How to Use Headset Mic on PC?

You need to talk to your friend on Skype on your PC, but you only have your phone headset with a microphone on hand. Can you use this to call on your PC? If so, how to use a headset mic on a PC? Let’s find out how to set up your headset on Windows 10 and how to work around different issues of a headset mic in this article.

Checking the PC’s Audio Output and the Headset Connectors

Headset microphones work best on smartphones. When you make a call, you can hear the caller and talk to him as well. You can also use this device to listen to videos, podcasts, and any type of audio from your phone. You can also use a headset with a microphone to record your voice or to make video recordings with a commentary.

But on a PC, you must first confirm the PC’s audio input and the different connectors you can use. Here are some of the common audio outputs available on a personal computer.

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Audio-in and mic input jack

A desktop computer has a mini 1/8 – inch jack or a mini-jack that serves as an audio input. If the connection is labeled, it would be called AUX or Line-in. This will be near the speaker connection with the same kind of jack.

Connect a sound player to this port to record your voice. Go to the Sound Recorder page, where you select the source. Choose Line-in or AUX to record.

How to use a headphone mic on a laptop? 

Many notebooks and laptops have a single mini-jack with a Mic or Microphone label. This microphone headphone jack is near a headphone may be connected to a similar-looking jack. To record through this port, go to the Sound Recording page again and select Microphone/Mic.

If your notebook or laptop comes with an Aux or Line-in jack then connect to this input. For this, select Line-in or Aux as the sound source. The type of plug that works for this input is a stereo 1/8-inch mini-type plug that looks like the ends of a computer speaker.

Headphone jacks

computers come with headphone jacks at the front and may also be on the back along the sound card bay. The headphone jack is green, while the microphone is pink. Just plug the headset and the microphone connectors into the appropriate mic and headphone jack.

Go to the Control Panel and choose Hardware and Sound. Choose the headset from the Playback tab and place “Set Default.” Now you can use this device instead of your computer speakers for audio. To save your settings, click OK.


desktop computers may have two to three USB ports from the front and a few more at the back. These can be used to connect a USB-capable headphone or headset with a mic to use for calling and voice recording.

To connect this type of headset, simply slide the USB connector to the port. Your PC will immediately recognize the headset and configure it for use. Notifications that tell you that the headset is ready for use will flash along the lower-right part of your screen.

Sometimes, your USB headset may not work immediately and may not be recognized by your PC right away. If this happens, remove it from the front USB and connect it to the back USB ports.


HDMI ports are standard in most modern PCs, TVs, and home theater receivers. HDMI can provide high-definition sound and video to a device however, it cannot produce output audio through a headphone jack or through a headset microphone.

You may instead watch a high def video using HDMI and hear the sound through your headphones from the headphone jack.

How to set up your headset on Windows 10 (configure sound output on the PC)

How to use the headphone jack for microphone Windows 10? If you have a regular headset with a microphone or the kind with a separate jack for headset (green jack) and microphone (pink jack) or a combo mic headphone jack, you can use this on your PC to:

  • Make calls on Skype, Zoom, Teams, or other calling and meeting platforms.
  • Make calls and video calls on Messenger, Viber for PC, and other similar platforms.
  • Record your voice.
  • Listen to videos, podcasts, meetings, movies, streaming content, satellite radio, and music streaming sites.

To connect your headphone with a mic follow these instructions on how to use the headphone microphone combo jack:

  • Connect your headphone with a mic on the appropriate jacks.
    To use a headset on Windows 10, locate the correct jacks. You will find the green-pink jacks from the front of the PC tower or from the back from the audio card bay.

  • Wait for the device notification message.
    After connecting your headphone mic to the appropriate jacks, you will receive a notification message that a device is trying to connect to your PC. The PC needs to configure this device, and so it needs your permission.

  • Set up a headset on Windows10 
    Click the message to start configuring the headphone mic. You will be led to the Control Panel where you can configure your device.

  • Test the headset with a mic
    If you’re unsure if your headset with mic is working you can test it on a Windows 10 PC through the following ways:
  1. Go to Skype and to the Settings tab. Look for Audio & Video, and from here, you can check your mic and headset settings. If the PC can't detect your device, you will see a message that says "No device found" on the Microphone. To use a headphone jack for a microphone on Skype, you can configure your device on the Settings.
  2. Go to your favorite social media messaging services like Messenger. Choose a friend to make a test call. You will get a message that says “Couldn’t Connect to Your Camera or Microphone” if your PC can’t detect your device as you click the phone icon to make a call. You cannot use a headset mic on a PC with one jack to make a call on Messenger. 
  3. Go to the PC Settings > System > Sound. Look for your headphone with a mic device from the Input device drop-down list. It will be listed here if your PC was able to successfully detect it. After configuration, you can use headphones as a mic.

Troubleshooting the issues when using headphone jack with mic

Most people encounter issues when using their headset with a mic on a PC. From connectivity issues to no sound coming from the headset, here are the most common questions and answers:

  • What to do if your headphone jack with a microphone won’t work with your PC?
    If your headphone with mic is plugged into the allotted jacks at the front, try to use the backports instead. Wait until you get a notification that says your computer has recognized a new device before you use it. This not if will help you make specific adjustments to your PC to recognize the device.

  • What to do if your headphone jack microphone is not working, but your headphones are working?
    If your microphone is not working, but your headphones are, try to connect these to the back of your PC tower. You may also adjust the settings of your sound from your PC settings for your computer to recognize the headphone with a mic. If these don't work, try another headphone with a mic device.

  • What to do if only one headphone is working and the other one is not?
    Be sure that your headphone with mic is connected to the correct ports. If it is connected correctly, remove and reconnect the jacks. The same steps apply, reconnect the headphone with the mic to the other set of mic and headphone jacks at the back and configure your system to recognize the device. If all else fails, your headphone may be broken. Try the mentioned steps with another headphone with a mic.

  • What to do if you hear scratching noises, high-pitched noises, or beeping from the headphones?
    Unpleasant and sometimes high-pitch noises coming from the headphones could mean that you have incorrect connections. Check and recheck your connections and see if the noise is gone. You may follow the earlier steps to use a headset mic on a PC.

Last Words

Now that you know how to use a headset mic on a PC you now have a better idea of what type of connections you should look for to connect your device. Not all headphones with mic are plug and play; most need to be configured on your PC before these can be used for calls and audio recording. Take time to learn how to troubleshoot your headset with a microphone on your PC to get the most out of your device.

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