 effective methods you should try out. So are you ready?

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Why Is My Vizio Tv Screen Black: 4 Common Causes

Many things can cause your Vizio TV to have a black screen. Some of the most common reasons your Vizio Television could be experiencing this issue is the following:

1. Installing the Wrong or Backdated Firmware

If you install the wrong firmware on your TV, it might cause Vizio black screen with sound problems. This is very easy to do and should avoid at all costs. Because if you update with the wrong software, it could potentially brick your device and make it unusable. 

2. Bad HDMI

HDMI connection has not been appropriately established or is not working correctly. It often occurs if your HDMI cable is damaged, such as when the cord has not been removed after use or connected to other devices. If you have a bad HDMI port that is not functioning properly, you may have the problem that your Vizio tv turns on, but no picture has been found.

3. Damaged or Loose Power Supply

Many users make the mistake of trying to replace their power supply. But they don’t know how to remove the covers and screws on it. So, they damage their power supply. If you suspect that it could be the case, you will need to replace it. Or, if you have a loose power connection, you may face your Vizio tv black screen with audio.

4. Flashlight Problems

If you turn on your TV with a good sound with a black screen, your TV might have a lighting problem. In this case, you need a bright flashlight for solving Vizio TV no picture.

How to Fix a Vizio Tv Black Screen with Sound: 10 Effective Methods

Firstly, identify what the actual problem is. Then try each of the following steps to fix the problem.

1. Troubleshoot Your Connections

Unplug any cords from the TV and game systems. When you are using an HDMI cable, also make sure to unplug it properly from the back of the console. Unplug it from your TV and socket if you use a power cord. Turn off your system and TV, plug in their respective cords again and turn them on again.

2. Turn Off Your Device

Always unplug any power cords for any of your devices. Try to unplug the power cable from the back of your Vizio television a few times. Then plug in the power cable and turn on your TV.

3. Connect To a Different Input

Find the device’s input button on the remote control. Then set it to another option such as HDMI 1 or Component instead of RGB or HDMI 2 if applicable. It might solve your problem.

4. Reset Your Vizio TV

If you reset your Vizio tv, you may solve the problem. But don’t you know how to reset Vizio tv with black screen? Well, don’t worry, I’ll share the process with you. Press the Reset or Clear button on your remote control.

You may have to hold it in for a couple of seconds or until the TV turns off. The lights on your Vizio logo will flash several times during this process. When you power back up, the aspect ratio setting should appear, and you should be able to change it.

5. Update the Software 

By following these steps, you can easily update your software to solve the Vizio smartcast black screen problem.

Go to Menu -> Support -> Software Update -> Search for Update. You may also have to check with your cable provider for updates, even if you are using a different input as your source. If updates are available, accept them and follow any additional instructions on-screen.

6. Try a Different HDMI Cable

Try using a different one when you are using an HDMI cable. If it doesn’t help, try moving your device to another HDMI port on the TV and see if it fixes the Vizio black screen recall problem.

7. Update Firmware

If all the above steps fail, you might want to update the ILO firmware of your Vizio TV via the Internet. This firmware update may solve the Vizio smart cast tv black screen with the sound issue. You might also solve other problems with this TV set by updating firmware.

8. Replace the Power Board

After applying all these solutions, if this problem still persists, you may need to replace the power board of your Vizio TV. Hopefully, it can solve the problem of having a Vizio tv with no picture but has sound.

9. Using Remote

The Mute button on the left edge of your remote may disconnect. This might cause you to experience this black screen with sound problems. Or, some of the Vizio TVs have mute screen options.

If you don’t know whether your TV has this option or not, you can press the mute button on the remote and hold it for around 5 sec. If you mute your TV without understanding it, pressing the mute button will solve the problem. 

10. Contact Technician

In case the black screen problem with sound is caused by hardware problems, you might want to seek help from a technician. Or you can go to the service center of your local electronic store or contact the Vizio support team to solve the Vizio screen black problem.

Final Words!

There are a few potential fixes if you’re experiencing your Vizio tv black screen with sound issues. I recommend that you start by checking the power supply and cables, then resetting the TV and checking for updates.

If none of these solutions work, you should contact Vizio support or take the TV to a technician.

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