Vizio Sound Bar Cuts Out, Facts & Solutions

A Vizio sound bar paired with a flat-screen TV creates an amazing immersive audio experience. If you have the Vizio V-Series, a 5.1 channel sound bar system and the Vizio 5.1 soundbar sound cuts out, it’s likely you’ll feel like you’re in the movie or video because of its powerful, life-like sounds. But what happens when a Vizio sound bar cuts out audio? Is there a problem with the speaker or are you experiencing trouble with your TV? Let’s find out what this means and how you can solve this Vizio sound bar problem in this helpful guide.

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My Vizio sound bar keeps cutting out, why?

The Vizio sound bar is known for being one of the most efficient, durable, and quality TV speakers but just like regular speakers, it can sometimes act up. If your Vizio keeps cutting out or cannot work continuously then there may be problems with the following:

  • You may have an old Vizio sound bar speaker if your Vizio sound bar fades in and out.
  • There may be problems with the audio input (TV, smartphone, gaming console, or other devices).
  • The problem may lie with the audio file you want to play.
  • You may have problems with the connections (wired or wireless connections).
  • You may need to clean your speakers.
  • Your speaker may need resetting.

6 Ways to solve Vizio sound bar cut outs

If your Vizio sound bar keeps cutting out, don’t give up on it just yet! Consider the mentioned possible reasons for this problem and troubleshoot your sound bar until it works perfectly again.

Give an old Vizio speaker a rest

Old speakers have older circuitry and tend to overheat very easily. You can check this by touching your speaker casing and feeling the temperature. If your speaker has been running nonstop as you’re binge-watching a TV series or playing console games all night, give it a rest.

Turn it off and use your TV built-in speakers instead.

After an hour or when the speaker is cooler, power it on. Find out how long will it take for the speaker to turn hot again and see if the problem persists when it’s hot.

Also, the Vizio speaker may have an automatic shut-off feature that cuts power to its board once it has reached a certain temperature. For this, you need to give your speakers a rest for at least a few hours so they can deactivate this feature. Power on the speaker once it has completely cooled down.

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Try other audio inputs

When a Vizio sound bar bass cutting out, here’s an easy troubleshooting guide. Your Vizio speakers act up when you watch TV but will it do the same when you’re using your Blu-Ray or when you play console games? Switch audio inputs and find out. If you find out that it’s acting up only on a device like when it’s connected to your TV, troubleshoot the device instead.

Also, check the connections and see if these are still properly connected and that there are no loose wiring or jacks.

Try other audio files

If a Vizio sound bar turns off on its own then it may have problems with its output.

Try other audio files like audio coming from a USB device, smartphone, cable, or other compatible devices/connections. Once you are able to pinpoint the file, use other file sources instead. It's possible to have not just one audio file type but more causing the problem.

Reseat connections or change connections

As mentioned earlier, failing connections, broken connections, and other wiring problems may cause your sound bar to act up or lead to Vizio TV sound skips.

In wired sound bars, check and double-check its connection to the audio source.

For instance, the sound bar is acting up when connected to the TV. Check the connections and reseat it from the Vizio sound bar back to the back of the TV. If this does not work, replace the wire. If the problem persists, check all inputs.

The type of wire you're using also affects the sound output. Incorrect wiring can lead to soft sounds, humming, ringing inside the speakers, and other concerns. Also, make sure that you're using the correct wires to connect your Vizio system to the TV or audio source. Check the device instructions or users' manual to find out. You may also find an audio cable included in your Vizio speaker box.

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Clean your Vizio sound bar speakers

Dust and grime can accumulate over the speaker grille and can lead to various problems. To clean an old Vizio sound bar, you need to spray it with dry pressurized air. This will loosen all the dust and dirt.

But if the speaker grills are too dirty, remove them by snapping them off. Use a damp cloth with a small amount of dishwashing soap and wipe it softly over the grille. Do this at the front and the back of the grille and make sure that these are completely dry before re-installing them on the sound bar cabinet.

Reset your speakers

If your speaker has a receiver, use this to reset the speakers to their factory form. This will help counter speaker cutting out problems as well as other problems like buzzing, chirping, or any unnecessary noise when the device is used. Reset the speaker through the receiver. If all else fails, you may also contact Vizio technical support for help for a Vizio TV sound cuts out

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Wrap Up

Now that you know how to troubleshoot Vizio sound bar cuts out problems, you can now confidently fix these issues on your own. A Vizio sound bar keeps cutting out because of many reasons but most users point to the speaker input. By changing the speaker input, you can troubleshoot your Vizio sound bar subwoofer that keeps cutting out, and problems like the Vizio sound bar fades in and out. Other factors are not as common but it won’t hurt to check these out as well.

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