Vizio sound bar bass too loud, Easy and Quick Methods + Tips

Sometimes you realize that bass isn’t always a good thing about sound. Too much or too loud bass will ruin the whole experience of listening to music for you. And if you are facing this issue on your Vizio sound bar, then I have some easy and quick methods for you.

Vizio sound bar bass is too loud, the volume fluctuates

The problem with loud bass is that you will have an imbalance in the sound quality. You can't get the complete feel of audio from the imbalance of sounds. You will want to have clarity and some mid frequencies to hear those vocals properly.

Also, having a loud bass will result in fluctuating volume, which is something you don’t want. The reason for this can be the system you are using for your sound bar. It can either be a 2.1 sound configuration or a 5.1 sound configuration. No matter what it is, a loud bass can come, especially the effect is pretty evident in a 2.1 system.

So, the best way is to balance out the sound and fix the loud bass in any way you can. On a Vizio sound bar, you can't fix this issue with a simple equalizer function.

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Methods to avoid too loud bass on Vizio sound bar

Now, this problem is not something that everyone faces, so first, you have to check if it's your issue or not. To do that, you can turn off the surround sound. This will inform you whether the bass is loud or not.

This also solves the issue, as with surround sound, you will technically get the bass directed toward one direction. While the rest of the speakers fire everywhere else. To turn off the surround sound, you have to do the following-

  • Press the menu button on your device. From there, go to the audio section.
  • There you will see an option that says surround sound. Turn it off from there.

Doing this may solve the issue of loud bass. To check whether it’s fixed or not, you can turn up the bass volume to the fullest.

Another solution to this problem can be the upgrade of firmware. Or you can also reset the sound bar to stock settings. Sometimes your sound bar may go through different settings and have a louder bass.

You can find your sound bar's resetting or upgrading process on the user manual that you get with it. So, I won’t be taking you through that.

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Wrap up 

To sum up, loud bass on the Vizio sound bar can easily be resolved with some tips. It’s not a major issue in most cases. However, if following those methods or tips doesn’t resolve your problem, you might be dealing with something bigger here.

For any hardware issues, you also may face the loud bass problem. In that case, you should contact Vizio tech support for a better guide according to your Vizio sound bar model.

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